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The Known is History

Sunlight filtered through the stained glass window, lighting up dust particles in the air that swirled slowly through the empty space, making lazy patterns as they floated downwards to the polished wooden table where a young man gazed out with glazed eyes.

Dean Winchester was bored out of his friggin' mind.

The lecture he was not listening to was about some subject he could care less about. Seriously. History was not his forte and having to suffer through three semesters of it should be considered criminal.

Dean gave a long sigh as the professor switched to yet another slide about some person who did something important at some time in history. This day could not get any worse. Dean looked to his side, where his neighbor sat, and bit his cheek to keep from laughing as he saw that Chuck had just decided to nap the entire class. Which was smart, now that Dean thought about it, he should have done the same. Damn.

Behind him he heard quiet giggling and turned to where Gabriel sat entertaining the girl next to him with shadow puppets using the sunlight from the window. He caught sight of Dean and gave a wide, cheesy grin and the young man rolled his eyes.

"—and that concludes today's lecture." Dean finally heard the magical sentence and immediately started paying attention again, "Remember that your final papers are due next class."

"Finally!" Dean enthused as the class hastily began packing and fleeing from the classroom as if it had a highly contagious disease.

"Thank god this term is almost over," Gabriel agreed as he slid over his table closer to Dean and Chuck, the latter who was still asleep, "I appreciate history as much as the next guy—"

"You hate history, Gabe."

"—exactly, but this class should be considered cruel and unusual punishment!" The older boy huffed.

"Dude, I'm there with ya." Dean sighed and finally punched Chuck in the arm, startling the man awake and into a slight frenzy as he flinched back.

"No! I do not have gay jungle fever!"

Both Dean and Gabriel just stared.

"Alright then." Dean managed and grabbed his backpack.

"You said it Dean-o." Gabriel laughed as they walked out, Chuck struggling to catch up.

"W-wait! What did I miss in class?"



"And now my favorite part of school!" Dean cheered as the trio walked out into the commons, "Lunch."

"And all the calorific glory that comes with it." Gabriel chimed in as they headed into the mass of chaos that was their school's lunch period.

Dean Winchester attended the prestigious Hunters Academy in Lawrence, Kansas. Known for its innovative and unique program for students, it was a high school and college combined that was comprised of eight years of intensive study within the student's chosen subject as well as general education and promising a bachelors degree with their seal of approval that would basically get a person hired anywhere or accepted into any graduate program, if you didn't choose one of theirs.

All in all, it was just the school Dean had been going to the past six years of his life. It meant he got to study what he wanted and see his little brother Sammy all the time. He wasn't rich like most everyone else at his school. His father, John Winchester, a US Marshall, traveled a lot but had earned the favor of several important people and had managed to secure a spot for both his son's at the Academy so they could get a proper education.

"Hey, I see the gang." Chuck said as he spotted a group of teens lounging underneath a large oak tree, claiming two tables as their territory.

"Sammy!" Dean yelled as he walked over and his baby brother's head shot up from where it had been buried behind his laptop. Sam Winchester was a 3rd Year student in the Academy's pre-law program and had to be the biggest nerd on campus in Dean's opinion. Next to his brother sat their good friend Jo Harvelle, a 2nd Year who both boys had known most of their lives. She was liked their little sister, but she could take care of herself just fine and was a tough-as-nails chick just like her mother. She wouldn't look it though with her small frame and munching innocently on some celery.

On Sam's other side sat Andy Gallagher, a 3rd Year. He, Sam, and Jo were always hanging out together, being around the same age, and Dean really liked the kid. He was funny, geeky, and a huge movie buff, but they were good movies so Dean thought that was awesome and they were both avid fans of Dr. Sexy M.D. Finally, at the end of the table, sitting like royalty, was Crowley MacLeod. Nobody was quite sure why the 7th Year hung out with their group, as he didn't really have anything in common with the others, but he always seemed to be around and while he was a bit of a dick he was a useful and knowledgeable dick and when his biting sarcasm was directed at someone else, he could be really funny. Plus, he was British.

With Chuck, a 6th Year and English major (he had dreams of writing a wildly successful book series) and Gabriel, a 7th Year, there just left Dean. He too was a 6th Year and was getting his degree in Industrial Design specializing in Automotives. Which was a fancy way of saying he liked to design cars. Yup, Dean was a glorified artist.

And that was all seven of them. Their little band of scholars.

"I'm so fucking glad next week's finals week." Crowley drawled, "I mean honestly, has a term ever gone by this slowly before?"

"I'm gonna have to side with the King of Hell here." Gabriel agreed as he dumped his backpack unceremoniously on the ground and plopped himself onto the table, "This term was boring as shit."

"It was all those stupid general education classes." Dean complained as he sat across from Sam, Chuck sliding in next to him, "Seriously, why do I need to know what happened in the world from the 1200s to 1700s?"

"Amen." Gabriel and Chuck chanted.

"Dean," Sam started with one of his patented bitch faces, "these classes serve a purpose y'know. The give us a better understa—"

"Bored now." Dean yawned and then laughed as his brother threw one of Jo's celery sticks at him.

"Hey!" Jo yelled.

"Bitch." Dean grinned at his brother.


"God, you're such a bunch of girls." Crowley smirked and then both brothers turned on him and started yelling.

"This is really great material for a book." Chuck told Andy as he whipped out his notebook and started scribbling notes down, "About two brothers..."

"Who fight monsters!" Andy piped up, looking happy to contribute and abandoning his comic book in favor of listening to the writer mutter to himself.

"Be weirder you guys." Jo gave sarcastically but her attention was suddenly pulled elsewhere as she caught the sight of three girls walking up to their table, "Hey Jess!" she called out and Sam's arm suddenly slipped from underneath him as he turned to twist around quickly.

"J-Jess?" he called out and Dean snickered at his brother's hapless attraction to fellow 3rd Year Jessica Moore who, Dean thought, was way out of his baby brother's league.

"Hi Ava!" Andy said to one of the other two girls with Jess, "Oh, and hey Becky."

"Becky!" Chuck squeaked and he froze from where he was and looked like a deer caught in the headlights. Chuck and Becky had dated for all of two weeks before they broke it off and Dean was never sure what had prompted Chuck to ask the girl out anyways, she was insane. Although right now, she simply looked mad.

"Oh my god!" Becky Rosen practically shrieked, "I'm going to kill that Meg Masters!"

"Get in line, sister." said Gabriel.

"No, you should have heard the rumors her and Ruby were trying to spread about Jess!"

"What?" Sam asked dangerously and Dean was secretly very proud of how badass his little brother could get sometimes, if only the rest of the time he wasn't a total girl.

"It's 'cuz they both hang out with that Bela Talbot." Ava sighed and both Dean and Sam's hackles rose at the mention of the 6th Year girl who always seemed to be trying to ruin their lives.

"I swear, one day that woman will get what's coming to her." Dean vowed darkly.

"I know a bloke who can deal with her." Crowley suggested, and the scary thing was Dean wasn't sure if he was joking or not.

"And I know where to hide the body." Gabriel added. Dean thought that maybe it was time he got new friends.

"I'm just saying, if you see her..." Becky continued as she crossed her arms.

"Well what do you want us to do?" Andy asked, "We're boys, we can't hit girls."

"I'd make an exception for Bela." Dean growled.

"Don't worry Jess," Jo said, "if I hear any of those three bitches talking smack about you I'll take them down."

"Catfight!" Gabriel whistled.

"I'd pay good money to see that." Crowley smirked.

"Pigs." Jo glared but with no real heat, far too used to those two to be bothered.

"Oh, I don't want you to get in trouble Jo." Jessica said nervously and Dean could see Sam practically melt into a pile of goo at hearing her voice.

"Don't worry Jess, I won't go out lookin' for a fight." Jo assured the other girl, "I'm just saying, if they bring it to me, I'll beat them to a bloody pulp and get Gabriel to hide the bodies."

"And your mother would kill you." Dean finished. He was personally terrified of Ellen.

"Well, I just thought you guys should know." Becky said as she flung her hair behind her and turned to go, "See ya around."

"B-bye Jess!" Sam called out and the blonde gave him a small smile. It was only after the threesome had walked away that Dean turned to his younger brother.

"Oh dude, you've so got it bad." he grinned.

"Shut up, man!" Sam blushed.

"You gonna ask her out to the dance at the end of the year?" Andy asked, "You still have all of next semester to try."

"Uh, I-I'm not sure yet." Sam stuttered, "We'll see."

"She's way outta your league bro." Dean said and his brother started fuming again, "You should do it."

"Uh, I should?" Sam blinked.

"Yup!" Dean smiled, "Then I'll get to see you trip and fall over yourself to obey her every whim and it'll just be so fun to watch!"

"I hate you." Sam glowered and everyone at the table laughed.

"To the end of the term, guys!" Gabriel called out and all seven raised their fists in the air.

"To the end of the term!"



Dean's last class did not get out until 7:30, so it was already dark as he made his way across the campus. He didn't mind, though, as it was his only major oriented class this term. A whole three hours of nothing but drawing out car designs. Dean sighed happily at the mere thought.

Thankfully the DC, or dining commons, was still open and he was able to load up on all the greasy pizza he wanted before hunting down a nice table to sit at. At this time of night the place was only mildly full and after a minute of searching Dean found a nice secluded spot to sit and eat. He dropped his stuff and was about to start when—

"Hey! Winchester!"

"Dean!" Two young men that seemingly popped up out of nowhere hurried over to him.

"Hey Dean!" they both said and the young man wanted to groan.

"Ed. Harry." he greeted with a strained smile. Ed Zeddmore and Harry Spangler were two 5th Year Film students who were convinced that ghosts haunted the school grounds regularly and were constantly trying to catch live footage of them. They were also attempting to shoot a pilot for some stupid show of theirs they called Ghostfacers. Dean thought it was the stupidest thing ever. Unfortunately they seemed to think he'd make a great sidekick and kept trying to recruit him to their cause.

"So Dean," Harry started out, trying to sound casual but failing miserably, "whatcha doing tonight?"

"Homework." Dean lied.

"Wanna come out and shoot with us?" Ed asked as though Dean hadn't answered, "We almost have a full crew this time!"

"Ghostfacers is so close to becoming reality!" Harry exclaimed and they both pushed in closer to him. Dean thought a moment as he weighed his options. While he loved his pizza, it wasn't worth another round of dealing with Ed and Harry. On the other hand, they were serving apple pie as dessert tonight. Decisions, decisions.

"Becky said she would also come with us." Ed added.

"Right then," Dean gave a false smile, "it's been great guys but I really have to go. Stuff. Homework. Not dying a virgin. Bye!" And Dean was not too proud to say he fled from the DC without looking back.



"Dear god." Dean sighed as he finally got to his dorm.

All students lived in the Dormitories. Lower division, or "high school" students shared one room with six beds and had to used the communal bathrooms down the hall while upper division "college" students got their own apartment that they shared with three to four others but they each got their own bedroom and only had to share a bathroom between them. Plus, they even got a little living room. Technically Dean's apartment could hold five people but no one had been assigned the spare room.

"What's up?" Chuck asked, all his books and papers spread over across their tiny kitchen table, the only one actually studying for his exams. Behind him sat Crowley and Gabriel watching something on their 20-inch television, which was the largest the school allowed students to have.

"Ah, nothing." Dean said after a moment, "Just Harry and Ed again."

"They've got a man-crush on you Dean." Gabriel teased.

"Fuck you." Dean quipped, "Those two are gonna get arrested one day, and I'm not going to be there to see it."

"They've been caught seven times on campus after hours." Crowley threw in, although he looked like he could care less.

"Arrested." Dean repeated, "Won't be there."

"Good on you." Gabriel said, "You only go to the illegal underground booze parties here."

"Damn straight." Dean nodded as he threw his stuff in his room, although 'large-closest-that-can-barely-fit-a-bed-and-desk' would be a more accurate term. He then threw himself over the couch to land between Crowley and Gabriel, "Which, by the way, when's the End of Term Bash happening? Ash gonna be doing that again?"

"Of course." Gabriel said like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"Can't see how else that computer technician gets his rocks off." Crowley muttered, "Must admit though, the man knows his alcohol. Always gets the good stuff."

"You mean the imported stuff?" Dean asked.

"Right you are, you Americans can't do anything right, not even bloody booze." the Englishman scoffed. It was then that someone's phone decided to have a fit and started blaring out Lady Gaga's LoveGame. Everybody waited until Crowley finally sighed and took out his phone, "What?" he asked the group, "The woman's crazy, I love her." He answered his phone and Dean turned his attention to Gabriel.

"What?" the older boy asked.

"So you gonna go to the party again?"

"Wouldn't miss it for the world Dean-o, I'm a famous man now. I've a legacy to live up to."

"You mean strip naked and run through the campus completely smashed while signing Thriller?"

"It's a sacred honor." Gabriel almost looked completely serious as he said this but Dean could see the spark in his golden eyes. The man was a trickster through and through.

"Holy shit, you serious!" Crowley actually yelled at his phone and all three other boys turned to look at him. The young man looked close to actually being shocked. They waited until he had hung up before Chuck finally asked.

"What's up man?"

"Y'know our sister academy up north?" Crowley said after a minute, collecting himself.

"Yeah," Dean nodded, "the one who thinks they're better than the rest of us mere mortals, whatsit—Heavens State Academy?—who doesn't know about them? You transferred from there, right Gabe?"

"Yeah," the blond-haired man said darkly, "What's up with them Crowley?"

"Guess something big happened with the top brass," the Brit explained, "heads rolled and shit got crazy."

"How does that affect us?" Dean asked.

"Had to shut the school down," Crowley spread his hands, "and now they're gonna send all their students down here to bunk with us till they figure everything out."

"What!" No one took it well. But Dean noticed that while he and Chuck were merely shocked about the turn of events, Gabriel seemed downright terrified and Dean couldn't say he'd ever seen the other boy like that before.

"You ok, Gabe?" Dean didn't want to push but he liked Gabriel and was kind of worried. The joker had never said anything good about his former school, not having said much at all to begin with.

"Yeah, fine." The young man said as he stood up abruptly and looked anything but fine, "I'm gonna hit the sack for tonight guys, later." It wasn't until after his door slammed shut that the other three boys looked at each other.

"Wonder what's got his panties in a bunch?" Crowley said thoughtfully.

"Dunno." Dean and Chuck both answered as they stared at the closed door.

"Guess next term's gonna be a lot more interesting than this one?" Dean sighed and flopped back into the couch, "Peachy."



To Be Continued...


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