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Happiness, Not Sorrow

Lilisette loved this particular fragment of whatever world it came from.

The large stage, built to look like a castle, on the airship that hovered high above the earth, while several large cities could be seen over the horizon.

It was a shame that this was all she could access to it though. Going any further than the stage would send her back into the Gateway, or to another fragment, and she really wanted to see what else this stage had to offer.

Oh well. While it would have been nice to see what it had in terms of props, and lights and music, she could easily make-do without.

Closing her eyes, Lilisette imagined what she could from her memories; the heat from the overhead lights, the smells of hot meals and alcohol being served amongst the audience, and the sounds of the sound of the music being played by the house band.

Smiling to herself, and her eyes closed, Lilisette suddenly found herself dancing, tapping the toes and heels of her shoes in rhythmic sync with the music that played in her head. She suddenly leaped up, and spun around in midair, landing back down, bending at the knees and thrusting her body back up, and then sliding to the side.

This went on for several minutes, as she danced through several of the routines she knew.

As she neared the end of her dance, finishing up with one of the more sensual routines, Lilisette pulled out one of her daggers, and threw it forward, where it quickly exploded into a cloud of confetti.

She stifled the giggle as she recalled the look on a person's face when the dagger that was flying towards their face suddenly turned into bits of colored paper.

Slipping both daggers back behind her back, Lilisette bowed to the audience in her head, and almost tumbled forward when she heard actual applause behind her.

"Very nice, Lilisette," Braska said from the bottom of the stairs. "That was a wonderful performance."

"Braska?" Lilisette turned around to face the Summoner.

"So this is where you ran off to?" the man asked, walking up to Lilisette, who stood center stage. "That was a very nice performance by the way."

Lilisette happily smiled. "Why thank you! It's been a while since I've danced for fun. It was nice to have a little fun since we haven't had much time for it lately."

"Yes, things have been rather grim lately," Braska said, looking off to the side, admiring the set. "I think we should all find some way to relax for a while."

"Oh! I know!" Lilisette said, catching Braska' attention back to her. "How about you get everyone back here, and I put on a show?" Grinning, she held up her hands in excitement. "Oh! It's going to be fun, and everyone…" Her expression fell. "Though, I don't think it would have the same affect without music playing, and I don't think anyone knows how to play anything."

Braska thought. "I believe that the Dark Knight mentioned he's had training as a Bard, and I think Prishe has a lovely singing voice."

"Maybe…" Lilisette folded her arms. "But we don't have any instruments. Maybe we can find a Moogle and buy something from it." Her expression returned to what it was before. "Okay! If all this goes okay, than the show's back on!"

"Then let's go regroup with the others, shall we?" Braska nodded. Lilisette complied, and followed him as he made his way to the exit.

"Hey, Braska," Lilisette asked as they walked up the stairs.


"Do you have any dancing in your world?"

Braska's pace slowed. "We do, but I'm afraid it may not be exactly what you would like," he said, his voice more solemn.

"Why not?" she asked.

"Back in Spira, Summoners, like myself, dancing in the presence of those who have recently died."

"Why would you do that?"

The man's walking finally stopped to a standstill atop the set. He looked over the ledge of the wall and to the horizon. "The soul of the dead become Unset, a lingering spirit that can only ascend to the Farplane, where the dead are meant to go, when a Summoner dances, otherwise known as a Sending.

"If an Unsent is not Sent for a long time, or they die with strong negative emotions, they turn into creatures called Fiends, monsters."

He turned back to Lilisette, who only listened.

"Performing a Sending is common in Spira, since there is a powerful creature called Sin that can easily devastate entire islands in a short time." He closed his eyes. "In Spira, dances are not meant for joy, like how you see them, but are meant for times of sorrow."

"If this 'Sin' is causing so much trouble," Lilisette said, her voice soft. "Why not find a way to kill it?"

The Summoner opened his eyes, and turned back to the Dancer. He smiled softly. "It's not that simple, Lilisette. Sin cannot be killed forever. When it is killed, it simply comes back not long after its defeat."

Lilisette placed a hand on Braska's shoulder, who found the contact comforting. "Then it looks like you, more than anyone, needs this show." She smiled. "If I can show you how to bring joy with dance, maybe you can bring that back home with you and show your friends and family!"

Braska laughed with her enthusiasm.

"After all, dancing should bring happiness, not sorrow."


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