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Chapter one

Dear Albus Dumbledore,

After a long review of the schools rules and regulations, I am writing to you regarding Chapter four paragraphs six through eight I believe. I know you will appreciate my not being more specific just in case this letter does not make it to your person. I would like to come in before school starts if the school will still have me. I assure you a full explanation will be forth coming. I will be awaiting your letter; please send it back with Rigi. He's the only owl I'll accept post from.



Albus Dumbledore, head master of Hogwarts Witchcraft and Wizardry, was doing the most unusual thing after receiving this particular letter. He was currently looking through the tome that was the rules and regulations set down by the founders and amended by the board of governors. The book made his old desk creak. It had been a very long time since he'd had to look anything up pertaining to the running of the school. "Ah, here we are," he said to himself and began to read to.

As no young witch or wizard should be turned away from the school for any less then serious rule breaking resulting in expulsion, it is written that any student who finds themselves in a family way may request special accommodations for their family. Upon this request, a meeting between the student, parents/guardians/spouse, and the staff shall take place and accommodations arranged. Though it is up to the student to keep up with their school work and the child is neither an excuse nor the disruption of classes unless it is an emergency. Of course, if the student wishes it to remain a secret, then the following spell should be cast before the meeting to ensure the privacy of child and 'mother' (and father if one is present) is upheld. The spell is unbreakable and permission from all guardians must be given before the staff may reveal the existence of the child. If this privacy is waved then the spell is not required….

The text went on in a similar fashion stating all the students' rights and all the schools rights. Albus flicked his wand and a copy of the section was made and with another flick the ancient tome was gone. He penned a reply to the student suggesting a vague time, date and acceptance, along with a little reminder of the rules and then signed it. Rigi was occupying a windowsill patiently waiting for the reply. Dumbledore idly wondered where Harry had found such a stunningly rare bird. But he could always ask that later. "Here you go my feathery friend. I told your young master to give you a few extra treats for flying such a long distance." The owl hooted and took the letter in its beak and flew off. Albus watched until he was out of sight - the silver and gold feathers shimmering in the sun.

Fawkes landed on the old wizards shoulder and nipped at his ear. "I do believe it will be another very interesting year. I think a baby would be just what the houses need to come together; if Harry is willing to share his little one of course." Fawkes chirped then clacked his beak. "Of course not my old friend I would protect them to the death just to keep his secret." He stroked the bright plumage of the Phoenix on his shoulder. "It does make me wonder who has captured our young Mister Potter's heart though."

Albus had been right, Rigi had a long way to fly, but he was a good flyer and that was why Harry had sent him. The silver and gold Phoenix Owl flew in through an open window and dropped his letter on the kitchen table. Having flown all day and night to get home, the owl landed on his perch with a tired hoot after circling the kitchen once. Hedwig hooted back and picked up one of her mice and dropped it in front of the larger owl. Green eyes watched them in amusement and with a slight bit of envy. Harry opened the letter and smiling at the bright purple haired woman across from him said, "Tante after breakfast I think it's time to start packing. "

"I'll do all the wand waving you just pack the trunks. I'll have us packed up by noon."

"Thank you." Harry smiled and reread the letter. Thank Merlin for the shortsightedness of the wizarding community. There was a soft crying from the other room and Tante went to get up. "No I'll get him. You finish breakfast." Harry got up and walked out of the kitchen. When he entered the room the child's cries lessened but did not stop till he could see Harry's face. "Good morning little man. I hope you will be a good boy for the trip. I can't wait to show you Hogwarts…." He continued to describe all the things he wanted to show his son as he changed and dressed him, before heading back into the kitchen.

The entire staff of Hogwarts was waiting in Dumbledore's office for a meeting. They were all wondering what for and talked quietly among themselves. Snape of course was sulking in the shadows perturbed that his time was being wasted. "Honestly Albus what is this all about? We are all busy preparing for the return of the students," Minerva finally asked.

"Trust me my dear woman you will know in a moment." The sound of the stairs made the old man smile and all heads turn. "Ah there they are." He waved his hand and the door opened, "Please come in" he said with a twinkling smile. Both hooded figures entered the room and waited until the door was shut to pull them back. The room gasped seeing Gryffindor's Golden Boy looking a little haggard but otherwise much better than they had ever seen him after a summer at his relatives.

"Sir I would like to invoke the right of silence. Tante please step outside," Harry told the violet haired woman. She looked at the room's occupants with a slow critical eye stopping on Snape. He glanced to Harry who smiled and nodded. "Thank you," he said as she smiled and left the room.

Before anyone could ask questions Dumbledore recited the incantation and a wash of magic filled the room. There was a cry and Harry smiled apologetically at the Headmaster as he revealed the tiny bundle in his arms. "Sorry he's not use to anyone's magical signature but Tante's and mine." The woman reentered the room with a light frown and conjured a chair. "Sit Harry," the woman ordered.

"Awe but I've been sitting all day," he complained, but the look from the woman was one to rival that of Madam Pomfrey's and Harry sat in the comfy looking chair.

"Please everyone take your seats. I'm sure Mister Potter will let you coo and coddle the babe at a later time." Harry giggled at the look on some of the women's faces, showing their disappointment at having to wait.

"I'm sorry to take so much of your time but our train was late and then we had a problem with finding a carriage from the Muggle town," he explained with a smile. "This is my son Alexander and he is the reason I've asked Albus to enact schools rules and regulations for students with children. This is Tante - my friend and my son's nurse maid and his Godmother." Harry said as he smiled up at the woman hovering protectively behind his chair.

"You mean…when you say 'my son', you mean…?" Flitwick squeaked.

"That I gave birth to him - yes. I was quite surprised myself. There really should be a class for muggle borns to educate them on this kind of thing. Tough I was sure we were being careful enough." Harry smiled and looked down at his son who was pulling on his cloak.

"Where is the father Mister Potter?" Minerva asked.

"Wherever he is, I have the right to keep his identity to myself and for his safety, I will." Harry replied softly. "I have not told him and I do not know if I will." He shrugged. "I really would rather not have to recite the whole chapter I have my information from, but basically it was something put in by the founders that was never amended. Any student can request accommodations for their family at the school so they may still attend. And I assure all of my professors that Alex will not get in the way of my studies or anyone else's. That is why I invoked the right to secrecy. No one in the room may tell anyone about my son. And you can't talk about him when others not under this protection are present, unless I have informed them of Alexander. This was the safest place for us. If I had not returned Voldemort would have come looking and I could not risk it. And no one else knows about Alex. "

"Well I believe that just about sums it up. I trust the staff of Hogwarts will look out for the youngest Potter as any responsible adult, and will accept that Harry does have a family to take care of now."

"Are you suggesting Albus, that we make special exceptions for Potter?" Snape sneered.

Instead the young man with tired yet bright emerald eyes spoke. "No Professor Snape I am not asking for that. But when push comes to shove - my son will come first. I am not asking for special treatment just a safe place to keep him secret. If Voldemort found out about him…" Tears welled up in Harry's eyes and his voice grew raspy as he held them back. Alexander started crying and Harry swore under his breath. "Please excuse me." Harry got up with Tanta's assistance. "No." He said softly before leaving the room.

The moment the door closed the woman rounded on Severus with glare that made even the all hated Potions Master blink. Her purple eyes darkened and everyone could see the creature blood that was very strong in her veins.

"How dare you treat Harry like he's some spoiled brat. How dare you upset him like that," she hissed. "Consider yourself a lucky wizard that the child isn't under the protection of my people or I'd curse you for causing them both stress."

Albus let the woman have her say before clearing his throat. She looked at him and blushed. "Harry is like a son to me and this has been his main concern since Alex was born. I thank all the gods he's not sick from the long trip." She said.

"I'm sure we can all understand. But I will warn you, I do not tolerate threats to my staff madam. " Though Severus was out of line,." He said giving the man a look.

"It won't happen again unless my little ones are in danger, I promise." Tante vowed as the door opened and Harry came back in. Concern showing on her face, she said, "You look tired."

"I am tired Tante." He replied with a small smile.

"Well I think that we have spent enough time on this," Albus said, closing the meeting. "And I'm sure that Mister Potter will come to his teachers before he falls behind." Harry nodded his agreement with the statement.

"Professor McGonagall I would like to speak to you about my classes before school starts. I want to change a class or two since I won't be training for an Auror career." The woman nodded her assent.

"How about tomorrow after breakfast?" the Gryffindor Head asked. "I have some free time between then and getting my syllabi done."

"Thank you," Harry responded with a bright smile.

"Now, I think if the three of you would like to get settled, I'll have Severus bring you down." Dumbledore said earning a few surprised gasps. Severus merely stood and nodded, knowing that arguing would just take more time out of his day. Harry, too tired to do anything about it, stopped himself from frowning.

"Thank you all, you have no idea how important this is to me." Harry gave them all a bright smile. "Oh, Madam Pomfrey, do you have time to stop by and give Alex a once over? I want to be sure he didn't suffer from the trip."

"Of course Harry dear. I'll come down say about four so you have time to settle." The healer said waved them off as Tante helped Harry down the steps, frowning when he had to stop at the bottom.

Seeing Snape waiting for them at the end of the hall, Harry handed off the baby saying, "Tante take Alexander please. I'd rather him be secure in your arms then risk us all taking a spill." Harry said handing off the baby. Snape waited for them at the end of the hall. "And please remind me to ask Poppy to look me over too. I might need something stronger."

The walk was silent except for the passing ghost who greeted them and welcomed him back, until Severus stopped in the dimness of the upper dungeons in front of a statue of a snake half protruding from the wall. Harry smiled and laughed breathlessly, "Trust Dumbledore to know just what I'm looking for." Switching to parseltongue, he greeted the serpent. "Good morning great guardian. I'm sure the Headmassster has informed you of our arrival."

"Ahh a Ssspeaker. Yess he hasss told me. How ssshall I guard your nesst?"

"Blood and magic of courssse. I am the only one who you will accept a password from and no one elsse iss allowed in my nesst besidesss thosse I allow in and my family."

"Undersstood. And the Diamond cobrasss?"

"The familiaresss of my son and I. They are the only snakesss welcome assside from yourssself." The statue nodded and opened its mouth. Harry pricked his skin on the stone fangs and let the blood drip on the forked tongue. Harry took Alex from Tante saying, "Alright Alex. Daddy is so sorry for this." And lifted the babe's thigh to the fangs. Alex cried out and Harry flinched, tears escaping him. Tante offered her blood last. "The password will be Sanctuary in our tongue."

"Yess Master Potter." The large serpent melded into the wall and a circular opening appeared to show an empty common room.

"Go in with Alex," Harry said handing the whimpering child over as he waved his hand and closed their wounds. "I'll be in in a moment." Tante hesitated then went in.

"Is there something you want Professor?" Harry asked turning to look at Snape. The Potions Master met his gaze and Harry smirked when he couldn't get in. "I had a reason to learn; you'll find that getting in will end us both up with a trip to the infirmary. Ask me what you want to know." At this Snape frowned.

"H…Potter who is the child's father?" Harry shook his head.

"It hurts you think I was unfaithful to you," Harry replied. "I was three months along when you cast me aside. It was my pregnancy that made me drop your class. It wasn't safe for us." He took pause to compose himself. "Alex was born not even a week after the end of school. If it wasn't for Tante neither of us would be alive right now."

Harry took a deep breath. "Severus if you want be a part of his life….no one has to know and you are not obligated to us, but we both know how it is to lack parents. I hoped I would have told you before school ended. I didn't want you to find out like this."

He shook his head. "I'm not asking or telling you to though, so never accuse me of it. But he is your son." Harry gave a weak smile. "If you'll excuse me I like to feed him when I am able and Tante needs her hands free to unpack." He turned, speaking the password and left Severus standing dumbfounded in the hall. The wall returned and the serpent seemed to glare at him. With a sigh he left to finish his syllabi.