Sometimes he wondered why he heard the music, wondered why the moon and sun sang and laughed with him. It would seem strange not to hear it, the music that constantly filled the air, but what does total silence sound like? Would it surrond him completely like music or would it weigh heavily on his shoulders like sadness and loneliness? What were parents like? He had yet to meet someone with parents, never truly seeing the beauty of a mother-father-and-child caring for each other, loving each other.

Maybe when Mr. Jefferies was finished talking to him he would see them. That was what he was going to do: see his parents. He could feel them near by, hear the soft sorprano and deep baritone that were always intertwinded when he thought of them.

Slipping out of his chair he spoke," I'm going to go now Mr. Jeffries." Mr. Jeffries droped his casework onto the desk the Julliard had provided for him."Evan... we've searched for you. Where could you be going to," and he rubbed his weary eyes as he took in Evan's expression, he couldn't understand why he couldn't leave.

"Goodbye Mr. Jeffries." he whispered as he pressed into the door to the office.

As he walked down the hall he wondered if they would truly want him, Louis and the blonde woman, would they want him like he want them? Maybe they had other lives and other children (a boy named Dexter had told him when he first came to the orphanage that he was there because his step father hadn't wanted him anymore because he was marrying a new woman.), would that happen to him?

As Louis stared down at Lyla's face he wondered why her eyes didn't sparkle now as they had on the concert grounds. Maybe it was the lighting making her eyes seem dull? Yes, that was why, it could be the only reason.

"I'm worried 'bout our boys reaction. I mean we don't really know how he will react now do we..." and he stopped as he heard soft footsteps click down the hall to be followed by a sheepish looking August.

"Hello, how are you... August," and he felt tears come to his eyes when he saw August began to racing toward him and threw himself into Louis' chest and started to weep. Louis held tightly to his son and wept.

August began to murmur against his chest," Can I call you papa?"

Louis let loose a hearty chuckle as he responded," Of course, lad. Can I call you son?"