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Lyla felt so ashamed to realize that both Louis and Evan had already spoken to Mr. Jeffries and left with a promise to meet again in three days' time during the period when she had walked out but she had suffered through it because she, herself, needed to talk to Mr. Jeffries because really how dare he let Louis take away her son.

Louis didn't know their son's birthday. Louis didn't know how many days or months Evan had been alive. The only thing about Evan Louis knew was how many years old August was and even then it wasn't approximant.

Surely Mr. Jeffries would understand and call Louis to give her back her son earlier. Surely he would understand…

"Of course he will," she reassured herself as she came to a stop in front of the door Julliard always gave law offices.

"Just take deep breaths, Lyla. You can do this," she told herself as she turned the door knob. Inside she found Mr. Jeffries gathering up the files he had brought with him that he had clearly discussed with Louis if the way that the files were only just beginning to amount to a medium sized pile had anything to say.

"Hello," she muttered.

"Oh, hello Ms. Novacek. I just finished talking with … Louis? He's taken August or really Evan home with him if you didn't know. I know I should have asked you first but August was dead on his feet and he seemed so attached to his father that even separating him from Louis would have been a bad idea. It also seemed that August would be much more comfortable with Louis as he had already met him."

"It's alright but what do you mean Louis already met Evan?"

"From what I could get from August, or Evan, and confirmed by Louis they met today in the park. Really I just wanted August, or Evan, to be comfortable with who ever he went home with. Ms. Novacek. If you want I can call and get Louis to bring him over now."

"No … It's okay. Let Evan sleep. But can you give me Louis' address and phone number, so I can get in contact with them in the morning?"

"Sure. He's got a apartment in … the Lower East Side. Um… Lets see… I can't seem to find the papers but I'll call you in the morning. Honestly I'm really amazed and I just need to go home," said Mr. Jeffries as he slipped the last of the files into his bag.

"Alright," replied Lyla, nodding. She watched as him walk out with a simple wave and a quick smile but inside she was steaming. How could Mr. Jeffries just have given Evan away and why was he referring to Evan as August?