A/N: hey so i love this movie and uh yeah

I am Jack's pupils. Surrounded by the deepest blue Marla's ever seen, I dilate when she walks into the room. I have to, to take in the light she brings into every and any place she goes. Which is weird, because when Jack thinks Marla he doesn't really associate her with light. But it's true.

I am Jack's lungs. I take deep breaths when Jack tries to explain something to Marla and she doesn't understand, and jagged, shallow ones when she and Jack are making love. I am only slightly rotted from the constant sharing of cigarettes they take part in. I have to catch myself when Marla dresses up for "special occasions" (Thursdays).

I am Jack's knees. Sometimes I go weak when Jack is too tired to stand, and Marla is there to try to catch him. She doesn't always succeed but you know it's the thought that counts or whatever. I wear the bruises she kisses in bed at night before they go to sleep.

I am Jack's fingers. Without me, Jack could not enjoy Marla's (lack of?) curves. I hold the touch memory of her body, the ridges of her scars, the knobs of her spine, and every other part of her. I touch her lips, her hair, her breasts; just so Jack knows she's really there.

I am Jack's heart. I swell when Jack sees Marla. I pump the blood faster around Jack's body, flushing his skin. I do not ache. I am neither broken nor empty anymore.