Blood Music

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In a Field of Clover

The black SUV was parked at the edge of the field. Huge, shiny, ominous, it couldn't be there for any good reason. It was incongruous in such a peaceful scene; one that could grace the page of any of the springtime months on an inspirational calendar; the ones with psalms quoted under or on the photo. Other vehicles, mostly black and whites with their flashing lights along with the dreaded coroner's van also served to spoil the bucolic scene.

The deceased looked as peaceful as his surroundings. He was lying on his back, golden strands of his hair fanning ever so gently in the slight breeze. His eyes stared sightlessly at the luminous sky. If they weren't already starting to dull and cloud, he could be another of God's creatures enjoying the beauty of nature in the middle of a meadow on a spring morning.

"Farmer found him at daylight." said Lisbon as she walked up to her small group of agents after speaking with one of the uniformed cops at the scene. "I don't see anything that would indicate the cause of death."

There was nothing in particular to see, other than the body, of course. As had already been noted, the cause of death wasn't immediately apparent. There didn't seem to be any reason for the blond man to be lying dead; neither wound nor abrasion to explain his demise. He was nicely dressed. His light blue shirt was open; revealing smooth, marble white skin without a mark on it. On slender hands, nails were clean and trimmed, his face had the stubble that was fashionable at the moment.

If she was right, he was the fifth. They'd disappeared from bars and clubs all over Sacramento County. The latest lying dead in the middle of a field of clover, under a cool, clear sky. It was just barely light and the mist hadn't yet vanished for the day.