Author's note: Sorry, but this crossover was bound to happen eventually...

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As time diverges: The Mitakihara Disappearance Cases

File 0: Assembling Pieces

Tick... tock... tick... tock...

In a classroom in an unnamed high school, Light Yagami sat, bored. Everyday was no fun. The teacher was droning in english: "Another is the extinction of many species of life on the planet..." In front of him, two students were whispering, saying something about being ripped off at the movies. Pathetic.

He looked out the window. Something caught the corner of his eye. A black, falling note.

As the teacher went on and on, he continued to watch the note, curiosity growing.

The next day, the Note was burned by a girl who wrote in the name of a Preschool Hostage taker out of curiosity.


"L," an elderly old man said to a lazily dressed male who was crouched in front of a laptop, "The Los Angeles BB killer has been arrested. Once again, the police are grateful to you."

"How many times have I said that it's not necessary?" he said as he ate a piece of cake. Looking at the laptop, he spoke again. "...Watari."


"The next case... It is one I will be deciding for myself."

"You have a particular case in mind?" Watari asked, curious.

L looked at a stack of papers. On the top, one of them read "Young Female Disappearance Cases".


On a highway in Japan, Tomoe Mami lay dying. The car she and her family were in had crashed, and there was nothing but fire all around. Struggling to open her eyes, she saw a single creature, sitting in what seemed to be a higher position than her.

"Do you want me to save you?" the creature asked, tilting it's head to the side. It had big pink eyes and a white cute body, swishing it's tail around.

"C-can you do that?" Mami barely managed to speak.

"Of course!" the creature replied cheerfully. "All you have to do is... contract with me, and become a Puella magi!"