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I leaned back into my chair and watched as the others wolfed, no pun intended, down their food. I had met Quil, Embry, Jake, Jared and Kim, Leah and Seth. Sam said Paul, Collin and Brady were out at work and I would meet them tomorrow.

I raised my eyebrows at Sam. "Do they always eat like that? Shouldn't they, you know, chew?"

Sam chuckled and shrugged his shoulders. "You really can't stop them. You're no better though. What was that? Your fourth plate" he wasn't smiling but I could see the amusement in his eyes and what was that, a twitch of the mouth.

"Sam what are you saying? Are you calling me fat?" I said mock offended.

Emily watched on as her fiancée and I argued playfully. She shook her head and got up.
"Where are my manners? Emily thank you for feeding me and also housing me"

She smiled and rested her hand on my shoulder. "It's all right Lil, it's a pleasure having you here"

I smiled and got up. I arched my back and when I heard a crack, stopped.

"Doesn't that hurt? When it cracks?" I looked over to where the voice came from.
Sitting directly in front of me and next to, Quil I think his name was, was a little girl about the age of four.
I laughed and shook my head. "No, it doesn't hurt but don't you go trying it. Then it might hurt" she nodded

"what's your name anyway Hun?"
"My names Claire and I'm four and a half years old" she said holding out her fingers and bending another one so it looked like a half. I laughed and thought of my little brother who used to do that.
But sadly, he grew up and hit puberty. That's when he stopped being my little brother.
Sam noticed my sad expression and had concern in his eyes. I shook my head and smiled.
He may be family but he was never close to my brother. He always hated him.

"Well Claire, I think you may be my new best friend" she squealed and launched herself into my arms. I laughed and moved her around so she was on my back.

"So tell me new best friend" she said in her little voice "why are you here? Emily said I wasn't allowed to ask but I really want to know" she ended it with a pout and I giggled.

"Well, I went on a little adventure. I went and battled dragons, saved princes and I even saw mermaids" she looked up at me with wide eyes. I walked into the lounge room and set her down on the couch and sat in front of her.

"What happened?"

"Well, I went to my house and my mother said I had to get food for my family so I went. I started walking when I found a shortcut so I went down it but an ogre found me and attacked. I was sent to the small hospital and they said I was dead." She gasped and jumped on my lap. I fell back and she sat on my stomach.

"But then how are you alive?"

"Well I fought back against the shadows and survived" I jumped up and swung her around. She laughed and cheered

"Then my mum sent me here so I could recover. And here I am. "I put her on my back again and raced into the kitchen. Emily was watching with amusement as was everyone else.

"Under the roof of pretty princesses" I said gesturing to the girls "and big princes who might I say look more like bears and wolves" I heard the boys snicker and the girls stifled their laughs behind their hands

"The boys don't look like wolves." She said with a frown. Her face brightened and she reached over to whisper something in my ear "but if you want something, ask me because Leah said I have all of them on a tight leash"

I started laughing hysterically and I saw the boys all look over and glare at Leah. That caused me to laugh even more until I was on the verge of tears.

"Okay okay, let Quil take Claire before Lil drops her" Sam said over my laughing but Claire just tightened her grip.

I smiled at her but passed her very to the tall boy in front of me. He smiled warmly and proceeded on taking her out the front door: To her house probably.

I wiped away the tears falling down my face and shook my head. I let out a loud yawn and Sam came over and put his arm over my shoulders. I leant my head against his shoulder and yawned again.

"Come on, you were on a long flight and you look really tired"

"No shit Sherlock" I mumbled and he chuckled. I waved to the others and Sam led me to my room.

I didn't look at my room as Sam laid me on my bed.

I thought about my day. About Claire and the guys, how much I missed my mum and even about me not phasing. I might have to tomorrow or I might lash out and I really don't want that to happen.

I closed my eyes fully and sleep welcomed me with open arms.

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