This copy is made in Minas Tirith, in the eightieth year of the reign of King Eldarion Telcontar (IV 199)

Seeing that many people in Minas Tirith have benefitted from reading the Thain's Book, the King instructed me to gather all other records that can be found concerning the War of the Ring and the return of the King Elessar to Gondor. In this task I have been greatly aided by Lord Barahir of Ithilien. He was well known throughout Gondor as a master of lore and history, and as a fine storyteller. He translated many accounts of the Elder Days and added much annotation to the Annals of the Kings, Annals of the Stewards, and the Thain's Book.

Being the grandson of the Steward Faramir and a friend of the Kings Elessar and Eldarion, he recorded many stories which are not included in the Annals or the Thain's Book. For many years, these records have remained a personal treasure of the descendants of the Steward Faramir. Now the King suggests that those who read these records may see many things that cannot be seen in the Annals: among the most important of these is how the Steward perceived the return of the King, and how the Stewards have remained indispensable to Gondor. With the permission of the family of the Steward, I made an abbreviated copy of those records.

Findegil, the King's Writer