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Jethro's bedroom was much like the rest of the house: simple and well kept. Not that Tony observed it for long. As soon as the door slammed closed, all of his attention turned to the older man.

"Are you really sure?" Jethro asked softly, stepping closer to Tony and looking straight into his eyes, to be certain the younger man wouldn't avoid his penetrating gaze or lie to him.

"Yes, I'm sure. Love me, Jethro," Tony answered seriously, taking the older man's hand in his own, and bringing it to his chest and holding it there.

Jethro smiled, and pulled Tony into his arms, but he didn't kiss him. Instead he buried his face in Tony's neck, inhaling his scent and rubbing his stubble-covered cheek against his skin, very gently.

Tony moaned, and his hands rose to make Jethro raise his head, so they could kiss, long and leisurely. The older man's hands slid down to grab and squeeze Tony's buttocks, pressing their pelvises together.

The heat of Jethro's body burned Tony through his clothes and he became agitated, wishing – no, needing – to feel his lover's skin against his own.

"Please..." he murmured, unable to articulate his desires, but Jethro seemed to know what he wanted. His hands went to his jacket and shirt and made a quick work of them. Tony shook his shoulders to get rid of the unbuttoned shirt, letting it fall on the floor, soon to be joined by his pants, shoes, socks and underwear.

Tony watched as Jethro's eyes raked up and down his body, his look getting hungrier by the moment.

"I want to see you too, Jethro…"

The older man smirked and started to disrobe with his usual fastness and efficiency, but Tony noticed he forego to fold his clothes, dropping them to the floor too.

Someone is in hurry, the young man thought with a smug grin as his eyes devoured Jethro's skin as it was revealed.

When he was naked, Jethro went to the bedside table, opened its drawer and rummaged into it, taking out a small bottle of lube and a condom, which he put on the table top.

"Come here," he said roughly as he reclined on the bed.

Tony didn't lose time, climbing on the mattress and scooting in until he was lying beside Jethro.

They kissed, first gently and slowly, as they were rediscovering each other after their separation, then with more ardour and passion. Teeth clashed, tongues duelled as strong hands ran down equally strong backs, pushing and pulling both of them closer to the other.

Jethro disentangled from Tony, and rolled on his side, encouraging the younger man to do the same, so they were spooning together, the older man's chest pressed against his partner's back.

Jethro pulled Tony's leg in between his, trapping it with his knees. He slipped his arm under the younger man's shoulders so that their faces were close together.

Tony sighed, wondering what Jethro was up to. He soon discovered it when the older man's fist closed around his erection, stroking it.

Tony turned his head, and his lips met Jethro's. He closed his eyes and whispered, "Aren't we going to…?"

His lover kissed his ear and murmured back, "Yes, we will, but not yet. Now enjoy this."

Jethro's strokes grew faster and Tony moaned in delight. That calloused hand was so skilled…it seemed like it knew exactly how and where the young man wanted to be touched.

When Tony was about to come, Jethro let go of his erection, making him moan again, this time in disappointment. The older man reached out with his arm and took the lubricant he had left on the bedside table. He opened the bottle and poured some liquid in his hand.

Tony tensed at the action, but Jethro soothed him. "Shh, don't be concerned, we can stop anytime."

"No, I don't want to stop. I want to know how it feels like to have you inside me."

Jethro shifted and Tony braced himself, half-expecting to feel his lover pushing himself inside, but instead the older man just resumed stroking his cock, his hand now slick with lube. Just as Tony arched, thrusting in that delicious fist, a finger was gently pushed inside him.

Tony had expected some pain, as a long time had passed since Jethro had his finger in him, but none came. The feeling was as strange as he remembered, but by no means unpleasant, not even when another finger was added. Tony was so excited by the idea of having Jethro inside him that his body opened willingly, inviting more pressure, more depth and more fullness than the fingers could provide.

Jethro added another finger and kept on stretching him for a few minutes more, then whispered, "How do you want it? On your back? On your stomach? On your knees?"

Tony considered it for a moment, "I want to see your eyes when you fill me. May I ride you?"

Jethro's "yeah" was just a strangled moan, as he let go of Tony's erection and rolled to lie on his back. He took the lube and the condom and thrust them in Tony's hand. "Prepare me," he commanded.

Tony obeyed, rolling on the condom and dripping the lube on Jethro's erect cock, enjoying how his partner hissed as he spread the liquid on the shaft, until it was completely slick.

Then he straddled the older man's hips and taking hold of his erection, slowly lowered himself on it.

Tony squeezed his eyes shut as he felt a blaze of pain when the swollen head slipped in. God, but Jethro was big!

"Do you want to stop?" his lover whispered, rubbing Tony's thighs to soothe him. "It's all right if you want to."

"No…I don't want to stop," Tony bit down his lower lip and willed himself to relax, as he impaled himself on Jethro's cock, not stopping until it was all the way in.

Once it was done, Tony rested, with both his hands on his lover's chest, panting as he got used to the feeling inside him. The pain was slowly disappearing, leaving behind a strange but not unpleasant sensation of fullness.

"Are you okay?" Jethro asked, caressing his young lover's hips.


"Then move," the older man said with a strangled moan.

Tony smiled down. He liked to have Jethro beneath him, completely exposed and open. He began rising and falling on the cock, first slowly and then more quickly as he discovered that the movement caused the turgid organ to brush something inside him, something that made him groan with pleasure every time.

"Tony, so good, God," Jethro growled, pushing himself up to a sitting position. He put his hands on Tony's hips, helping him to ride him faster and harder.

Tony put his arms around Jethro's back, pulling him as close as possible, as the pace of their movements increased even more. He cried out as his lover's hand sneaked between their bellies to take hold of his lube-slick cock, stroking his hand up and down the shaft to match Tony's rhythm.

"Come, Tony, come," Jethro coaxed him, his voice hoarse with desire, and Tony did just that. He bit down on his lover's shoulder as stars exploded behind his closed eyes in the most intense orgasm he could remember. Caught in his ecstasy he barely noticed as Jethro joined him, moaning as he exploded inside the condom.

When Tony recovered his wits, he found himself slumped against Jethro, head buried into his neck. The older man was still inside him, and he clenched his muscles, wishing to keep him in as long as possible.

"Why are you crying, Tony?" Jethro asked, rubbing his back in soothing circles. "Did I hurt you?"

Tony, who had not been aware he was crying, pulled back to look at his lover and shook his head. "Nah, you didn't hurt me. I'm having this very embarrassing emotional moment because what we just did was so great and I risked losing it forever…" was his reply.

The older man's hand squeezed Tony's hips as he replied, "That was the past. You haven't lost me and you can have it any time you want."

"Really?" Tony asked with a mischievous tone, as he ground his bottom on Jethro's spent cock.

"Well," the older man amended with a smile, "almost any time."

They both burst into laughter and embraced again, letting their happiness and merriment chase away the sadness and desperation of the previous weeks.


Tony returned to the present and smiled down at the green mask he was still holding.

Yeah, he owned a huge debt to that piece of plastic and fabric. The day he had worn it the first time it had been the start of his new life, even if, of course, back then he had no idea of what would have happened when he had stepped inside the Hidden Indiscretions. He had gone there not even knowing what he was looking for and ended up finding the love of his life.

Tony turned his head and looked at the framed photo on his workbench. It had been taken at the recent Washington Art Expo, where his painting 'The Truth behind the Mask' had won a very important critic's award.

He had showed up to receive the prize along with Jethro and their presence had caused quite a stir, as it usually happened when they appeared in public together.

And how could it not be so, since they were – much to his partner's chagrin – the darlings of the gossip female-oriented press?

Jethro was the tough former-Marine and Federal Agent and Director that was able to make Secretaries piss in their pants out of fear. He was also the man that after losing his beloved wife to murder had tried to replace her three times, until he had realized no other woman could ever be like her. So he had turned to men and found the other love of his life. He didn't fit at all with the image most people had of gay or bisexual men, but his quiet dignity, his impeccable conduct, his devotion to his country and his duty had made him a favourite of the public opinion. He was often quoted by gay rights activists as an example that who a person is with between the sheets didn't influence what he or she did out of bed.

Tony instead was the rich, successful business man, who had given up the direction of a multi-billion company and a majestic villa to follow his heart and be with the man he loved. His actions had cost far more than his position in the family company, because his conservative father had disowned him and refused to see him anymore. Tony now lived in a simple house with his partner and led a modest life as a painter—which wasn't exactly true, for Tony had enough money on his personal bank account to allow him and Jethro to live comfortably without doing anything for the rest of their life. But that was something the press didn't need to know.

Being rejected by his father had been painful for Tony. Despite what he had known of the man, Tony had hoped his father would have come around and forgiven him after he had time to cool down. It had never happened, not even after the DiNozzo Enterprises had suffered three serious setbacks because the acquisition managers had screwed up, and the board of trustees had all but begged Anthony DiNozzo Sr. to recall Tony.

But even so, Tony had no regrets for leaving and telling his father what he really was. While it was true that Jethro wasn't the easiest man to live with, they loved each other and the sun always returned to shine after their arguments. Tony was now free to follow his artistic inclinations to his heart's content, working in the beautiful studio that had once been his partner's guestroom, but he still played in the stock market when he felt the need for something more challenging.

And speaking of challenging, wasn't that the roar of Jethro's SUV engine? Tony walked to the window and looked at the street, and saw the older man jump out of the car and stop to talk with his driver and bodyguard.

Tony smirked. The driver and the bodyguard – plus the agents guarding the house – were an idea of the soon-to-be retired SECNAV. Jethro was bound to succeed him, and thus, the SECNAV had commented it was about time he got used to them, because he would have to endure them as soon as he was sworn into his new office.

Jethro hadn't taken it well. He couldn't understand why he couldn't continue to protect himself as he had done for all his tenure as NCIS Director, and resented the loss of his privacy, which meant he had been a bear for the past week.

Tony wondered if there was something he could do for his partner and his eyes fell on the mask he was still holding. A naughty smile appeared on his lips as he put it on and started shedding his clothes. When he was naked but for the mask, he took a box of Honey Dust from the shelf where he had hidden it after buying it, and dusted the golden powder all over his body. Then put the box away and left the studio, walking sensually to the stairs as he head the front door open and close.

Jethro wasn't a big fan of surprises—but Tony was ready to bet he would like this one...

*fades to black*



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