Chapter 4: NegaDuck's Big Heist

NegaDuck along with the Fearsome Five and DOOM were well prepared for the biggest heist ever, as the scene switches to St. Canard, it reveals one of St. Canard's largest banks.

"That's what we're going to hit?" asked Snaptrap who was amazed at its security.

"Yeah, got a problem with it?" asked NegaDuck.

"I do!" replied Larry to which he was then zapped by Megavolt .

"That's too funny" laughed Francisco.

As the Fearsome Five and DOOM loaded up into a van, they drove heading toward the bank, and literally broke down the walls.

"Alright, everyone freeze, and give us all your loot!" laughed Snaptrap as he took out a gun.

"Not so fast!" cried a voice as smoke appeared, "I am the terror that flaps in the night, I am the one who'll be aiding TUFF to give you the boot! I am Darkwing Duck!"

"Blah, blah, blah, just what a battle cry, target him!" ordered Snaptrap.

As members of DOOM began to fire on Darkwing Duck and also Launchpad, the two TUFF agents also crashed through the glass roof of the bank knocking out Bushroot and Quacker Jack as they were gathering money. Gizmo Duck zoomed right in and knocked down some of the DOOM operatives, including Larry.

"Hey, that was too hard!" cried Larry.

Gizmo Duck kept at it at the members of DOOM whom were obviously no match for Gizmo Duck, yet a certain Snaptrap was getting annoyed by it.

"Say, sparky, don't you have a device that'll stop him in his tracks?" asked Snaptrap to Megavolt.

"I do have a name" replied Megavolt, "but yes."

Megavolt hands Snaptrap what seemed like an EMP device that's mobile.

"Hmm, looks small, but should do the job" laughed Snaptrap.

As Gizmo Duck was coming their way, Snaptrap leaped right on Gizmo Duck.

"Think fast!" laughed Snaptrap who then placed the device on Gizmo Duck which stopped him right in his tracks.

"I can't move!" cried Gizmo Duck.

"Ha, took out this Gizmo!" laughed Snaptrap.

"But you forgot about us" said Kitty as she then kicked Snaptrap right from behind.

"Hey, no fair!" cried Snaptrap who then began to fire his weapon.

"Come on DW, let's help him up" said Launchpad as he and Darkwing Duck were helping Gizmo Duck to safety.

"My one true weakness, an EMP!" cried Gizmo Duck, "Curses!"

"The only thing I'll be cursing are those who'd be kicking their butts!" laughed Dudley as he then knocked down Megavolt quite hard.

"Time to wash these TUFF agents out" laughed the Liquidator who then used his powers to attempt to do just that.

Yet that wasn't enough for the TUFF agents, as they were able to out maneuver the Liquidator to which Dudley noticed a vacuum in the bank.

"May I barrow this?" asked Dudley to the cleaner who was using it.

Dudley then used the vacuum on poor Liquidator and sucked him right up in it, then he sprayed the Liquidator right on NegaDuck and Snaptrap.

"Yuck, I got you all over me!" cried NegaDuck.

"Same here!" cried Snaptrap.

"That's not all!" cried Darkwing Duck who joined the two TUFF agents.

All three leaped right onto NegaDuck and Snaptrap giving them each a good punch, and also another kick, and another punch sending them flying right toward the van.

"I will make you pay for making me look like a laughing stalk!" cried NegaDuck who then took out a hi-tech laser gun from his inventory.

"Hey, why don't you get me one of those?" asked Snaptrap.

"This is the only one of its kind" replied NegaDuck.

NegaDuck then fired his weapon, to which the trio were able to get out of the way.

"Come on, stand still!" cried NegaDuck who tried to keep up on targeting the two TUFF agents and Darkwing Duck.

"There must be a way I can try to help them" said Launchpad as he noticed the situation was getting quite grim.

"There is no more room to run from here" laughed NegaDuck.

Suddenly Launchpad who was on the motorcycle drove by and took the weapon from NegaDuck, and literally and nearly ran over Snaptrap.

"Hey, watch where you're going!" cried Snaptrap.

"Time for a fairer fight!" laughed Kitty as she dived right on in, along with Dudley and Darkwing Duck.

Both NegaDuck and Snaptrap were ultimately no match for the trio, as they were eventually tied up quite literally.

"We better bail!" cried Francisco to the rest of DOOM and to also the rest of the Fearsome Five.

"I don't think so!" cried Darkwing Duck as he took out his own gun, and fired a net capturing all of them.

About a few hours later, NegaDuck, the Fearsome Five and DOOM were apprehended for good.

"Congratulations, you have captured the Fearsome Five, their leader NegaDuck and also Snaptrap and DOOM" said the Chief to the five.

"Thanks for getting your lab to fix me up" said Gizmo Duck.

"Not a problem" said the Chief.

"Let's hope that Snaptrap nor this NegaDuck ever escapes prison again" said Kitty.

"As long as we're around, that won't be a problem" said Darkwing Duck.

The scene then fades from there, as the Chief congratulates them for a job well done.