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Authors note: This is based off the episode "Nevada Day Part 1" and is from Harriet's point of view. Also I'm not christian and am actually gay so I'm clearly not against it. Sorry if you are.


It all started due to a paper printing only half of a quote I gave them.

"The bible said the homosexuality is a sin."

Suddenly I'm against gays.

I spent forever defending myself to everyone, telling them what I really meant by it. It doesn't seem to matter. He still yells at me.

He calls me a homophobe and that what they say is true, I'm intolerant he tells me.

I try to explain to his the truth but he doesn't listen.

He compares it to racism and the black Americans.

I tell him it's not the same.

He argues it is.

To me its not, that was in the past, before my involvement and before I had to choose. This is in my time and it scares me.

For the first time I find my faith and my heart warring against each other. I feel myself pulled in two and so I try to ignore the issue.

I can't be against something as pure as love even if its between two people of the same sex, yet its against my faith.

I am conflicted.

So maybe Matt is right and I am intolerant but not for the reasons he believes.

"It also said judge not lest ye be judged so its up to smarter people then me to decide."

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