Hey, this is just an idea I had, I know lots have people have done the switching body thing, but I really wanted to try something where Draco and Harry could gain a proper understanding of each other. Don't worry, I'm definitely not abandoning my other fic, and I promise to still update that one just as speedily, I just wanted to put this out there to see what people think of it, so review and tell me whether or not it's worth continuing with. Thanks!

Chapter one: Fighting changes people.

Harry Potter's 5th year at Hogwarts of Witchcraft and wizardry was most definitely not off to a good start. After a horrible summer filled with cryptic letters from his friends, a dementor attack, hours of cleaning a dusty house and time spent with a godfather who had more mood swings then an insane pregnant woman, who had jumped from absolutely elated to sullen and depressed as the begging of the school year had approached, Harry had hoped that returning back to the school he had called his home for the past four years might distract him from his troubles slightly, but sadly it had just increased them to epic proportions, firstly with all the rumours, which he really should have anticipated, but when one is distracted by wayward godfathers, terrifying dreams of an even more terrifying Dark Lord and the return of said Dark Lord, well, these things just tend to slip one's mind, and then there was the completely insufferable and ridiculous pink wearing Umbridge woman, who happily encouraged the students to spread rumours of Harry being a dangerous psychopathic attention seeking nuisance, while refusing to let them use a wand in class, because, hey, who really needed one when you have a nice book to defend yourself, right?

Harry sighed angrily as he turned a corner, thinking life just couldn't get much worse.

"Ah well, if it isn't pathetic Potter," Drawled the person who was number two on his most hated list. He was tying with Snape, you see. And Umbridge as well, actually, now Harry thought on it. "Walking around without your pet weasel and mudblood slave? Or did they abandon you to go snog in a closet and discuss how psychotic you are?"

"Don't you dare call Hermione that, you sick little ferret." Harry snapped back, surprisingly quite in the mood to release some angst on that pasty faced coward he was currently being forced to look at. "How about you huh? I mean I know you don't have friends but where are those people your father pays to follow you around?"

"Don't you talk about my father Potter." Malfoy replied angrily, pale cheeks colouring a light pink. "Just because yours isn't around doesn't mean you have to be spiteful. I mean even if he wasn't around he wouldn't be much use to you anyway since he was stupid enough to marry a mudblood!"

At these words Harry let out a growl of frustration, whipping out his wand he yelled, "furnurculus!" but sadly Malfoy had anticipated his attack and easily deflected the curse,

"Incarcerous!" He yelled in retaliation.

"Protego!" Harry said shielding himself while mentally thanking Hermione for all the spells she had taught him in preparation for the third task in the previous year.

Harry and Draco had been duelling for several minutes, both looking slightly worse for wear (Draco was now pink and covered in rainbow coloured boils from head to toe, while Harry now had floor length hair and feet that were at least five time larger than normal) when Albus Dumbledore appeared at the end of the corridor after his regular night time stroll to get himself a cup of hot chocolate and have a pleasant chat with Dobby the house elf, he watched the two students duel for a moment with a frown on his face before clearing his throat, Umbridge style, to get their attention, both froze in horror when they saw their headmaster standing before him. Albus realised they must not have even noticed they were duelling right outside his office as they were so caught up in their battle.

"Potter cursed me first Sir!" Draco cried.

"He insulted my parents Professor!" Harry defended himself.

Dumbledore heaved a sigh of disappointment and surveyed the young wizards in front of him, with a casual flick of his wand; all evidence of their fight was gone, except for the guilty expressions of course.

"Follow me please." Dumbledore commanded, a grim expression on his face, leading them into his office.

Shame filled Harry at the sight of his favourite Professor's disappointed face and panic ate at his stomach, was he going to be expelled now? This was the second time this year he was having these thoughts and it was already beginning to feel tedious.

Meanwhile, Draco was trying to keep a cool head and failing miserably as thoughts of what his father would say over his expulsion, caused by a petty fight with Potter no less! No father would not be pleased, he thought miserably as the ugly gargoyle opened to revel the staircase to the Headmasters office, not pleased at all.

Dumbledore lead the young men over to his desk, sitting opposite them, observing the way they shuffled their chairs so there was as much distance between them as possible.

"Sherbet lemon?" he offered.

Both boys mumbled, "No thank you." Harry with a resigned look and Draco with a confused one.

Dumbledore leant forward on his desk, placing his fingers under his chin in thought, simply looking at the two boys in front of him. Harry was shifting uncomfortably in his chair, eyes trained on the floor while Draco was sitting ramrod straight, his gaze shifting around the room to look at the numerous amounts of strange objects the headmaster kept in his office.

"I am hugely disappointed in you both." Dumbledore stated gravely, letting his words ring in the tense silence for a moment before continuing. "Not just for the fight you have had today, but for going along with the ridiculous prejudices that have been fed to you by others. I had hoped that, perhaps, in light of what occurred at the end of last year, that this school may finally come together. My hopes were obviously not achieved from the example you two are setting."

Draco fought off the urge to snort at this. Typical old stupid Dumbledore, blah blah blah house unity, blah blah blah mudbloods are the same as the rest of us.

"Are we being expelled Professor?" Harry asked quietly, still unable to meet his Professor's eye. Draco glanced at Dumbledore, trying to read his expression.

"No. But I will be owling your guardians," Draco couldn't help but cringe at this, which Dumbledore pretended not to notice. "and there will be a punishment, beginning right now."

"Right now?" Harry asked, confusion colouring his tone.

"Yes," Dumbledore replied a hint of excitement creeping into his voice. Bad, thought Draco, very bad. "You see, I believe the reason for all this angst between the two of you is caused by a lack of understanding for the others emotions and life situation. You need too, walk a mile in each other's shoes, so to speak."

"You want us to trade shoes?" Asked Draco, confused and mildly repulsed.

Dumbledore chuckled at this, "No, not at all Mr Malfoy. It seems you were unfamiliar with the muggle saying. There is a spell," Dumbledore informed them, "that I believe will help you gain some respect and compassion for one another."

The boys had twin looks of disgust on their faces mere thought of it.

"Er, what sort of spell Professor?" Harry asked nervously.

"A body switching spell." Dumbledore replied. Ignoring the boys splutters of protest the Headmaster merely raised his hand for silence and said, "This will be on you for the duration of three weeks, you will not tell any of your friend, nor will any other Professors know of the situation, you will meet together for an hour a day to discuss any queries you have doe another, and you will act as your counterpart would until your punishment is completed. Then you may act however you choose."

"No way!—"

"But sir!—"

"He's a—"

"I can't—"

"This is not up for discussion." Dumbledore said, finality in his tone.

"My father will hear about this!" Draco threatened, earning himself a groan of annoyance from Harry.

"If he does Mr Malfoy, he will be informed that not going through with this punishment will result in expulsion." Dumbledore retorted mildly.

Realising there was nothing they could do, and after a brief scowl in the others direction, they nodded in defeat.

"Excellent! Now if you'd both stand please." Dumbledore ordered, rising from his chair and pulling out his wand. "Now this spell will switch your souls around, this is what makes it different then the polyjuice potion which merely imitates a person for a short amount of time, this spell will truly make the body yours. You should know it's worked when you're suddenly standing in another part of the room."

The two students gulped audibly.

"Sciadara." Dumbledore said in a clear voice, making a complicated twist with his wand.

It was the oddest sensation either of them had ever experienced, like having air escape at top speed from every pore on your body, Harry related it somewhat to a car tire deflating, and then suddenly, just as all the air had escaped, every pore was now sucking in at top speed and all of a sudden, they were standing in another part of the room.

"That was… weird…" Harry murmured, examining his new much paler, and slightly larger hands.

"Really weird…" Agreed Draco, without realising he was doing so, (though Dumbledore smiled triumphantly) now feeling the glasses that had appeared on his face, his fingers moving towards the scar on his forehead with slight excitement.

"Well I did a stunning job if I do say so myself," Dumbledore said happily. "You should probably go exchange common room locations and passwords and the like. Good evening."

Harry and Draco left the office, matching looks of bewilderment on their faces. Harry turned left outside the gargoyle, heading for the dungeons hiss eagerness to be free of Malfoy momentarily making him forget that he shouldn't know the way to his new common room already.

"Potter!" Draco snapped suspiciously, while feeling slightly odd at addressing his own body as such. "How do you know where to go?"

"Oh, er, lucky guess." Harry said, cursing his own stupidity. "If you go to the library Hermione and Ron should be there, they'll get you to the common room."

"No way am I going to meet them!" Draco said indignantly.

"We have to act like each other remember?" Harry said with an eye roll. "And I promised I'd meet them. What's your password?"

"Cucuio. Pansy's probably waiting for you in the common room."

"You're not dating her are you?" Harry asked wearily.

"No! You better not be dating Granger!"

"Of course I'm not. Don't you dare do anything to hurt her Malfoy, or Ron for that matter."

Draco merely rolled his eyes, turned on his heel, and stalked off to the library—leaving a very angry harry in his wake.