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Draco was disappointed to find the strange things that happened in his stomach around Granger did not seem to be relenting. He put this down to Potter's halfbloodness, believing it must be some kind of disease he had gotten from this. Or perhaps Draco himself had developed and allergic reaction to the girl's dirty blood, this wouldn't surprise him, as he had been told all his life that non purebloods went out of their way to make people like himself miserable out of spite and jealousy. Though, admittedly, this conclusion didn't completely make sense since Granger currently thought he was Potter, and since she treated him so fondly, (Draco tried not to gag) why would she bother trying to make him have allergic reactions?

Draco ignored his troubled thoughts, and instead attempted to follow what Professor McGonagall was saying, he was surprised to realise she didn't have the same biasedness for her house that Snape had for his, though he had always viewed her as a formidable woman from a Slytherin point of view, he had thought she must relent in the case of her own house.

"Potter! Are you paying attention back there?" Apparently this wasn't right, he said mumbling a 'yes, Professor' once he realised it was he that she was addressing, this didn't seem to convince her though as she frowned and reprimanded him for daydreaming.

He was rather irked to find that other house leaders didn't treat their students in the way Snape did, he had always believed that was just the way things worked around Hogwarts and was now slightly disappointed to have his views found to be wrong. But, he supposed he wouldn't say no to preferential treatment from Snape, even if it was rather unjust.

Currently, he was sitting in between Granger and Weasly (Potter's usual spot, apparently) and was surprisingly finding himself quite relaxed there, usually when with the Slytherins, he was looked upon as the leader, and had to take charge of a number of students who followed him. Potter on the other hand, lead a very relaxed life apparently, that began at seven am (Draco's began at six), went into a slow moving breakfast with friends, though they tended to discuss the happenings of the daily prophet during this time, not that Draco was particularly interested, then he began Mondays with Transfiguration. Though Draco undoubtedly found this subject boring, (who even needs to change a table in to a pig?) he was glad he wouldn't have to start straight away in a lesson that included Slytherins, as he didn't really feel like having to listen to Potter bother him while he was in his body.

Just as he was brooding on thoughts of trying to argue as Potter when he didn't really believe in anything Potter did, Granger broke into his thoughts with a by tapping him on the should lightly,

"Coming Harry?" She asked, frowning at his thoughtful state.

"Yes. Of course." Draco replied, turning away from her concerned face and hastily packing his things in his bag.

"What do we have now, anyway?" Ron asked, stifling a yawn behind his hand.

"Herbology." Hermione informed him, rolling her eyes at him for not checking his schedule.

"Oh great." Draco moaned, demonstrating his particular dislike for the subject.

"Don't worry. The Hufflepuff's have died down lately." She assured him.

"About what?" Draco asked, confused.

"About you of course." Hermione said, looking at him oddly.

"Oh right." Draco said in reply, ignoring Grangers confused head shaking. He had noticed people whispering about him of course, suspected it too, since he was acting as Potter, but he didn't realise Potter had complained about these incidences to Granger and Weasly, in all honesty he thought Potter enjoyed his fame; he was constantly playing the hero. He guessed Potter was just complaining as a means of boasting and to get more sympathy.

Harry meanwhile, had been woken up at six am, and been informed by a confused Goyle that it was time for breakfast. Goyle was confused, mainly Harry guessed, because that was his natural state of being, but also apparently because of Harrys protests to being woken up so early. It seemed the norm was that Malfoy woke up at six am every day, while this displeased Harry who was used to having an extra hour's sleep, he had pretended he had just not gotten enough sleep to placate Goyle (which was true, he thought sadly, due to his helping out Parkinson at late hours of the night) and accepted that he would now be waking up at this time every day.

He had made his way down to the common room to find that Malfoy had quite a devoted following, which served to aggravate him further, as he had never spoken to most of the people in his life and yet they all seemed to look towards him as their leader.

So, grudgingly, Harry lead a group of Slytherins, consisting of Pansy Parkinson, Crabbe, Goyle, Blaise Zabini, Theodore Nott, Millicent Bulstrode, Daphne Greengrass and a group of younger students who Harry didn't know the names of, that followed Malfoy around with the same sort of reverence Collin showed for Harry.

Once the group had been lead Slytherin table by Harry who was surprisingly putting on a good sneer without even having to try, it was apparent they were waiting for him to say something. Harry, racking his brains for what Slytherins talked about, came up with nothing useful, so simply asked,

"Er, what do we have first today?"

Apparently this was a reasonable topic, as the Slytherins launched into discussion and Parkinson told him they in fact had divination with the Ravenclaw's today, which increased his bad mood, and several comments were made about the snootiness of ravenclaws, which Harry found to be rather hypocritical, but forced himself to laugh at anyway.

So, after a delightful breakfast, Harry (once again in the lead, though flanked by Crabbe and Goyle now, who had apparently found no reason to protect him while walking to breakfast) walked to North Tower feeling an ample amount of dread. He was feeling rather disappointed that Malfoy had continued Divination for fifth year like himself, though he supposed this was better than if he had to go to some other random class that he hadn't learnt anything for, and he was pleased at least, that Firenze was teaching this class now for fifth years, rather than Trelawney, despite the fact that he hardly understood a word coming out of the Centaurs mouth.

He had been having wistful daydreams of his normal life with Ron and Hermione, when someone suddenly touch his shoulder to shake him out of his reverie,

"Time for our next lesson." Parkinson informed him, while looking down her nose at some Ravenclaw's who were sitting in front of them innocently.

"Right." Harry agreed, packing away his things, and following Parkinson toward their next lesson.

Draco, had most definitely not enjoyed Herbology, not only had he come into contact with Granger more times than he cared to count while they were working on the same plant which caused a strange stirring in his stomach to start, everyone had been talking about him, and despite Weasly and Granger's protests when he declared this, he knew it to be true.

He didn't realise how annoying it would be currently, to be Potter. Of course the whole wizarding world was speculating about his sanity, Draco hadn't of course, knowing full well the Dark Lord had indeed returned the previous year, but thought it funny so encouraged the rumours.

Now he was regretting his past behaviour, because it seemed as if the whole school was against him. Draco was used to getting the cold shoulder of course, he had made many enemies with his snide remarks, but he definitely wasn't used to it on this scale. Every person he passed in the corridor pointed at him, shoved him, taunted him, whispered about him or acknowledged his presence in some other unwelcome way.

It was rather unnerving to be so disliked and shunned. Surprisingly, he clung to Hermione and Ron like lifelines during these times, finally understanding why Potter relied on them so much. It was extremely relieving knowing there were at least two people who trusted him implicitly, and weren't saying horrible things about him.

Draco had never been subject to bullying himself, and found it a rather tiring experience, he wonder if that was how Potter, Granger and Weasly felt whenever he made cruel remarks to them, but decided not to linger on the thoughts.

"Let's just get to potions quickly." Hermione said exasperatedly, glaring at a girl who was pointing wildly in Harry's direction. "We don't need to be late for Snape as well."

Draco gulped at the thought of this, Snape was usually incredibly pleasant to him, but now he was in Harry's body, who knew how he would be treated? For once in his life, Draco was dreading potions.