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Title: The First Kiss

Summary: It's a beautiful, almost perfect day and by now, Tomoya and Nagisa have been dating for quite some time; Tomoya is feeling strangely giddy and loathes the fact that he and Nagisa haven't even kissed yet, will this be the day he takes their relationship to a new level?

Rated: K

Character(s): Tomoya, Nagisa, Akio, Sanae

Setting: Between Episodes 8 and 9 of Clannad After-Story

Last edit: October 28, 2014

It's early Sunday morning at the Furukawa Residence. A gorgeous day with an almost perfect temperature and clear, sunny skies. Natural light illuminated everything in Tomoya's room, prompting him to open his eyes and forced him awake.

~Tomoya POV~

I hate waking up on Sundays, although it's still better than waking up early for school, considering Tomoyo's insistence for that matter. My muscles always ached, especially my damaged right arm, so I always had to stretch a little. Then I proceeded to take care of my daily hygiene. When I left the bathroom I noticed that everyone was already awake. I could hear them making morning preparations for the bakery, they had probably just finished baking the morning batch.

"How do they wake up so early?" I wondered, before heading back to my room

After getting dressed, I made my way downstairs to find the Bakery very noisy as usual, the store was usually packed with customers on weekends. I noticed that Akio and Sanae Furukawa, Nagisa's parents, were talking about something near the exit, Sanae san's tears seamed to imply that someone had, once again, commented negatively about her bread.

"My bread..IS JUST A BOTHERSOME BATCH!" Sanae san cried, running out of the store while bursting into tears.

"I LOVE THEM!" Akio san screamed, following his wife while shoving a batch of her "terrible' bread into his mouth.

Nothing like an average morning in the Furukawa Bakery

"Good morning Tomoya kun!" I turned around to find my girlfriend, Nagisa, standing there at the cash register in her parents place, I didn't even notice her there due to all the commotion.

"Morning Nagisa, are you feeling well today?" I asked her.

She nodded. "Yes, today's a perfect day to be out of school," she said.

I could barely hear her comment because I was too busy noticing how good she looked today. She wore a blue t-shirt under neath a white dress with a, a custom apron with the bakery logo and a dango in front of her chest, and a red skirt; she was simply radiant throughout the store and I was sincerely hoping no one else would take interest in her, wouldn't wanna have to kill anyone on such a beautiful day.

Wow, I barely realized how sappy I was today, that's love for ya.

"Tomoya are you listening?" Nagisa asked, clearly irritated that I was ignoring her for the past minute, but thankfully clearly oblivious to the fact that I was contemplating on her looks.

"Yeah I'm listening" I said confusingly. She knew I was lying, but was used to it.

"So then, what would you like to do today?" She asked again.

"I don't know, take a stroll?" I replied.

"Okay then, whenever mom and dad get back we'll go" she said before she resumed managing the cash register.

On average, the random episodes between Akio san and Sanae san usually take around 5 minutes, which is exactly how much time it took for them to return. When things finally calmed down, Nagisa and I went off to our stroll hand in hand. We took our usual route and walked through the park, and like usual Nagisa was contemplating the beautiful scenery; however, I was too focused on the couple on the bench who were making out, careless to whoever saw them.

They made kinda jealous because Nagisa and I have been dating for quite a while, yet we haven't pushed our relationship as far as kissing, no matter how much I yearned for it, the farthest we've ever gone is hugging and holding hands. However, today I was feeling elated; it was a perfect day after all, maybe perfect enough to embrace her in my arms and move in for the...

"Tomoya-kun! Are you listening!" Nagisa complained, shattering my train of thought.

"Yes, every word" I lied innocently.

Nagisa pouted, "Liar!"

"Sorry, I was just doing some thinking is all" I said apologetically.

She held her hands up which she would do whenever she was frustrated with him, but rather than intimidate him, it made her look so cute, "Anyways, I was wondering if you noticed how nice the park looked today!"

I looked around the usual park and my personality quirks activated "same boring ass park to me, just brighter"

"Whatever, do you wanna continue walking?" Nagisa asked, deciding to drop the subject entirely, obviously disappointed. He mean to always make her sad, but it was so common that she got over it in a matter of seconds.

"Thought you'd never ask." We continued walking through the park, after a few minutes we stopped for ice-cream sold at the end of the park. We ate ice cream together while walking through the town. As we ate, I looked at her lips, occasionally covered in ice cream once again and remembered my desire to kiss them. I took notice in how she licked her lips after every bite... but if I zone out again, Nagisa might actually get really mad this time.

Sometime in the afternoon, we returned to the bakery.

"We're home" we both answered.

"Welcome to the...oh, its just you," Akio-san said, "stealing my beautiful daughter all day long, whatever."

Stealing? I thought.

"Just don't steal her all night while your at it" Akio-san said rather loudly.

"Father!" Nagisa cried, blushing. I could feel my face growing hotter.

"It's okay, as long as you use protection!" Akio-san said jokingly.

"FATHER!" Nagisa screamed in protest, our blushes were now deep shade of red that matched the red sunset in the horizon.

"Akio san, lets not tease them..yet," Sanae-san said, with such an innocent face.

"I'm going upstairs, c'mon Tomoya-kun!" I was relieved when Nagisa quickly grabbed my hand and forced me upstairs before they could make another crude remark. We actually dragged me all the way to her room where Dango Daikazoku can be found everywhere; I swear, every time I visit here, their theme song seems to play in my head, usually getting stuck there for days.

I just sat there on her table looking at the afternoon sky; the beautiful red sunset painted the afternoon sky perfectly, but because of what happened earlier, I've been stuck with thoughts about how far I've gotten with Nagisa.


I turned to see her staring at me.

"Yes Nagisa?"

"Oh nothing!" Nagisa quickly turned and blushed, her hasty reaction meant she wanted to tell me something.

"You wanted to talk about something?" I ask again, she shakes her head as if pretending like nothing happened. So in order to find out what it was and motioned behind her and started tickling her by her sides. She squeaked as she reacted and started laughing hysterically. She sounds really cute when she's laughing her brains out. She struggled, trying to push me away, but I was too strong for her.

"Tomoya kun! I'm gonna explode!" she cried, begging me to end her torture

"Then tell me what you wanted to say!" I demand.

"Okay! Okay, you win!" And with that I let go, she was out of breathe from laughing for so long.

"Now then, what did you want to tell me?" I asked immediately.

Nagisa slowly regained composure before taking a delicate seat and looked me strait in the eyes, she asked "We've been dating for a while right?"

"Yeah." I wasn't sure where she was going with this.

"Well, we've been on lots of dates..."

"Go on"

"But have you wondered...why we never...kissed?"

She was blushing madly, as she said it, she avoided his gaze.

"Oh," I sat straight up, blushing madly. Now I realized that Nagisa was thinking the same thing I was all day long, whether or not we should have our first kiss. But the way she explained it, made it sound like she felt guilty for not pursuing it. For taking her time. It took them days to even hold hands and hugging romantically even longer. It wasn't really her fault, but occasionally she made it seem like it was.

I looked at her again and swallowed before continuing on, "do you erm...want to? If you don't want to, I won't force you to..."

She lit up, her hair seemed to stand on its ends, the antennae her hair formed seemed to point 90 degrees. In addition, her blush increased to a darker hue, covering her face. She then started to slightly panic, as is meaning to respond but loosing the words to say in the process. This went on for about another minute before she took a deep breathe and looked him in the eyes again.

"Yes" she ultimately decided.

The atmosphere of the room intensified, in an instant, the air became tense and hard to breathe in. Butterflies in my stomach started fluttered madly. I've never had these feelings before, maybe because I used to see life as boring. It didn't help that Nagisa chose today to be so beautiful and those giddy emotions he had been feeling all day were bursting in his head, giving him a slight headache. Nevertheless I nodded and sat face-to-face with my girlfriend. She looked like she was about to cry, but abstained.

I closed my eyes and slowly moved my face closer to Nagisa's. With every inch, my heartbeat increased and the slow pace made it feel like forever. After what felt like several hours I had managed to position my face close to hers, so close I could feel her sweet breath caressing my face. ~Anpan~(sweet bread), her favorite dish's, scent was intoxicating, bringing me closer. I slowly opened my eyes to take a quick peek at her cute face, eyes closed and anticipating his lips to contact hers; it was just so cute that I couldn't take it all the emotions I was experiencing today, I had truly lost it. So I closed my eyes, threw careful caution to the wind, and hoped for the best.

So I quickly closed the gap between us, quicker than I should have, catching her completely off guard. I immediately became intoxicated when our lips were pressed together; her mouth tasted sweet, like ~anpan~ and strawberries. In this new found sensation, I put my arms across her waist and pulled her closser to me as her arms wrapped around my neck. Our tongues ended up touching and slightly intertwined as things started to heat up.

I honestly thought this moment would never end...But every great moment has to end, so we broke apart to catch our breath. I feel completely backwards and rested on my arm. Nagisa just planted her hands on her lap, she closed her eyes and blushed madly.

"That was...pleasant" I said, gasping for much needed air. Her taste still lingering in my mouth, like a drug, making me longing for the sensation. I was addicted to the passion of her lips. This is why kissing was such a huge deal. I felt like no one was left in the world but me and her, and it would still be okay. It was too addicting it seems.

"Mhm" Nagisa was crying like she always would, one thing I always loved about her was how sensitive she was. Such a crybaby to cry over something like this, yet I will always love her for it. Her face made me want to hold her and succumb to my desires once more.

"So, wanna do it again?" I asked almost pleadingly, after the first kiss I wanted more; the heat of the moment, the pure passion, I wanted it badly.

After a couple of seconds to comprehending what he said, she she wiped away her tears. They gazed into each others eyes once more, with their relationship having now moved to the next level, she looked slightly more comfortable and confident; she nodded in agreement, her face was different, as if she too was pleading for more. She scooted back towards me and we embraced once more, slightly less hesitantly than before. We were kissing again, more passionately than before.

However, this time wasn't that great.

Last time I checked, normal make-out sessions didn't involve a shoe to the head and lots of screaming.

"WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING TO MY DAUGHTER PUNK!" Akio had forced his way into Nagisa's room, startling the latter, and picked me up by my shirt collar.

"Father!" Nagisa screamed, blushing madly with embarrassment, pleaded for him to let me go.

"Oh did we interrupt something?" Sanae san said ever so innocently.

Embarrassing as it was, and slightly painful, it was still a blissful moment I would never ever forget. And not the only one mind you; and although I still remember the pain I received from the huge bump on the side my face. I was too enamored with the feeling of kissing Nagisa.

Somehow, I found myself believing he had all the right to be mad. After all, a punk like me who never did anything good with his life, just stole a first kiss from his daughter's virgin lips.

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