Gilbert the explorer sets out into the unknown jungle. Accompanied by his trusty pet bird, uhh… pterodactyl he searches for the super-special-hidden stone of knowledge. It is said that this stone will grant all the knowledge in the world to the one who owns it, eliminating all need for school, and homework, and teachers and all that other crap.

The search for the super-special-hidden stone of knowledge seemed to be going well when suddenly… when suddenly… an alien spaceship leaps out of nowhere and scoops Gilbert up! The aliens have decided to remove his brain and use it to teach young alien children about the humans. What will our brave hero do! Luckily Gilbert has his blaster-thing that shoots out weird strings of radioactive goop and he-


Gilbert snaps to attention as a ruler smacks against his desk. The cause of this, of course is the ever-attentive (and ever feminine-looking) Mr. Yao. Holding a textbook against his chest he glares down at Gilbert like a hawk eyeing a mouse. That is, a very grumpy hawk who just caught the mouse daydreaming in class.

"Yes, Mr. Yao?" Gilbert asks in his most innocent voice.

"How many times have I told you that this is class-time and not stare-out-a-window-for-six-hours, aru? Now we're learning geography so answer the question! What state do you live in?"

Gilbert smirks and rests his head in one of his hands. He lives for moments like these.


For a moment they stare at each other, brown eyes meeting subtle red until Mr. Yao shakes his head and walks back to the front of the room, "I need a vacation, aru…"

Sighing with content Gilbert leans back in his chair and closes his eyes. Another day, another disruptive success.