The Ups and Downs of Gravity

Ludwig looks up from his paper as Gilbert rolls by, "You're going to ruin the floor is you keep doing that."

"Pfft. No I'm not. We've got tile."

"Not exactly the point."

Gilbert shrugs and rolls backwards across the floor. Ludwig should have never gotten him those roller skates for Christmas, "Anyways, I've been thinking a lot about gravity lately."

Ludwig folds his paper and sets it on the table, "Gravity?"

"Yep. Did you know," he stands up on one leg and spins a bit, "gravity can deflect light? Planets have such a large mass that light is just drawn toward them. Pretty cool, don't 'cha think?"

"Yes, yes, very interesting. Does any of this have a point?"

"Yeah, of course this has a point. What do you take me for, West?"

Rolling backwards again he heads toward the front door, "Gravity sucks. It just made me drop a pitcher of lemonade in the living room."

Ludwig stares in disbelief at the retreating form of his brother. Placing a hand to his head he goes to the broom closet and grabs the mop, "Gilbert!"

Poor Ludwig... having to deal with a brother like Gilbert X3