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AN: This is a response to the past challenge set up by alieboo. Which I should have started sooner. Sorry.

Dear diary,

Received my Hogwarts letter today!" I was half-afraid that I wouldn't get it at all. My mother's reputation is well known throughout the wizarding world.

To be honest, I'm less worried about going to Hogwart's than I am about leaving mum behind with the pig. He might be fabulously wealthy, but the way he treats this house like he's the only one that matters. He tossed his boots at me and ordered me to clean them up. Stupid pig. I am the product of centuries of pure-blood breeding. I should NOT reduced to the status of a common house elf!

However, I must bide my time. As Uncle Malfoy so eloquently puts it, a good warrior knows when to bide his time and when to strike. I am merely eleven years old and no match for him yet. Until then, I will use my charm and good looks to build up allies and when the time is right, I will make him regret ever treating me like this.

This is Blaise Zambini, signing out.