Love Protects

By: BabblesoftheInsane aka Boti

Rating: M for potty mouth and later chappies

Pairings: Ratchet/OC (and it has no relation to Prime's Princess)

Boti: Okay, I got another Ratchet one. I really need to work on the others but...well...the damn bunny wouldn't quit humping my here ya go. Oh and it's going to be sometime after ROTF. So the story is its own little plot line. Has nothing to do with the movies at all. And also, the more reviews I get, the faster I update on all of my stories! I need to shut up...

Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN Transformers blah blah blah! You all know what I'm saying.


Summary: "How can I be with you if I can't protect you?" "You don't need to protect me. You just have to love me." "What if my love isn't enough?" "Your love will always be enough to me."

Second Summary: Once again, one of my brillant plans decide to backfire on me. And to put it simply, I was a human one minute and now after getting shot I'm becoming a techno organic. Greeeeaaaattt!

Chapter One

My back was sore, my legs screamed in protest, and my knees felt ready to give out any moment. Yep, is was just another day on the job at Diego Garcia.

It wasn't a bad day. The sun was shining, it was humid but not as hot as the last few days, and Decepticon activity had been low. But why was my body hurting? Blame Galloway, the one who thinks all soldiers and mechs had to go through rigorous training everyday.

"I'm going to kill him," I hissed under my breath to my friend Casey. We were both the new recruits, each good in our own special areas. Casey was considered the 'bullet girl' and I was the 'fix it girl'. Why we have those titles? Blame the men of the base.


"Galloway...OW!" I lifted my fist in defense. I had forgotten that we made a deal about saying he-who-must-not-be-named. If we said his name, we got punched.

"You tricked me!" I snarled at her. Casey just shrugged as we made our way to the hanger of secrets. No one knew that there was an elevator in the back that went underground. Well, the ones who didn't know about our dirty little secrets (I love that song). We had to use that temporary hiding spot for the Autobots until the underground area under the Hoover Dam was remodeled for their tastes. If they had any tastes.

"Next time, catch the trick, Hallie," Casey saw my eyes narrowing at her before she started to laugh. It was irritating than Bumblebee using song lyrics as his speech instead of his newly fixed voice box.

"You can't scare me!" she quickly jabbed me in the ribs before darting to the elevator. I shrieked and made a mad dash after her, but I was to late. The doors had closed and I banged on them. Damn her for getting the upper hand. But then again...

I sighed before running to the Autobot elevator. Humans were forbidden to use it because well, it wasn't for them. But I was going to use whatever was at my disposal to get the better of Casey. I'll just deal with the consequences later.

I stood by the doors and as soon as they opened, with the narrowing optics of Prime, I dashed out and tackled my unsuspecting friend. Her squeal was heard as we toppled over, my fingers jabbing her ribs over and over. I made sure to leave bruises as proof not to mess with me.


That booming voice had us both stop for a brief second as I said, "Deal with the punishment later Prime. I'm getting revenge," before continuing my jabbing. Casey had started her own jabbing and it looked awkward, I'm sure, but I didn't care.

Suddenly, our forms were separated and held in two giganto hands. We both struggled in them and it only took me a moment to know who it was.

"PUT ME DOWN IRONHIDE!" I shrieked at the weapon's specialist. But the death glare he gave me told me that he wasn't in the mood to deal with us. And it had me cringe inwardly cause he seemed to hate me personally.

"Now, Hallie," Prime's figure crammed into the corner of my eye and I couldn't help but look up at the leader, "how many times have I told you not to use the Autobots elevator for personal vengence?"

"Um, I think this counts as number 67," I answered honestly. I felt Ironhide's hand squeeze around me, earning a loud pop and a scream.

"BASTARD!" I screamed at him. He had popped my back, which felt good, but the crushing pressure on my arms didn't help any.

"Ironhide, let's not force your anger on her," Prime reprimanded. Ironhide huffed as he set us down on the floor. I looked up at him and waited like a good recruit, knowing what was coming.

"Punishment for you is working with Ratchet. He needs help with reactivating Jazz."

"But I thought -"

"Who cares what you thought, rookie!" Ironhide broke in, taking me totally by surprise. I felt like crying for the first time in a long while, the sight rather frightening. Ironhide really scared me with his whole "you feel lucky punk" with cannons attitude. He actually aimed them at me one day, threatening to blow me to smitherins for making a joke about him in a dress.

"Ironhide," Prime calmly stared down his soldier before watching Ironhide stalk away. I took in a shakey breath, grateful he left as I looked up at Prime. Prime looked ready to explain things to me but I held up my hand.

"Don't explain. I don't need to know," I sounded pained as I walked away, heading to the med bay. I could hear Casey asking about Ironhide but I didn't stay around to hear it. Afterall, it wasn't my business.


Boti: Okay, I hope to see you all next ti-


Prime: What in the great Cybertron?

Boti: Oh, hey Prime? What's up?

Prime: *looks up* The ceiling.

Boti: *giggles* It's an Earth phrase that is another meaning for how are you.

Prime: Oh...

Boti: Anyways, I hope to see you guys next time. Lol!