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Chapter Twelve

And soon, it began...

Prime and Ratchet quickly locked arms, pushing against each other. I watched as Prime buckled his arms, forcing Ratchet to stumble forward as he brought his knee up to hit Ratchet in the gut (yeah, I don't know what to call it so just go with it). But Ratchet spun, releasing Prime and missing the blow.

"Mmrph," my hand crushed over my mouth, blocking out the name that was threatening to leave my mouth. I wanted to scream for him. I wanted to cheer for him. But I couldn't and it was tearing me apart. Cybertronians were indeed a hardcore species.

Lennox glanced at me as he rubbed my back, comforting me. I guess he thought it would work because it worked on his wife but it was a little weird that he was even attempting. Epps, on the other hand, looked like he was ready to fall over in fear.

My eyes immediately flicked over to where Sam and Mikaela were. Mikaela had her face covered, refusing to look. Sam, being the dim wit he was at times, was actually holding up two fists and cheering the battle. My mind quickly started calling off random names, any name that was insulting. Sam was such a bastard sometimes.

The battle became worse when Prime brought out a blade, swiping at Ratchet. Ratch was able to dodge the move, bringing out his saw in the same movement and making a swipe in return. It continued like that, one out manuvering the other. And multiple times, the two weapons clanged together, sending sparks flying out in all directions. There were times I thought we had to moved away, to be safe, but the sparks would disappear several feet above us, letting our small group sigh in relief.

Suddenly, Prime swung with his fist, connecting with Ratchet's knee joint. I heard the crunch of metal as he stumbled back, keeping up his guard as he tried to recover from the unexpected blow. But I saw it in his face, the pain that the attack had sent through him. My heart stuttered in fear and worry that perhaps Ratchet couldn't out maneuver Prime. That perhaps he would fail his attempt at proving himself.

"Please," I whispered, trying to keep my voice down as Epps placed his arm across my shoulders. Lennox had since stopped rubbing my back, frozen by the injury he just witnessed being inflicted on a fellow soldier. My whole body began to tremble from the force of my fear. My worry of dying.

Ratchet didn't remain down for long as he side stepped another stab from Prime's blade. Suddenly, he dragged his saw against Prime's armor, earning a yell from the leader. Yet Ratchet let his guard down for a brief moment and Prime took advantage of the moment.

My mind tried to get rid of the image in my mind as Prime spun around, pinning Ratchet to the ground. All eyes focused on the tip of the glowing blade held at Ratchet's throat, forcing the air out of my lungs. I couldn't even think as I watched Ratchet look over at me, his optics focusing on my face. I could see the fear in his own eyes, the fear of losing me and failing. But for a brief moment, I saw his joints lock up. His optics shuttering in that famous form of a blink as he focused on me more.

"It can't be," we all heard Ratchet whisper as his optics widened. They remained focused on me for a brief second longer before he looked up at Prime. With a new adrenaline rush I should say, Ratchet quickly shoved Prime back. Everything went quiet as Ratchet's fist connected with Prime's face plate, removing the battle mask in the process. The cling and crunch of metal flying loose from his armor echoes throughout the base and Prime lost concentration as Ratchet continued his assault, knocking the leader back a few steps before kicking Prime in the knees. Prime landed on them and when he looked up, a familiar blade was being held at his own throat. His own blade gleaming and threatening to end his own existence.

Everything remained silent for what seemed like ages as Ratchet held the blade at Prime's throat. Everyone seemed to be like statues as they stared at the scene. My own spark started to pulse rapidly as I waited for them to either end the battle or continue it. My hopes were in every direction, excitement and fear permeating the area in which we waited. But the two continued to watch, each one stiff and expectant of a sneak attack or blow.

The silence was unbearable as the two Autobots continued to stare at each other. I felt my chest burning as I held my breath, the parts inside me screaming for a chance to breath. Until finally, they separated and withdrew their weapons. I watched in joy as they shook hands, announcing the end with Prime admitting defeat.

"Oh thank god!" I found myself shrieking as I ran to Ratchet. He looked over at me, seeing my paniced face and knew that I was worried. But it didn't change anything as he knelt down, collecting me in his hands.

"Are you alright?" he asked as I nodded. But honestly, I wasn't even sure. Something inside me twitched in my chest, causing me to whimper in slight pain. Ratchet smiled at me, telling me that everything was alright, which confused me. Does he know what is wrong with me? But at this moment in time, I couldn't panic or worry. Because Ratchet needed to know that I was okay. And he, himself, needed to fix himself without worrying about me….


It had been nearly 3 weeks since the battle between my dad and husband and yet today, I was stuck in the freaking med bay all day because Ratchet didn't want me out of his sight. I didn't understand why until today. Ratchet had been performing test after test for several hours and now he was looking at all the results.

"Ratchet, what is going on?" I asked for the hundredth time. He wouldn't answer me...again. And it was starting to get on my nerves as I felt like throwing a temper tantrum on the counter.

"I will tell you when I have proof, Hallie," he said after a moment as he scanned me again. I guess being a cybertronian humanoid during medical tests is hard. Which explains why it was taking so freaking long.

"This is so boring and I'm hungry!" I yelled after a moment. Ratchet suddenly sighed as he got up from his chair and placed his hand on the counter. But being the stubborn girl I was, I refused to get on. I even stomped my foot as I crossed my arms, turning my head away. Geesh, what is wrong with me today?

"Hallie, please," Ratchet watched as I plopped on the counter, resting my head in my hands. I sighed deeply as I capped off my anger and looked up at him.

"I'm fine, Ratch. Just a little ticked. I wish you would tell me why I need so many tests," I clicked my tongue as he sat back down, going over one of the many scans he had. The doors opened as he spotted something of interest but I looked over at our visitors. Which happened to be Casey, Bee, and Sam.

"Hey," Casey jumped off Bee's shoulder and sat next to me. I sighed after a moment before returning the smile.

"Alright, what's wrong?" Casey finally poked my arm, getting my attention as I sat up straight, stretching my joints.

"Ratchet won't tell me why I need so many tests. He says he saw something in my chest but it is proving to be an eluding result since he hasn't FOUND IT!" I yelled the last part as he glanced at me, snorting in amusement. What was amusing about my anger was beyond me as I rolled my eyes.

Casey furrowed her brows as she grabbed the top of my shirt and pulled it down slightly, studying the glowing. She quickly pointed at a spot on my chest and I looked down, noticing what she did. A slight flickering, hard to see but there, was what greeted me. And Ratchet seemed to stare at it with a soft expression as he sighed.

"I guess I can't keep it a secret much longer," he said as we all looked at him. Bee suddenly chirped in excitement and bolted away as my best friend and I stared at him.

"What do you suspect?"

"I suspect nothing. It is now a known fact and a very interesting one," Ratchet said as he placed everything down and looked at us. We waited for him to continue and even had a trio staring contest before he finally said, "You're - in human terms - pregnant."

It felt like my eyes were about to pop out of my head as I stared at Ratchet. Casey had even froze beside me as she stared at my chest in shock before squealing and hugging my head to her chest.

"Oh this is awesome! You're gonna have a...a...sparkling!" she finally found the word as she rocked my head back and forth. I felt a sudden nausea hit me as I grabbed her arms, peeling myself free from her rocking.

"Let's not do that," I choked out as I tried to keep everything down. Yeah, I felt very sick for some reason. Oh wait, I was rocked and I'm pregnant. Nausea could be caused by both so that explains why I felt sick.

Slowly, the news sank in and I found myself unable to speak. My whole career was over now because being pregnant in a slightly high risk job just didn't work. On top of that, how do Cybertronians have a baby? Is it like human babies or a different way? Definitely time to have a baby talk with Ratchet.

"Casey, I need to talk to Ratchet...alone," I watched as she looked between us two before nodding her head. Bee had returned in time for her to run over to Bee and jumped up on his shoulder, whispering something to him. I knew deep down that she was planning an early baby shower. That's just how Casey is.

I waited until the med bay doors closed before I looked at Ratchet. He was still staring at my chest and I could see that he was excited. It was completely surprising. Ratchet just didn't seem like a father figure to me.

"Um...Ratchet, can you tell me how this works? How Cybertronians have...babies?" I found myself saying. He stared at me for a moment before nodding his head.

"I can tell you. It's not that frightening or at all painful like human birthing," he said. I sighed in relief. But I still couldn't wrap my brain around it.

"So, how does it work?"

"In simple terms for your young processor, your body simply houses the new spark until a proper body is constructed. Once it is created, then we simply wait until the spark is ready to try and survive on it's own without support of its mother," Ratchet explained. My mind quickly processed all the information and I found that it wasn't all that frightening. I remembered that my spark left my body in the Cybertronian mating ritual thing and it didn't hurt so maybe it was the same. Probably a bit uncomfortable but not painful.

"So, do I have a say in how the body will be constructed?" I asked, finding it a little weird. It was like saying that you could decide how your child will look and who he/she will resemble more.

"You do, once we know the proper...gender of the child and their DNA make up."

I stared at Ratchet for a moment as he stared back. His face was the classic what look as I started to giggle. Which I knew was confusing him even more.

"What is so funny?"

"You being able to translate Cybertronian speech to human standards," I covered my mouth. I heard him huff at me but when I glanced at him, I saw a smirk on his face. Obviously it didn't bother him. But it was a bit confusing. Why did I find it so funny? This pregnancy was going to be weird. Very weird.


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