Title: True Wish

Pairings: Aizen x Ichigo, Ulquiorra x Orihime, hints of others

Warnings: Swearing, sexual content, violence

Genre: Angst/Drama/Romance, could be considered tragedy

Summary: Instead of just Orihime getting kidnapped, both she and Ichigo are taken as prisoners. While in Huco Mundo, Ichigo finds himself inexplicably drawn towards Aizen and vice versa while uncovering many hidden and unknown truths, creating many complications along the way and ultimately ending up in a forbidden romance with a tragic end.

A string of curses flew out of the young orange-haired teen's mouth when he was locked up alone in his "room" although a comfortable cage seemed to be a more fitting name. Honey brown eyes sent a vicious glare at the door as though everything was its fault. Childish? Perhaps, but there wasn't much else he could do aside from that other than twiddle his thumbs.

He huffed out an annoyed breath before replaying in his mind exactly how he had gotten into this mess in the first place.


The sounds of swords clashing rang in the air as Grimmjow and Ichigo slammed into each other furiously. Fierce electric blue eyes and eerie golden ones glared at each other when they collided before they pulled away simultaneously and fired attacks at each other, ceros from the sexta and black energy from the vaizard.

Earlier in the battle, Grimmjow had been winning despite the loss of one of his arms but once Ichigo pulled his mask on, the tide turned although not for much longer.

'Shit I need to hurry. My eleven seconds are almost up!'

He swung his sword down in a powerful swing and shouted, "Getsuga Tenshō!" A black wave of energy surged towards Grimmjow resulting in a huge cloud of smoke from the impact just as Ichigo's mask began crumbling away.

Ichigo panted as he landed on top of a building, using his sword to help him stay standing. He let out a small sigh of relief before muttering, "That… should have gotten him-" A figure suddenly appeared in front of him and he barely had time to register Ulquiorra's presence before the espada moved.

His eyes widened in shock when a fist landed in his gut causing him to collapse, completely winded. Ulquiorra's face remained impassive as he supported the now barely conscious body of the substitute shinigami.

Turning his attention to the smoke cloud, he inquired, "Trash, how long to do you plan on playing dead?" Ichigo's hazy eyes widened a bit and his semi-aware mind prayed that what he just heard wasn't true but clearly some higher being up there really didn't like him because when the smoke finally dissipated, it revealed Grimmjow still alive albeit covered in injuries.

"Shut the fuck up Ulquiorra" Grimmjow spat as he wiped some blood away from the corner of his mouth. "What took ya so damn long anyway?" Instead of responding, Ulquiorra threw Ichigo at him and said, "We are returning. I have already secured Inoue Orihime so our business here in the human world is complete." That last comment snapped Ichigo back into a somewhat more awake state as he began struggling in Grimmjow's grip, causing said espada to snarl in annoyance.

He flung the squirming shinigami over his shoulder before ripping open a gargantuan and easily stepping through, Ulquiorra gliding in gracefully after him. "Let me go you stupid bastard!" Ichigo weakly growled as he tried to kick his captor, his movements getting more frantic as the gargantuan started closing. After getting fed up by Ichigo's feeble attempts at escaping, Grimmjow finally just knocked him out earning him a reproving glare from his companion.

"Aizen-sama wants the boy alive and relatively undamaged trash. Is you're tiny brain too small to comprehend that?" Grimmjow sneered back at him and retorted, "If he wanted the kid back 'unharmed' then he should have sent someone else to do it." Their bickering was cut short when they entered the large fortress, Las Noches, and were met by an ever-smiling Gin.

Ulquiorra nodded his head respectfully while Grimmjow just unceremoniously dropped the unconscious shinigami although Gin quickly caught him, sparing him from suffering what would have been a rather painful meeting with the floor.

"Welcome back you two~ And would ya look at that, you actually successfully pulled off a legit mission Grimmie! There's still hope for ya yet although ya get some points deducted fer the damages." Grimmjow glowered at both the jabs and the ridiculous nickname.

Gin chuckled in amusement while he took out a special object specifically made for Ichigo. A slim, black collar with a pale white jewel in the center was slid around Ichigo's neck, the clasp connecting with the other end perfectly as though there had never been an opening, making it impossible for the wearer to remove it.

The moment the collar was sealed, the gem in the center glowed before turning into a misty light blue color. Grimmjow snorted and muttered something that sounded suspiciously like, "Stupid bastard-sama and his need to show off."

Gin hummed in satisfaction while not-so-accidentally stepping on Grimmjow's foot.

"Right then, I will take our dear little Strawberry to Aizen-sama so you two can be on your merry ways. Oh wait on second thought… Ulquiorra, you've been assigned ta watch the lovely princess so you should head on over to 'er room."

With that said and done, Gin took Ichigo to the room that was soon to be his.

"Berry-tan, wake up~"

Ichigo moaned slightly when he felt someone shaking him and trying to make him wake up despite how blissful his unconscious state was. Blearily, he opened his eyes and blinked in mild confusion when he saw a smiling silver fox hovering above him.

"A… fox?" Said fox chuckled before saying, "Much as I enjoy being compared ta animals Berry-tan that ain't exactly right. Ya don't remember me?" Ichigo stared at him for a while before his memory flashed back to Rukia's execution and he remembered fighting this guy when he entered Soul Society.

He jerked his head up but due to the unfortunate close proximity he had with the other man, they ended up smacking heads with each other, quite painfully too. "Ouch, yer head's hard Berry-tan" Gin commented, nursing his forehead while Ichigo cursed. After recovering a bit, Ichigo looked at the other man and snapped, "Don't call me that! Besides, why should I apologize to you if you're technically my enemy…. uhh…. Gin?"

Gin's smile widened as he cheerfully replied, 'I guess I should be happy ya at least remembered part of m' name. Ichimaru Gin, former 3rd division taicho and current babysitter at Las Noches at yer service~" He completely ignored the part about the younger man not liking the nickname he gave him.

Ichigo's wary expression turned into a startled one and he began asking, "Babysitter?" when Gin abruptly stood up and energetically declared, "Now that yer awake, enough dawdling! We need ta go see Aizen-sama 'cause he wants ta talk to ya 'bout somethin'."

Disregarding any protests, he grabbed Ichigo's wrist and started dragging him out. "Wait a damn minute! Who said I was gonna speak to that bastard?" Ichigo demanded while struggling to free himself from the iron hold. "Ya want ta know about the condition of yer dear friend Orihime-chan don't ya? 'Sides, Aizen-sama can answer more of yer questions if ya ask him directly."

The hitch in his voice told Gin he'd hit the mark when he mentioned the human girl and he mentally patted himself on the back for having gotten Ichigo to calm down a bit. "I'm going to kick his ass if he hurt her." On second thought, he might have gotten him to calm down but he sure as heck hadn't managed to get him to think rationally.

Before any more could be said, they arrived at a very large door which vaguely reminded both of the 1st division's entrance way. Once they stepped inside, they were met with the sight of all ten espada seated around a table, some of whom appeared to be drinking… tea.

Ichigo's body immediately tensed when some of them directed their attention towards him. There was a taut silence that threatened to break into violence as hostile feelings began stirring, excitement and agitation caused by the thick tension in the air.

"Ah, it appears our guest has arrived."

The calm, amused voice shattered the slightly strained atmosphere as Ichigo jerked his head up, only now seeming to realize that Aizen was also in the room. Said man smirked at him from his throne-like chair as he added, "I hope your stay has been for the most part, enjoyable. I heard your journey here was rather… rough."

Ichigo barely suppressed a snarky response and instead boldly demanded, "Where's my sword?" Aizen's eyebrow rose slightly in amusement as he replied, "Your sword is safely locked away and will remain untouched unless I say otherwise." In other words: The sword is in a place where you will not be able to find it thus leaving you a sitting duck in a lion's lair.

It was at about this moment when Ichigo realized he had absolutely no access to his reiatsu. "The hell? What did you do to my reiatsu you bastard?" he hissed in anger. Aizen's eyes narrowed slightly and Ichigo suddenly found it difficult to breathe as a wave of reiatsu pressed down on him.

"I abhor expletives Kurosaki-kun and I would like for you to refrain from using such uncouth language in my presence." Aizen's tone didn't really change but there was a definitive harder edge to it and his amused smirk had all but vanished. As Ichigo geared himself up for another defiant comment, he continued, "It would be a shame if any… harm befell Inoue Orihime should you insist on acting like a child."

That silenced any unpleasant words Ichigo had been about to say so he instead, settled on sending a vicious glare at the man he was starting to hate more and more.

Once he felt his point was made, Aizen began speaking again, "And to answer your question, I had a special item made to seal your reiatsu in order to prevent any unfortunate mishaps from occurring. I am quite pleased to see that the collar fits since it was designed to complement the outfit you will be wearing during your stay. Do not bother trying to remove it, only I can take it off."

Ichigo's glare intensified as he made a mental note to try to get the damn thing off once he was alone although he had a feeling it would just be a waste of time and energy. Out loud, he hissed, "I'm not your dog and like hell I'll wear anything from here." Aizen's smirk returned full force as he replied, "Perhaps but you will continue to wear that collar like one until I deem it unnecessary and unless you wish to run around in rags or nothing at all, then you will wear the clothes brought to you."

If looks could kill, Aizen would have been dismembered, cut to pieces by a chainsaw, and then burned in a barbeque; that was how deadly Ichigo's fiery look was as he struggled to prevent himself from just trying to strangle the egotistical bastard. "What do you want from us?" he finally asked, phrasing the question in a much more pleasant manner than it had been in his mind.

"From Inoue Orihime, nothing other than for her abilities to stay out of my way. As for you, there are many reasons for bringing you here but the simplest one is that you are the most detrimental factor to me in this war so I need you to be out of the way."

Vaguely interested by the odd response, Ichigo pushed his curiosity aside and fixed Aizen with unwavering defiance in his eyes as he demanded, "Then why don't you just kill me?"

A/N Whew, first chapter of True Wish is finished! I hope readers enjoyed it XD The story might seem a bit slow for a while since I need to figure out how Ichigo's going to warm up to Aizen but it'll all work out (I hope). Anyway, as a small bonus, I'll add "deleted scenes" at the end of each chapter for some humor so enjoy~

Ichigo's Capture Scene Take 1

Grimmjow slung the squirming shinigami over his shoulder, his hand accidentally brushing the shinigami's ass.


"Don't touch my ass you pervert!" Ichigo yelled bright red in the face as he proceeded to beat the shit out of Grimmjow.


"What Ulquiorra?"

"… That was an accident."


"… Oh. Uhh, sorry Grimm, I guess I overreacted a bit…" A little sign next to the heap known as Grimmjow asked, "A BIT?"

Ichigo's Capture Scene Take 2

Ichigo's eyes widened when Ulquiorra hit him, causing him to collapse from the pain.

After a couple minutes of interacting between the two espadas, Grimmjow demanded, "What took ya so damn long anyway?"

Instead of responding, Ulquiorra looked at the substitute shinigami who appeared to be muttering curses.

"Dammit Ulquiorra, you were supposed to hit my gut, not my friggin' privates!"

The Collar

A slim, black collar with a pale white jewel in the center was slid around Ichigo's neck, the clasp connecting with the other end perfectly as though there had never been an opening, making it impossible for the wearer to remove it.

Gin smiled proudly at his handiwork until Ichigo gasped out, "Gin… too…. tight…"

Gin hurriedly removed the collar as Ichigo gasped for blessed air. Rubbing his throat, Ichigo glared at Gin and muttered, "Am I going to live long enough to even get into a relationship? I swear you guys are all trying to kill me…"

TBC… Or not XD