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Juli and Bryce's Happily Ever After

Bryce POV

Juli was outside watering her sycamore tree that I planted for her yesterday. I had time before the bus came so I decided to go see her. I needed to apoligize for being a jerk since the first time I met her. And for the kiss. It wasn't like I meant to kiss her. It sort of just happened. Seeing her with that boy made me jealous. I was acting in the heat of the moment. I admited to myself that I was in love with Juli Baker. Now I need to admit it to Juli.

"Hi Juli," I said.

"Hi," she said back in a nervous tone. I bet she was worried if I was going to try to kiss her again. I was really nervous too. I didn't want to do this, but my grandfather said that Juli deserved better then me ignoring her until I was sure she liked me. That was plan B.

"Thanks for planting this sycamore tree, Bryce. It was very sweet of you." Juli said to me. I figured I would have to come right out and say it. So I did.

"I am really sorry for being such a jerk. I know I was wrong and your an amazing girl Juli. Anyone you like should consider themselves lucky to be with you. I really like you Juli. Can we start over?" I asked sticking my hand out to her. After a moment of hesitation, she put her hand in mine. I wish she would never take her hand back. It felt so right there.

"Hi! I'm Juli Baker. Nice to meet you."

I smiled and replied, " Bryce Lowoski, you want to go out with me?"

She smiled and I knew that the answer was the one I wanted.