Authors Note: So, apparently I'm not done with the "On My Honor" universe just yet. You don't need to read that one to understand this one though. This story is the product of an extremely long commute on the subway yesterday...

Title from the ABBA song "Slipping Through My Fingers". All errors are my own. And I do not own these characters. In fact, I don't really own much of anything. Thank you economy.

"I believe Olivia has a boyfriend."

Had the situation been different, the projectile food spewing from Jane's mouth would have been hilarious. "I'm sorry. I could have sworn I just heard you tell me our 16 year old daughter has a boyfriend."

Sighing, Maura threw a roll of paper towels at Jane. "I said I believe Olivia has a boyfriend. My goodness, you make it sound like she's fraternizing with a criminal. It's perfectly normal for teenagers to engage in innocent mating behavior. After all, we both were at that age."

Wiping up the remnants of her sandwich from the table, Jane frowned at Maura. "See, but I remember what I was doing in the back of Tony Bongiovanni's back seat at 16. We weren't just holdin' hands, babe."

"Jane, we taught our daughter about safe intercourse."

The brunette cringed. "Yeah. We really did. By the way, the visual aids you included? Totally not necessary."

Rolling her eyes, Maura continued. "The point is she's smart. She knows how to protect herself, and she knows the difference between love and hormones. I'd like to believe that we taught her well enough to wait for the right moment rather than…a moment."

The detective held up her hand, eyes pleading with Maura to stop talking. "Okayyy moving on from that horrifying picture. Why do you believe Olivia's got a boyfriend?"

The smaller woman smiled sympathetically at her wife's obvious discomfort. "Well, I had gone out for a walk earlier today while you were in your meeting. When I got back, Livie had just gotten to the station. A young man dropped her off, and they kissed goodbye. It was actually rather sweet."

"HE KISSED HER?" Jane roared, jumping off the bar stool she had been perched on, the stool clambering to the floor. Maura subtly shifted to place herself in front of the drawer that held her wife's firearm.

"Quickly. Just goodbye. Honestly, it could have been platonic. She didn't notice me and I didn't bring it up. She'll tell us when she's ready." The medical examiner hurriedly reasoned.

"Why can't you be like a normal person and freak out when your teenage daughter starts mackin' it with some random dude we've never even heard about." Jane groaned, though there was no mistaking the undertone of affection for her wife as detective gently chided the woman.

Maura moved in front of Jane, placing her hands on her wife's shoulders. "We knew this day would come eventually. She's growing up."

Jane stomped her feet. "But I'm not ready! I told her no dating until she was married!"

"I know sweetie. How dare she not abide by a rule like that?" Maura teased as she reached up to place a tender kiss on Jane's pouting lips. Jane whimpered, and Maura took the opportunity to distract Jane by deepening their kiss. As the Medical Examiner pushed her wife against the cabinets, the front door opened.

"Aw crap guys, with the mushy stuff. At least make sure Bass and I aren't in the room first!" Olivia called out into the kitchen uneasily as she dropped her soccer bag by the front door.

"It's not like you don't do the same thing" Jane retorted, eyes widening as she recognized her slip. Maura shifted to Jane's side, snaking an arm around Jane's back to rest a hand on her wife hip while Jane nervously toyed with the scars on her hands.

Olivia slapped a hand to her forehead as she picked up the fallen barstool and sat down at the kitchen island. "I knew Uncle Frankie couldn't keep a secret."

"Wait. What?" Maura and Jane questioned simultaneously.

Olivia's eyes bulged in fear. "I…you didn't find out from him did you?"

Squinting her eyes, Jane prodded knowingly. "Find out what, Olivia."

"Ah…I—see. Oh boy, would you look at the time. I've gotta…go." The teen finished lamely, quickly hopping from her seat and making a beeline to the front door she just recently came in from.

"Olivia Grace Rizzoli." The teen in question stopped dead in her tracks, hand frozen on the doorknob as Maura's stern voice cut through the air.

Staring at her hands and silently cursing her one-second too slow escape, she threw her head back. "Okay. Okay. Fine. Yes, I have a boyfriend."

"I'm sure you can anticipate the many questions your Momma and I have so maybe you should just start talking." Jane demanded, resting a hand on her hip atop Maura's hand, her other arm coming to rest comfortably across the smaller woman's shoulders.

"Do I really have to?" Olivia moaned as she turned and walked back into the kitchen.

Jane glared at her.

The teen bent down to play with Bass, talking to the floor rather than meeting her mothers' gazes. "His name is Billy. He's on the guy's soccer team. We've been...interested…in each other since the middle of the season."

Something clicked. "So how long have you been lying to us?" Jane narrowed her eyes at her daughter.

Olivia's head jerked up at the accusation. "Ma, I haven't been lying! I just…omitted some information about my life."

Reaching up to grab the hand hanging loosely off her shoulder in show of support, Maura continued. "You know what she means Olivia. How often have you told us you were going one place, but were really with Billy?"

Busted. "Oh. It was just the one time last Monday. And… Thursday. But other than that I've always been honest. Billy and I only became 'official' last week anyway."

Jane gave an imperceivable nod to Maura as Maura continued. "Well, then, you're grounded for one week. It's school and soccer, and then straight home."

"What! Just for having a boyfriend!"

"No, for lying. Liv, you know the rules. You tell us where you're going and who you're going with. We've always been lenient; there was no reason to lie about whom you were spending time with." Maura reasoned, though there was no mistaking the pain the woman felt in handing out the punishment.

"This isn't fair! I was going to tell you soon! I was just waiting for the right time…" Olivia yelped, hands gesticulating wildly.

Jane shook her head. "Non-negotiable kid. You're grounded. Next time, maybe you'll think before you decide to 'omit some information'".

Olivia sniffed.

Maura shifted into Jane's side further, trying to ignore the tears prickling just behind her eyes. "And the next time you and Billy go out, can you please let us meet him first? We know all your other friends, I think we should get to know your boyfriend too."

Olivia responded to Maura's question, but stared straight at the detective as she did so. "You mean you're not just going to background check him and call it a day?"

"I'd really prefer you just let us meet him in person." Jane answered, before adding under her breath "So that I can cross reference with the results of the background check". Maura pinched Jane's side, stifling a laugh.

The teen whimpered, before snatching an apple from the counter and sulking off to her room, muttering angrily the entire way.

"I feel like we just grounded her for having a boyfriend." Maura complained as she dropped her head against Jane's shoulder.

"Maur, you know that's not what happened."

The smaller woman exhaled. "I know…I don't like this though. I wish she trusted us."

The detective squeezed her wife a little tighter. "She does. We just apparently need to make more of an effort to show her that it's okay to date." Jane winced before adding, "Even though I'll never be okay with Liv dating."

Dropping a kiss to the top of Maura's head, Jane pulled herself out of Maura's arms and quickly made her way into the living room.

"Where are you going?" Maura called out after her, confused at the abrupt loss of contact.

"To call the moron my parents claim is my brother. Him and I need to have a little chat".