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A deep sigh escaped the petite female who sat in the farthest corner of the large classroom. She was bored-with schooling and with life in general. It seemed that her life had developed a rut of sorts. Every day was the same routine; wake up, go to school, work on schoolwork, go to her part time job, then go home. Then the routine will start over the next day. She craved excitement, something new. A bitter chuckle escaped her lips and she shook her head, she was only twenty and it seemed as though she was already having her midlife crises. Better to get it over with now...

A noise of excitement drew the female from her thoughts. Wide eyes darted across the room until they landed on a person she knew well. Her lips turned downward into a slight frown as she wondered what had happened to cause such a reaction from her friend. Getting up from her seat, she made her way over to her friend.

"What's wrong Eri?" She questioned

A brow rose as she glanced at her friend, who was currently bouncing in her seat as she looked at the screen of her laptop. Her friend, Eri, glanced away from the screen to meet her own curious gaze. A large smile upon her lips. "Oh Kagome it's great! There are new dolls available now! Some are rare too!" she exclaimed, as she clasped her hands together.

Kagome sighed, she should have known. Her three close friends since high school had become obsessed with these dolls lately. They weren't the only ones either, it seems that owning these dolls and dressing them up in ridiculous clothing was becoming popular. She really did not understand it, in her personal opinion, most of the dolls were rather frightening to look at. She just did not understand the appeal of them at all.

Apparently her dislike for the dolls showed, because Eri frowned and looked back at the computer screen. "I know you don't like them Kagome. They are great though, it's like having one's own real life doll. To dress up and love. They are made for adults anyways, so it's not all that bad." she stated with a light sigh as she continued to scroll down the page.

Kagome shrugged, even if they were made for adults it didn't mean they were necessarily needed. She just did not see the point of them.


Hearing her friend, Kagome glanced at the computer screen and noticed that Eri was now looking at one certain doll. "What is it?" she questioned, honestly curious-she had never heard her friend address dolls with such a somber tone.

Eri sighed. "This doll" she began while motioning towards the screen "Keeps getting returned, being resold. It's curious since it is a rare doll, the only one of it's kind, then again I have heard some stories..."

A brow rose as she studied her friend, who know seemed to be lost in her own thoughts, her curiousity piqued Kagome nudged her friend. "What stories have you heard?" she questioned.

Eri rolled her eyes at her friends curiosity, but gave in. "There are stories going around that this doll only brings bad luck to it's master. That it is haunted, and that strange things will start to happen to the master of the doll after obtaining it" she clicked her tongue "It's a shame, it's such a beautiful doll. I would get it but I don't want to risk getting any bad luck"

Kagome chuckled softly, "There is no such thing as bad luck-I'm sure all of that is coincidence" she replied. Growing up in a shrine, she had gotten first class lessons on demons, haunting and luck-both good and bad- It was all nonsense. Shaking her head, she turned her attention to the computer screen to look at the images of the doll her friend had mentioned.

Her eyes widened in surprise. Unlike the other dolls she had seen, this one was different. It was beautiful. From it's long silver hair, golden eyes and unique face markings-right down to it's elegant clothing and boots. She nibbled on her bottom lip softly as she studied the doll.

She jumped in surprise as the bell rang, signaling that free time was over and the next class would begin. Seeing her teacher walk in she quickly excused herself from her friend and made her way back to her seat. As the lecture began, her mind was not on the lesson being taught, but instead on the golden eyed doll she had just seen.

Hours later, Kagome found herself releasing a sigh of relief when her final class for the day ended. Since free period, she had found it hard to concentrate on the lessons being given. Instead her mind always drifted back to the golden eyed, silver haired doll her friend had showed her. Her interest in the doll was becoming frustrating to her.

Blowing the fringe from her eyes, Kagome quickly packed her remaining belongings and left the classroom. She wanted to get home, because she knew that she would not be able to clear her mind and focus on anything until she looked into that doll. Luckily, she had the day off, so when she got to her apartment she could take her time on researching it.

She knew the website her friend had found the doll at, so that part would be easy, she did not want to ask her friend for the dolls name, or where it was at exactly. If she did, her friend would be sure to tease her, especially since she had not bothered to hide her dislike for dolls.

Shaking her head to clear her wandering thoughts, Kagome focused on the road before her, she blinked surprise when she was realized that her feet had taken her towards her home when she had been lost in thought. Shrugging her shoulders she quickened her pace and within moments was at the door of her apartment.

Taking her key from her bag, she unlocked the door and made her way inside. Slipping off her shoes at the entrance way, she made her way further into the house. Placing her bag in it's correct spot, she made her way towards her room. Sitting down at the desk, she opened the top of her laptop and waited for the computer to load. She will look into the doll first, and then move onto her homework.

Hearing the ding of her laptop, signaling that it was ready, she opened the browser and typed in the address to the doll website. After the page was loaded she began to scroll down until she found the doll that had been on her mind. Clicking on it, she waited for the new page to load.

She nibbled softly on her bottom lip as she began to read the information on the doll. It seemed as though after it's 'master' would receive it, they would only have it for a few days to a few weeks before putting it back up for sale. Her lips titled downward into a frown as she read more information on the doll, comments from the previous owners and people who happened to look at the doll, made her shake her head at how ridiculous some people could be.

There were numerous comments that the doll was cursed, that it would bring bad luck, and that there was a demon of sorts residing within the doll. Sighing softly she continued to scroll down until she reached the pictures of the doll. Once again, her breath was taken away at the sight of the doll. Clicking on one of the images to make it larger, she studied the doll.

It looked fragile, as though he could break if not handled correctly. His skin 'tone' was white, with a tint of color. His eyes were sharp, making the golden tone that much more apparent. What caught her attention the most as strange was the markings that decorated his face. She had seen dolls with strange or unique appearance before-animal appendages being the most popular-but she had never seen a doll with such markings.

He had two maroon colored tiger like stripes on each cheek. On the middle of his forehead rested what looked like a purple colored waning crescent of the moon. Her gaze drifted from his features to focus on the rest of his appearance. His long silver hair was another thing that she saw as being 'unique' from other dolls. The long fluffy like boa that rested on his shoulder was another unique attachment. Even with all of the unique attachments that this doll held, it looked very regal.

Shaking her head, Kagome clicked out the image and went back to the dolls page. Scrolling down until she reached the end, Kagome's eyes widened as she noticed the price of the doll. She thought that it would be ridiculously overpriced with it's fine features. So it surprised her when she found it to be very affordable.

Nibbling softly on her bottom lip as her hand clutched onto the mouse, her gaze steady on the price of the doll, her mind reeled. After moments of debating, she sighed deeply-she did say she needed a change. Though not the life changing event she had been hoping for, at least it will be something new. With that thought in mind, she nodded and inhaled deeply as she clicked the 'buy' option.

Hopefully this will be worth the money.

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To those wondering what the doll looks like-google "Male BJD doll" or just "BJD doll" and that is what it's size/height looks like and basically what the features look like. Kagome has only experienced some strange ones thus far so -laughs- that why her opinion on them isn't that good.