This is just a random, very silly short story. The idea came to me a few days ago and I thought I may as well write it! I hope you enjoy reading it and a few more chapters are on their way! Reviews and constructive criticism always welcome.

Matthew sat in his office and quickly scribbled a few more words on the paper in front of him. A glance at his pocket watch showed he still had quarter of an hour before his next client, hopefully enough time to get these notes finished. It wasn't like him to get behind with his work, but he'd rather been avoiding this particular piece of business. His new client, Mr Huntford, rather grated on Matthew's patience and he found himself procrastinating somewhat when it came to his dealings with him.

A sudden knock on the door made his head snap up and Matthew quickly answered for the person to come in. He hastily tidied up the brief notes and anxiously checked his pocket watch again. Mr Huntford was early and he was about to catch Matthew unprepared.

It wasn't Mr Huntford who was announced though, but another, very surprising and unexpected visitor.

"Lady Mary, sir," Mr Williams, Matthew's clerk, announced, stepping into the room, immediately followed by Lady Mary.

Matthew stood up quickly from his chair, nearly banging his knee against the desk in his hurry. His pen, and the papers on his desk, fell to the floor, scattering around in a flurry whirl of white. He didn't notice though, his eyes had become suddenly riveted to the apparition that walked into his office, his mouth dropped open in surprise and confusion and his clear astonishment was apparent on his face. "Lady Mary!" he breathed, unable to regain his business like manner for a moment. What on earth was she doing here? The sight of her took his breathe away and made his heart jump, as it always did when he laid eyes on her beautiful face. Today she was looking particularly resplendent in her stunning blue coat and stylish cream hat. She breezed into the room, casting her eyes about with a slight disdainful pout, her head held high and her manner full of poise and elegance as she nodded at his poor clerk, who looked quite affected.

It took Matthew a few full moments to regain the power of speech; something which he was sure was not lost on Mary. "What are you doing here?" he blurted out, gesturing rather awkwardly for her to sit on the chair in front of him. He nodded at his clerk, indicating that he was free to go. He didn't ask for tea to be brought, however, he thought it would be wiser to ascertain just what she was doing here first

Mary looked cordially at him, before she glanced at the chair by his desk with a rather contemptuous look. Straightening her skirt about her, Mary sat down in the small swivel chair slowly, carefully, appearing every inch the refined and sophisticated Lady that Matthew knew her to be. After she had so gracefully sat down, Matthew found himself quickly tumbling into his own chair, just about managing to not tip off in his haste. He suddenly noticed the pile of fallen papers that littered the floor and he briefly wondered if he should stoop to pick them up. Mary was sure to have noticed them flying everywhere and he tried to quickly decide which was the more professional course of action; ignoring them, or drawing yet more attention to his clumsiness by picking them up. Deciding on the former, he turned his attention to the striking lady in front of him. She was looking at him with her usual expression of cool detachment, haughtiness and boredom, though there was no mistaking the mild amusement that danced in her entrancing dark eyes.

Her mesmerising gaze caught him completely off guard and he felt himself gulp as he quickly tore his eyes away. Sadly it fell on her lips, which were twitching ever so slightly into a playful smirk. That did not do him any good either; it made all sorts of improper visions run through his mind and his heart thump rather loudly in his chest. With as much professionalism as he could muster, he quickly made a show of reaching down and opening a drawer. With his gaze away from her serene face, he found it easier to regain his composure. Hoping he looked calm and collected, rather than as flustered as he was, he pulled out a random file and sat up straight. Opening it, he kept his gaze averted from hers and made a point of reading the paper in front of him. What it said he couldn't say, but it did the trick and helped calm him slightly. After a few moments, and now feeling somewhat collected though exceedingly embarrassed, he let his gaze fall once more on Lady Mary.

She was obviously ignoring his earlier outburst and was waiting for him to speak, for she fixed him with an enquiring, somewhat impatient, though perfectly elegant gaze and a small, courteous smile. With a very slight nod of her head, her cream hat perched with fruit barely moving, she encouraged him to speak.

Many thoughts ran through his mind as he thought about what to ask and why she could be here. Mary's calm countenance meant it was obviously nothing serious, no emergencies in the family, so what could it be? Her behaviour was very cool, aloof, distance and he decided formality was perhaps the best way to proceed.

Matthew leant forwards slightly and folded his hands together on his desk. He cleared his throat before speaking, hoping it sounded somewhat professional rather than nervous. "How can I help you, Lady Mary?"

Lady Mary's courteous smile broadened and a mischievous glint sneaked into her eyes. Most would not have noticed her slight change of humour; the way she sat a little straighter; the way she dipped her head ever so slightly and momentarily dropped her eyes; the way her hands folded neatly, firmly, in her lap, as if she were preparing for something. Matthew did notice all this and his curiosity was piqued even further. He felt his own mouth twitch into a slight smile, his eyebrows rise and his eyes look enquiringly at her. She was up to something, of that he was certain, but what, he would just have to wait and see.

Mary paused before speaking, lengthening the silence and deliberately increasing Matthew's anticipation and curiosity. She kept her eyes on his and said, her voice disdainful, bored, though Matthew could not fail to the miss the faint undercurrents of teasing, "I would like some legal advice, obviously." Her eyes rolled slightly on the last word and she looked at Matthew with a slight hint of condescension, waiting for him to continue, though her eyes were still shining with a touch of merriment.

Obviously, Matthew thought to himself sarcastically, though he was far from annoyed. Her mischievous manner was infectious and the teasing look in her eye was doing nothing to help stop his pulse from racing. Yes, he thought, she was definitely playing with him, but whatever game it was this time, he was anxious to know. He took a few moments and watched her, trying to make her out, but she continued to remain a mystery. He found himself moving forwards slightly, leaning on his desk and becoming imperceptibly closer to her, her impish glint drawing him in like a moth to a flame. He tilted his head upwards, looking up at her elegant face through hooded eyebrows, his eyes clouding slightly as her playful gaze held his own inquisitive, smouldering one. The atmosphere in the room started to thicken, the air becoming charged and Matthew found his own ability to think deteriorating.

"And what sort of legal matter would you like to discuss?" he asked. He did his best to keep his voice level, professional, he really did, but it came out rather playful, yet deep, husky, almost flirtatious and he couldn't help but notice the sudden twitch in Mary's smile and her eyes start to darken.

"I would like to know how one goes about changing a will," she answered, her voice pleasant, measured, though the undercurrent of mischief was more noticeable this time. She drew further back in her chair and sat up a little, as if she had noticed the shift in the atmosphere and Matthew leaning towards her and wanted to maintain her distance.

Matthew noticed this, but made no move himself to increase the space between them. Instead he fixed her with his own enquiring, intense gaze as he tried to work out what she was up to. Her query surprised Matthew and it took him a moment to formulate an answer, wondering how best to continue in this unknown game of hers. "I am afraid I don't deal with those types of matters, Lady Mary, though may I enquire as to whose will you would like to change?"

Mary looked him directly in the eye then, sitting up even straighter in her chair. She seemed to make a large effort then to hide the playful twinkle in her expression as she answered, her tone somewhat derisive, "Well, my husband's will, of course!"