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Bonnie couldn't believe how the night had turned out. The woman she had got a weird vibe from turned out to be a witch who was related to her. A distant cousin named Lucy.

Lucy didn't stay. She disappeared into the night and with her went Bonnie's hope of finding someone who could truly understand her, someone who could help her understand her powers.

When Elena had started screaming in pain because she was linked to Katherine and could feel every one of Stefan and Damon's attacks on her, Bonnie had simply thought it was because Elena is descended from Katherine. Now knowing that it was the work of another witch - of someone related to her, it made her scared that she could easily become like that. That she would willingly use her magic to hurt an innocent person.

Lucy had been remorseful and in the end had betrayed Katherine. She had removed the linking spell and had helped defeat Katherine. But that didn't change the fact that she had been willing to carry out a murderous vampire's bidding. It also didn't change the fact that Bonnie was still alone.

Lucy wasn't willing to stay. She didn't want to be caught up in all this vampire mess and even though Bonnie didn't want to be caught in it either, Lucy made it clear that she believed Bonnie had to stay right where she was. Lucy believed that, unlike herself, Bonnie was one of the good ones who was strong willed and therefore able to help.

Still, knowing that didn't stop Bonnie from missing the instant feeling of familiarity and safety she had felt when Lucy had grabbed her arms to convince Bonnie to trust her. That overwhelming warmth of feeling had flooded her with memories of her Grams. Of feeling safe, of always knowing that there was someone she could turn to when she needed help.

Bonnie began to cry softly when she realised that she and Lucy were related. Here was someone who could help her. Someone she could learn from. But it turned out that there was only room for one witch in Mystic Falls. Bonnie cried harder when Lucy walked away. Even though she wasn't alone in the world, she was alone in her world. There was no one left who was willing to stick around and teach her the ways of witchcraft. She would have to figure it all out for herself.

"You take care cuz, don't worry, you'll see me again!" Lucy promised with a smile and wink.

Bonnie hoped that it would be soon, she was already beginning to feel that cold emptiness she had felt just after Grams had died. It felt fresh. New.

"Hey I was going to head home, can I offer you a ride?" came Jeremy's voice as he walked up to her.

Bonne wiped away her tears and smiled as she tried to think of a way to cover up how she was feeling, but it was too late, her eyes were still glistening and he could see.

"Are you ok?" he asked, concerned.

Bonnie nodded while trying to smile. She quickly decided to change the subject.

"When did you get your driver's license?" she asked with what she hoped was a convincing laugh.

Jeremy also laughed for a second, but she got the feeling that he was just humouring her – just letting her change the subject because he could tell that she was upset. He then looked at her seriously.

"I'm not a kid anymore Bonnie."

He made sure that their eyes stayed connected, he wanted her to understand that he had changed.

Bonnie had to stop herself from staying "no you most certainly are not." Instead she settled for a gentle,

"I'd love a ride home."

He couldn't seem to take his eyes off her as they walked to his car. She was beautiful. Even in all her sadness. It was obvious that the other witch had influenced her in some way. He wanted to ask her about it but she was trying so hard to hide her feelings so he decided against it.

When they reached the car Jeremy opened Bonnie's door for her. She smiled at him.

"So chivalry isn't dead after all," she teased.

"Nope, it's been here all along," he answered with his charming boyish grin.

Even though Bonnie felt like curling up in a ball to cry, she was doing quite well making small talk and hiding her emotions. She asked him how school was going, which annoyed him because it was the kind of question that an older relative asks when they come to visit. She asked him how things were going in the girl department, which again made him feel frustrated because he had no clue that she was actually interested in her competition (whether she acknowledged that she was attracted to him or not).

It was all going quite well until they passed her Grams house on the way home and she felt a fresh wave of loneliness pass through her. To her horror, her eyes became watery and threatened to spill right then and there. She cursed herself for not being able to control herself. She took a shaky breath, willing the tears to go. But they didn't. She looked out of the window and hoped that Jeremy wouldn't notice anything.

"Hey are you ok?" he asked after a few moments.

"I'm fine," she answered in a thick voice.

"Bonnie, you're crying," he said softly.

Why couldn't he just be the kind of guy who pretended that she was ok even though it was obvious that she was not? It made her angry that he was witnessing her in a weak state. Bonnie wiped another tear away and snapped around to look at him.

"Will you just concentrate on the road Jeremy, how long have you had your license anyway? A couple of days?"

Jeremy's jaw tensed for a moment and his knuckles whitened as he gripped the steering wheel harder than necessary. He fought with himself to control his temper. Bonnie was upset that's why she was lashing out. He sighed deeply and let the tension leave his body.

"This is about that other witch isn't it?" He looked at Bonnie for conformation. She only glared in response and then whipped her head back around to stare out the window. They stayed in silence until they reached Bonnie's house.

"Look Bonnie, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to pry."

There was no response.

"Come on, I'll walk you to your door," Jeremy offered.

Bonnie continued to stare out into the dark as a tear rolled down her cheek.

Knowing that he was at risk of unleashing a beautiful woman's fury, Jeremy carefully reached out and placed his fingers under Bonnie's chin and gently guided her face in his direction. As her eyes reached his he saw that she looked...defeated. In that moment all he wanted to do is pull her towards him and hold her, but he felt that that would be unwelcome. He pulled his hand away.

"She's related to me." Bonnie whispered. Jeremy frowned.

"The other witch?"

Bonnie didn't reply.

"Thanks for the ride Jer."And with that she grabbed her handbag, opened the car door and bolted up the stairs to her front door.

But Jeremy was faster. He ran after her, grabbed her arm to turn her around to face him.

"Bonnie wait! She's related to you?"

Bonnie shrugged, trying to look as if she didn't care while also disengaging Jeremy's hand from her arm.

"Her name's Lucy. She -" Bonnie took a deep breath, "she's a distant cousin or something." Bonnie crossed her arms as if to protect herself and took a step back from him. Jeremy noticed that she was shaking slightly.

She couldn't stop another fresh set of tears as she whispered the truth that had hurt her.

"She reminded me of my Grams."

A look of understanding and sympathy flooded Jeremy's face and he moved in closer to hug her. She sharply put a hand up to stop him.

"No. Please don't," she took a step back. If he touched her she would crumble and rely on him to make her feel better. She wasn't going to be one of those weak people who needed others. She could handle things by herself. After all, people always leave, so what's the point anyway? "I-I should go inside, I'm tired."

Jeremy nodded. He watched her enter the house before he turned to leave. He remembered what it was like to want to push everyone away. He had done the same thing when his parents died. The only one he had let in was Vicki because she was as screwed up as him (and a part of him knew that she was using him even though he didn't want to admit it at the time). Before he got into his car he turned to look at Bonnie's house and swore to himself that he would find a way to make her smile.

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