Ian hated his house. It was so big! Especially for a small child. He tried to remember the way to the library, as he turned another corner. Natalie would never go in there, that was why he was headed there, she had always thought it was boring and stuffy.

In a moment of madness he had decided to tease his sister to the point where she was now chasing him. It wasn't that he couldn't take her, after all, he was nine years old. She was just a baby! And a girl! Still, he ran.

He eventually opened a door, expecting to find the library. Instead, it was a large room with a huge desk in the middle. His father, who was seated behind the big wooden desk, beckoned to him.

"Ian, why are you out of breath?" He asked, arching one eyebrow. Ian shrugged in an attempt to be nonchalant.

"Were you teasing Natalie again?" The little boy looked away. "You shouldn't tease her. Do you know why?"

Ian, intending to impress his father, looked up in his most grown-up manner and replied as formally as he could. "Because, she's just a baby and a girl so she can't take care of her self."

His father shook his head. "I know plenty of women who can take care of themselves, your mother being one. No Ian, you must act mature, for one day all of this will be yours." He gestured around the room.

"Our entire family's future will depend on you. And your sister." He add after a second.

"I need you to act like an adult or all this will go to Natalie." Ian nodded obediently. He was younger, therefore his parents knew best.

"Go on Ian, but remember, sometime in the future, all this will be your responsibility."

Ian made a silent vow that he would not tease his sister...at least until tomorrow.