A series of missing moments in Hermione and Ron's relationship, throughout the books. Starting with the Philosopher's Stone.

A/N: A small quote has been borrowed from the book:

'It's no wonder no one can stand her,' he said to Harry as they pushed their way into the crowded corridor. 'She's a nightmare, honestly.' Pg 127, British edition ofHarry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.

All of the characters of the Harry Potter series and the world which they inhabit belong to J. K. Rowling.

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Chapter One: The Worst Day

She hated him.

He clearly had no concept of manners or politeness. No understanding of patience or time. Everything about the messy, red-haired boy made her want to scream. The fact that Professor Flitwick had wanted her to work with him today was absolutely ridiculous. Surely this had just been a bad dream and she would wake up in her warm bed any minute now.

However as she packed her belongings up and headed for the door, the situation became more of a reality. He had spent the entire lesson grumbling under his breath, making rude comments and being mean to her. She had only been trying to help him. Any decent wizard would have accepted the help they so desperately needed and been extremely grateful for it.

But no. He had to mock her and argue with her.

She picked up her bag and straightened. He had already started to move towards the door and shot her one final glare, before joining the rest of the first year boys outside the classroom.

"Well done today Miss Granger," exclaimed Professor Flitwick, as he packed up the feathers and cleared the board.

"Thank you Sir," she replied softly. A frown forming as she analysed the past hour.

Why had the Professor paired her with that dreadful boy?

Everyone had realised by now that Ronald Weasley was Harry Potter's friend. They sat together in all classes and were never parted. This had not been the case today. The Potter boy had been paired with Seamus Finnigan, and she had been left with the unpleasant Weasley.

He had clearly been as unhappy with the situation as she was, if the string of swear words which had left his atrocious mouth, were anything to go by.

So why had she been put with him?

Before she had a chance to ask the Professor however, he had gone.

Hermione heaved her large bag onto her shoulder and marched out of the classroom. This had been the worst day yet, at her new school. Until now she had been generally happy with Hogwarts, the lessons, the teachers and the pupils. She had settled in relatively quickly, and although she missed her parents, she had been astounded by how much she could learn here. Aside from the horrible mishap with Potter, Weasley and Neville a few weeks ago, involving a midnight stroll and a three-headed dog, everything had been great.

After that lesson, however, she felt deflated.

As she past a group of giggly sixth year girls and turned the corner, she saw his red hair in the crowd. Her frown deepened and she began to move faster down the corridor. Why should he get away with being so mean?

She was going to tell him exactly what she thought of him. He was then going to apologise for his rude behaviour, and hopefully they would then be civil to each other.

As she pushed her way through the hoards of students and made her way over to the group of boys, she could hear them laughing. Hermione lifted her hand to tap him on the back, when the conversation they were having stopped her.

"It's no wonder no one can stand her. She's a nightmare, honestly."

She slowly let her hand drop. Shocked, hurt and offended, she quickly pushed past him trying to hide her face. She was not going to let anyone see her upset over what he had just said. She continued walking, not stopping for anyone or anything.

How could he be so mean?

She could feel her eyes watering and her head began to hurt.

She hated him.

From the minute Hermione Granger had met Ronald Weasley on the Hogwarts Express she had known he was not her kind of person. Today had only confirmed what an awful boy he was. She couldn't believe she was letting his spiteful comments upset her. He was nobody to her.

Rubbing her face and pulling her bag higher onto her shoulder, Hermione made her way to the girl's toilets.

As she pushed the bathroom door open and made her way to the end cubicle, she let out a heaving sob. Her bag dropped to the floor, with a thud, and she let her tears fall.