Inside the room, the members of Bangles were all standing around their tambourine-player: the green-haired Heracles look-alike staring at Gilbert and Ludwig with wide eyes. Abruptly, the tense mood was shattered by Matthew, literally, dropping in.

"What took you so long?" Gilbert smirked, Matthew frowning,

"Please don't ask stupid questions."

"Anyway..." Ludwig cleared his throat, "We have just finished explaining everything to the members of the band and..." He was interrupted by the front-liner of the band walking over to Matthew. The blonde looked at the dark-haired woman before she smiled,

"So you're the one trying to run off with our tambourine player." Cleo may have been saying something completely different, in her mind Matthew heard, "So young... A child to be thrown in the midst of such a prophesy and war. Oh, but if he is one of the chosen two, he's probably hearing everything I'm saying."

"Excuse me," The Heracles look-alike spoke up, yawning, "But could someone please explain to me what's going on?" The two Princes looked at each other before the albino asked,

"Can you explain what you just told us to the vogelchen here?"

"Well," The green-haired male sighed, "I guess. I can tell something really big is going down here. Let's see... Ten years ago I woke up in the middle of nowhere, no memory, no recollection of my own name even... But, for some reason I was holding a strange egg to my chest with great care. Still unsure where I was going, I began walking. I walked and walked, only knowing that the egg was important. It needed to be kept safe, so I hid it. It was when I came to some quarry that I buried it in a random dirt clod. I was sure no one would find it."

"Great..." Gilbert groaned, "Now we'll never find it!"

"Oh, I never said I forgot about it. I know exactly where it is." The Heracles look-alike interjected, "You go up a mountain, across a valley, and when you can see the top of the strange building near Club Amoresque-"

"The Obscure Valley!" Ludwig clenched his fist, "That's it! The Egg we need has to be there, let's go und get it as soon as possible!"

However, the tambourine-player stood to his feet and spoke up, "And then what? If what you told me is true, my real name is Heracles. If I go with you, what happens to Bangles? And then, if I don't go with you, what about this egg-thing you're so worried about?" He clutched at his scalp, gritting his teeth, "God, I'm so confused! I wish something could show me the way!"

The room fell silent after that outburst.


"There is one way." Cleo smiled.

Everyone in the room sat around a crystal ball, the private possession of the band leader. "This was a present to me from the Magypsie Ukra. She said that if I ever met a child with the power of PK Love, I should allow them to see this ball. All things would be made clear."

Matthew gulped, looking towards the pristine ball. It was perfectly round, perfectly clear, perfectly shiny. Gulping down air, he closed his eyes. He really didn't have any idea what he was doing, but he had to try something.

But what?

He wished that one of his family members was there with him.

Everyone in the room noted that a bright, pink spark appeared in the ball.

His Papa was smart, he could have thought of something. And Maman was very clever. He wished that he had inherited some of his cleverness.

The pink spark grew into a rose glow that filled the entire sphere and actually began to pulsate from it.

All this thinking about his family led to Matthew thinking about Alfred. He knew he wasn't dead, just like his Papa did. But he just didn't know where he was. And Arthur's wandering around the countryside like a madman looking for him wasn't going to help matters in the least!

"Hit the dirt!" Gilbert shouted, ducking along with everyone else when the crystal ball shining red before it jumped into the air and shattered into a million pieces.

"What happened?" Matthew asked, opening his eyes and looking around. Upon seeing the remains of the ball, he gasped, "I'm sorry! I'm so sorry!" But the band leader merely chuckled,

"Well, I suppose that destiny has shown us the way. Heracles?" The tambourine player took a while to respond, the name still foreign to him,

"Y-yes?" He looked up at the dark-haired woman, her skin a bronze tan that betrayed a life in the desert,

"Now is the time in which we part, I'm afraid. I always knew this day would come, depsite you looking so much like the friend I lost so long ago. However," Cleo wiped her eyes, memories of Heracles's mother blurring her vision, "This is no time to blubber. You have to go and help these young men fufill the roles that destiny has laid out for you."

The two other members of Bangles began sobbing and crying, "You were the best tambourine-player ever!"

"We'll miss you buddy!"

"No matter where you go in this wide world, you'd better not forget about us!" The band-leader winked, Heracles nodding: tears dripping from his eyes.

"Alright then," Gilbert and Ludwig once again donned their normal clothes: looking like the Gold Feather Princes once more; Ludwig rushing out of the door, stating,

"I shall go make sure the way is clear." Yet, as soon as he closed the door behind him, there was a shout of, "GET OUT OF MY WAY, DAMN IT!", followed by a shock of energy that shook the entire building.

When Matthew, Gilbert, Kumajirou, and Heracles walked out into the hallway, they found the bodies of a few guards laying about. "Well," Gilbert whistled, resting his arms on his shoulders, "I guess its time for us to get the hell out of here, huh? Kesesese!"

That's just what the new group did: following the halls that led out of the nightclub. They had arrived in the now empty lobby when Heracles noticed something and rushed over to the lounge door. "What is it?" Matthew asked, following him.

Heracles sniffed back tears as he looked in through the round window, "There's someone on-stage."

The 'someones' turned out to be Bangles, Cleo walking up to the microphone and belting out,

"Farewell, oh precious child...

May God watch over you...

May your mother bestow her graces

Wherever you may tread...

Farewell, oh precious child...

How the days seemed to wash by...

But God, please keep him safe...

I bid you farewell...

Farewell, oh precious child..."

Out in the lobby, Heracles couldn't help the tears that washed down his face at the heart-wrenching words and the emotions behind them. Gilbert bit his lip before gently leading Matthew outside, Ludwig doing the same to Kumajirou so the brunette could be alone.

As he stood there, in remembrance, Heracles found himself flashing back to when he wandered onto the doorstep of Club Amoresque: tired, dirty, and hungry. The guards immediately tried to kick him out: beating him to a pulp until Bangles rushed in and intervened: the gorgeous band leader chastising the guards before she helped the youth to her room.

"Here you go..." She smiled as she fitted the green wig onto Heracles's head, handing him a tambourine, "Do you think that you can learn to play this?" He nodded.

"Farewell..." Heracles sniffled, "Farewell... And thank you. With all that I am," He reached up to grab at his green hair, "Thank you." Then, he pulled the wig away, freeing his wavy, brown locks into the air once more. He folded the wig up and set it beside the door.

Then, with a heavy heart, he left Club Amoresque once and for all.

When he got outside, the others were waiting for him. "Are you okay?" Matthew asked, Heracles nodding as he wiped his face,

"Yeah. Sorry to... keep you guys waiting. Let's-" He abruptly fell over into a nap. Ludwig shook his head, Kumajirou rolling his eyes,

"That's him alright..."

As Ludwig and Gilbert tried to wake Heracles up, Matthew walked away a few feet and reached into his satchel for the messenger pigeon Sadiq had given him.

"Has my time to be useful arrived, coo coo?" She asked, Matthew nodding,

"Go tell Sadiq that we've found his son." The blonde tossing the bird up into the air before she flew off in the direction of Mirror Falls.


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