A/N: This endeavor is going to be a little different, but in a good way (I hope). Booth and Brennan are shapeshifters, but I am trying to keep them in character as they do their murder solving, bickering, whatever else thing. The shapeshifters that populate this story aren't like the ones you might have seen elsewhere. They aren't as big as houses, they don't instantly shift during the full moon, and they don't have magical powers. They come with a variety of problems, both human and shifter. I want them to be believable and have (tenuous) basis in scientific fact. Anyways, this story will take a few chapters to really get going, but I hope you stick with me to the end! Without further ado, I present:

Heart of a Lion

By Deja


Angela stood in the doorway to her friend's office, eagerly waiting for Brennan to finish up. "I wish you would hurry up," she complained, "This baby needs food. We're on a strict feeding schedule, you know."

"I understand, Angela. I just need to secure everything before we leave," Brennan responded, closing the file and placing it in her desk drawer. She took a small key and locked it while Angela rolled her eyes.

"We're going to lunch, sweetie, not leaving for an extended vacation," she said, poking fun at her best friend.

"These files are very important. I don't want them lying around while the tour comes through." Brennan tidied her desk, then turned to grab her jacket. The Jeffersonian Medico-Legal lab was opened for public viewing under Cam's supervision for one hour every month. Cam tried to schedule it at times convenient to her team, and they had found that having the team out of the office worked better for everyone.

"Speaking of extended vacations, you and Booth are taking a romantic vacation away together," Angela said through a smirk. She waited for Brennan to gather her purse and jacket before taking her arm in hers. "To my knowledge you weren't even dating last weekend, so you two are moving pretty fast."

"Angela, Booth and I aren't dating, and to call this trip a vacation would be stretching the truth," Brennan said as they exited the Jeffersonian. The clear spring air was warm enough that they didn't need wear their jackets and pretty enough that they decided to walk the distance from the Medico-Legal Lab to the diner rather than drive.

"Sure sounds like a vacation, sweetie. Three weeks alone in a rustic cabin with a gorgeous guy…a lot of 'vacation-like' activity could happen in that setting."

"By your tone and the look of lust on your face, I assume that you're referring to sexual intercourse, and I can assure you that Booth and I are not engaged in a sexual relationship."

"That's not to say that it couldn't start there," Angela commented, wiggling her eyebrows. Brennan heaved an aggravated sigh, but smiled at her friend.

"You know why we are going, Ange. It isn't recreational in the traditional sense."

"Yeah, I know. You and Booth are going off into the woods to get in touch with your furry sides. I'm just saying that it's three weeks. And I'm sure you won't be furry the entire time."

"No, we will not be in our feline forms the entire time. I, for one, am underweight for a shift by thirteen percent. It will probably take me several days to achieve a healthy weight for shifting. I don't know what Booth's stats are, though I suspect he is underweight as well. And we won't be gone three weeks. Only fifteen days. It is the most time we managed to negotiate with the FBI and Jeffersonian, even though the past months have been difficult for all of us."

"Tell me about it," Angela complained. They waited to cross the street in a small crowd of people, but Angela didn't see the need to lower her voice or censor the conversation. "The past months have sucked big time. I would love some time off with Hodgins. I need some fabulous, relaxing, stress free sex."

"I would assume that since you cohabitated, sex would naturally follow." She and Angela stopped at the crosswalk with a crowd of people, but neither woman censored their conversation. The people surrounding them looked with expressions ranging from horror to amusement to curiosity.

"You would think that, wouldn't you," Angela said, sighing. "But I'm not talking about sex where we're so exhausted that we fall asleep in the middle of it, I'm talking about in a little cabana on a beach somewhere where there are no worries and no dead bodies. Somewhere where Hodgie and I can really connect, you know?"

"I don't know what you're talking about," Brennan laughed as they crossed the street.

"You would know, sweetie, if you and Booth ever took the plunge. I mean, Hodgie and I are exquisite together, but you and Booth have this connection that just makes me…ahhh," Angela's face lit up with a dreamy, steamy look as she breathed out sensually. "When I'm standing near you two when you're doing that staring thing, it makes me want to grab Hodgins and drag him off to the Egyptian storage room. The both of you just radiate sex when you're together."

"That would be due to the pheromones that we give off in the presence of another alpha shapeshifter. It's not related in any way to our sexuality."

"Hmmm…something in that statement sounds wrong, but we'll go with your version for now," she humored her friend as she pulled open the diner's door and let Brennan proceed her in. They settled into the bar and ordered their drinks and food without looking at the menu. They ate together peacefully, straying to more neutral topics than their sex lives (or lack thereof).

Brennan's phone rang as they were finishing their meal. She glanced at the caller ID and Angela smirked at her as her expression softened before she answered it.

"Brennan," she answered with a smile. She and Angela stood up, leaving a generous tip on the table as well as enough money to cover the bill.

"Yeah, I'm leaving the diner now," she said as they went towards the door. She shut the phone abruptly with a smile as her partner opened the door for them.

"Imagine meeting you here," Booth drawled, closing his phone and moving aside so the two women could join him in the sunshine. He looked wonderfully casual in jeans and a form fitting black t-shirt.

"Hey Handsome. If we'd known that you were eating here, we would have waited for you," Angela said flirtatiously. Booth smiled at her, but saved his attention for his partner.

"Nah, I'm just stopping by for lunch to go before I pick up Parker at school," he explained, his face lighting up at the mention of his son. "I have him the rest of the day because of baseball."

"That sounds like fun," Angela said, looking almost wistful at the thought of a young boy at the ball field with his father.

"You're welcome to come see Parker play," he invited them both. However, his attention was on his partner, touching her lightly on the arm. "His game starts at 6:30. He's pitching the first three innings. It's a school night, so I'm taking him to Rebecca's after dinner." Booth moved closer to her as the diner door swung open. His smell wrapped around her as he moved forward, hot sand, warm skin and pure male under his fresh scent of soap and laundry detergent. Angela watched their interactions with a smirk.

"I'm afraid that I can't make it tonight," she said, letting her hand grip his for a moment, then fall away. Her partner smiled and turned away, looking back over his shoulder at her.

"Well, if you can make it, we'd both love to see you. If not, I guess I'll see you tomorrow," he responded, walking into the diner. Angela stood smiling stupidly at Brennan.

"What?" Brennan asked in irritation.

"Nothing," Angela sang, linking arms with her best friend again. "I just hope that you and Booth can realize what you have on this vacation."

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