"Shouta-kun, will you please settle down?" Watching the captain pace around like this was very unusual, it bothered Seiju. Sighing, he gets to his feet and stops Shouta when he's facing him in the direction of his pacing. Placing each his hands on the others shoulder, he looks him in the eyes. The brunette narrowed his eyes and scowled. Not in the greatest of mood. Pushing the Vice Captain, he growls at him. His temper was getting the better of him.

"Why should I? Huh?" Getting into range of Seiju, he slaps him and backs him into the wall. Seiju's hand flew to his cheek where a red mark was left. It didn't hurt, but it did hurt because Shouta hit him. Growing irritated with the silence, he cracks his knuckles into the side of the others head. "ANSWER ME, DAMMIT!" Sliding down the wall, he stares up at the dominant. A doll, heartless, cold, and cruel. Wincing at the slightest movement, he bows his head whilst biting back these upset cries. Anger bubbled inside of him, but Seiju knew better then to lash out. Staring numbly at the floor he knew exactly what was coming next. Bracing himself, a kick is thrown right under his head. At the base of his throat and inbetween his collar bones. Getting the wind ripped out of him, he gasps and grabs his neck but fails since the Captain kept his foot there. "What do you think you're doing?"

"Nothing...!" His voice hoarse, tears stinging his eyes. Where was that sweet, kind Captain he knew? Ever since that incident, he hasn't been the same. No one has. It pained even Seiju, that cheerful man. Always pleasant to be around. Removing his foot, Shouta pauses. A small, soft, cruel chuckles slide off his tongue and felt like poison to the Vice's ears. Cowering where he was, the sting of tears felt like salt being poured into his eyes. Painfully, he let them trail down his cheeks. Lifting his head, he winces at Shouta and tries to muster the best of smiles that he could. 'Where is he...?' The brunette smiled coldly at the bruised man. Seiju kept his kind, weak smile. Deciding against his instincts, he just says the first words that come to mind.

"Shouta-kun... I..." Suffocating on his own words, his head started to throb and felt a million times heavier to keep up. Feeling an iron weight on his chest, his stomach knotted. Feeling as if his face was numb, and drool was oozing down his chin he croaked out his words. "I love you." Shouta blinked, seeming to be taken aback by his followers words. It looked as if words were about to form, but a knock on the door disturbed the sewing of the Captains words. The knocker rudely opens the door, those discolored cat eyes boring into them.

"My, what a temper." 'Shut up...' His silenced cries meant nothing, like yelling at a deaf man. The vice's tears increase as he bows his head. Trying to get up, pain surged through his veins. Honestly, despite all his missions his body still wasn't used to pain. Getting up, he heard the cat eyed mans steps. 'Don't come any closer.' The steps felt like thunder in his ears. Still a fight with his pain, he forces his body to let him stand. Looking at the male who just walked in, Shouta just grew dark again. "Riku..." The black haired man stares numbly at the Third Brigade officer. His name fell of his tongue, Shouta just narrowed his gaze. Riku chuckled. What did he want? What horrible timing.

"I thought your followers safety came first." The third brigade's leader remarked, his discolored eyes shining brightly, but boring holes into Seiju. Seiju just winces and bites his lower lip.

[Occ: Jesus this is so short, my apologizes.]