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IWEMA Ch3 BPOV – The Princess and the Frog

The early morning mountain sun shined warmly against my skin, heating my face as I lay on a blanket in my meadow, alone with my thoughts.

It had been almost a week since I'd shown up at Edward's house, since he'd told me he didn't want me. For the first couple of days afterwards it had been so hard to see him, impossible to look into his eyes - those green jewels - and know they would never return my feelings. I'd spent more time than usual up here alone in my meadow; crying, wishing, thinking.

I could tell Charlie was worried, even if he didn't show it in the ways I assumed most parents would. He'd leave me an extra slice of pizza instead of hogging it all up the way he usually did. The other night, as I'd sat with him in the living room after dinner and pretended to focus on my schoolwork, he'd asked me if I wanted to watch one of my 'girl' shows instead of the ball game that was on. At night, before he went to bed, I'd hear him pause just outside my door; hesitant, anxious.

This morning he finally knocked on my door as I was sticking all my books in my backpack, getting ready for another dreaded day in school. His dark eyes took me in pensively when I opened up.

"Everything good, Bells?" he asked.

"Yeah. Yeah dad, everything's fine." I stood by the door awkwardly.

He shifted from one foot to the other. "Good, because…you've been awfully quiet lately. Anything…" - he swallowed thickly – "on your mind?"

I shook my head from side to side, positive he could see the lie in my eyes.

Charlie smirked, looking way uncomfortable. "You know if there was, you could talk to me about it."

"Thanks dad, but…everything's good," I fibbed.

He watched me thoughtfully for a couple of seconds, and then nodded once, quickly turning away. "Alright then, I'm heading off to work-"


Charlie turned around, his cheeks tinged in red. "Yes, Bells?"

I drew in a deep breath and exhaled slowly. "How did you get over it? Knowing mom didn't…" – this time it was my turn to swallow – "love you…anymore, I mean?"

Charlie's eyes widened. I could tell I'd caught him off-guard. "Are you asking out of curiosity, or is there another reason you want to know?"

"Simple curiosity."

He pursed his lips, his cop eyes penetrating me while I squirmed under his all-too-knowing gaze. But other than his eyes, his words didn't push for more info.

He sighed loudly. "All I can tell you, Bells, is that nature knows best. Sometimes that's not the most pleasant answer, but it's the truth."

"What does that mean?" I asked with a frown.

"It simply means that what's meant to be will be, and what's not, won't - plain and simple."

"How do you know if something's meant to be?"

"Don't really know," he shrugged unhelpfully. "But I can tell you one thing. If one of the parties isn't game, then it's not."

I nodded, my forehead creased with dissatisfaction.

"I got over it 'cause I had to, Bells," he continued. "She didn't want me," he shrugged again, "and there was no point in trying to hang on."

"Didn't you try to get her back? I mean, what if she'd made a mistake?"

He smiled. "Bells hon, it's been fifteen years since your mom and I split. If she'd wanted me back, she had plenty of opportunities."

"So you've been waiting-"

"No," he cut me off quickly. "I mean," he shifted uncomfortably again, "for a while, yes, I waited. I hoped. But life has a way of going on Bella. The world doesn't stop spinning. But you can't fight nature, Bells. What's to be will be. And what isn't-"

"Won't," I finished for him.

He nodded. "Bells-"

"Thanks dad," I said, "It's nice out today. I'm going to go take a walk before school."

He stared at me as if he wanted to say something, but he'd already said more than I'd heard him say, probably since I'd arrived in Forks. After a slow nod, he moved aside, and I walked past him and down the stairs.

So here I was now, up on my meadow - finally accepting the reality of the situation. No, Edward wasn't in love with me. But he was still my friend.

And the world kept spinning.


I arrived at school a few minutes before the first bell, and as I quickly made my way to my locker, for once I hoped Jessica would be waiting for me. Her loud mouth and constant talking was just what I needed to keep the world spinning.

Unfortunately, as I got to my locker, it wasn't Jessica waiting for me, but Mike.

"Hey Bella," he grinned cheerfully when he saw me, his red and white letterman jacket swung from his fingers, over his shoulder.

"Hey Mike," I answered, focusing on the numbers to my combination.

"I was wondering Bella, if you've given any more thought to what we talked about the other night."

My fingers froze around my lock and I bit my lip. "I…uh…"

He put a hand out, palm up, in my direction. "Before you say anything, just hear me out."

Reluctantly, I turned and faced him. Mike took a deep breath and exhaled.

"I know you don't want to go as an actual date, and that's fine, Bella. The truth is I'll be leaving Forks in a few weeks, and all my friends with it. I guess I'm feeling kind of…sentimental, and homesick already," he grinned with a shrug, "and I'll admit to you, I'm a bit nervous about what college life will bring. All I want is one more night of just us, all of us, as friends – young, carefree. One more night that I can hold on to once I'm off in college. That's it, Bella - just friends to hold on to."

"That's it?" I asked him.

"Yeah," he nodded.

"So it's not something…" I trailed off and made a motion between us.

"Bella, I like you. You know that," he admitted while I felt my face flame. "But I can accept the fact that you don't feel the same for me. I still find you attractive. I'd still love to have you by my side at the prom because I know you'd look beautiful. But I'd accept it for what it was - just friends hanging out for probably the last time. All of us."

"All of us," I repeated.


I stared at him. Most of me still wanted to say no. But at the same time I felt…not so much pity for him…but…for his loneliness. He'd be off in college soon - away in a strange and far-off city with none of his old friends, none of his familiar surroundings. I knew what that felt like. If what he wanted was just one night of friends and fun that he could hold on to while he found his bearings in college, then I could do that. I could be his friend for one more night. Besides, what else did I have to do?

"I'll go with you. But it's not an official date, Mike, okay?"

He grinned his huge grin, the one that tended to make his eyes look smaller. I offered him a meek smile.

"Cool, Bella."

Just then, the bell rang. He walked away from me backwards.

"I'll catch up with you later and we can talk about it more."

I nodded, biting my lip, and reminding myself that the world had to keep spinning.


Lunchtime arrived. The quad around school was packed today. It wasn't very often we got to enjoy a sunny afternoon, and the Forks student body was out in full force. I walked around aimlessly - not really hungry - and then I felt it. That tingling in my stomach that always alerted me to Edward's proximity. I looked around and…yup, there he was…sitting on the grass by himself - far away from the rest of the kids.

And I remembered my dad's words.

'What's meant to be will be. What's not, won't.'

Maybe a passionate love story wasn't in the cards for Edward and me, but no matter what, we'd always been good friends. There was only a week of school left, and Edward would be graduating. If I could help someone like Mike hold on to good memories of his hometown, couldn't I at least offer that to Edward too, if nothing else?

Couldn't I at least be a good memory for Edward?

Our eyes met, and my heart gave the usual jump it always did. The familiar butterflies fluttered in my stomach. As I walked over to him steadily, I thanked God for at least Edward's friendship. If it was all I could ever have of him, I was grateful for at least that.

I silently took a seat next to him on the warm grass.

"How are you doing, Bella?" he asked pleasantly, though he seemed a bit anxious this afternoon.

"Okay," I answered steadily. It had been a week since I'd sought Edward out at lunchtime, and my hands shook with nerves. I picked up his half-eaten apple and took a bite, looking for something to do while I calmed myself down. I couldn't help noticing how sweet the apple was, and I wondered if it was because his mouth had been on it.

"You sure?" he asked, his voice tinged with concern. "You've seemed sort of…out of it lately."

I needed to let him know that I was okay, that I'd be okay because no matter what, he seemed to at least care for me as a friend.

I shrugged carelessly and took another bite of his apple. "How are you doing, Edward? Getting excited about graduation?"

It was his turn to shrug. "I guess." His eyes trailed around the quad, his top lip curling up. "At least I won't have to see any of these clowns anymore."

His words hit me like a rock. No, pretty soon he wouldn't have to see any of us clowns anymore. He'd be gone, and I'd be left here…without him…

I dropped my eyes to my lap and chewed away at the apple that now tasted like sand in my mouth.

"No, I don't suppose you will," I agreed quietly. I put down the dry apple and tried for the tuna fish instead, but it tasted just as bland. Everything would be dry and bland without him. I looked around the quad, at faces that held little to no interest for me.

"It's hard, isn't it?" I murmured.

"What's hard?" he asked.

"Trying to fit in. Trying to stay true to yourself while at the same time…" At the same time accepting what can never be...

I had to change the subject or I'd end up in tears again. I had to accept the inevitable.

"So when are you heading off for UDub?" I asked, forcing myself to look in his eyes and accept that it would be one of the last times I'd do so.

"In a couple of weeks. I'm taking some summer classes to get a jump on things."

My smart Edward. But it meant I'd have to let go even sooner.

I nodded. "Will you…"

He's your friend, Bella. It's okay to ask him to keep in touch.

"Will you keep in touch, you know, email me once in a while or something, in between partying and meeting all those college girls?"

Accept the inevitable, Bella. Accept the inevitable.

Edward smirked. "Yeah, I doubt any of that will be happening."

"How come?' I asked curiously.

"In case you haven't noticed, I'm not exactly the type of guy that college girls go for," he said dryly.

"Then they're stupid," I pointed out.

He rolled his eyes and snorted. "Oh yeah, because I'm the catch of the year."

How much could I say without crossing that invisible line again? Without pushing the boundaries of friendship? He may not have felt for me what I felt for him, but that didn't mean he didn't have a right to feel it with someone else, whether it be with a college girl he'd meet in Seattle, or with Angela…

"Edward, you see yourself in a very negative light sometimes."

He frowned.

I sighed. Friends could point out their friends' good qualities, right?

"Do you…do you want to know what I see when I look at you?" And there went the heat in my face.

He looked startled by my question, but he nodded.

I plunged on. "When I look at you I see a sweet, smart, kind, talented and generous guy, not afraid to be himself, who has got so much to offer."

"That's 'cause you're the only one who's ever seen past the zits and four eyes," he blurted, and as soon as the words were out of his mouth he sucked his teeth, as if he wished he could just suck the words right back in, and looked away from me.

For a while, I didn't know what to say. How was it possible that Edward didn't realize how perfect he was? Could he really believe that a few pimples and a pair of glasses defined him? Didn't he see everything else beyond that - everything that I saw, that Angela obviously saw, that I was positive dozens and dozens of other girls probably saw, or would see soon? Yes, I'd heard the disgusting name some unknown immature idiot in school had come up with for him, but he couldn't possibly think that's what he was. Could he?

I didn't even realize I'd reached out for him until I felt the sparks that touching him always elicited, the warmth that enveloped my entire being. His beautiful face was cradled between my hands before I knew it, and I removed his glasses and brought his head up to meet my gaze, only wanting to let him know that he was so much more than what was on the outside. That I saw it and that if I could see it, then I was sure he'd find so many others that would too.

But that's not exactly what came out of my mouth, because one look into those sea-green eyes and the wanna-be artist inside took over and spoke for me.

"You have the most amazing eyes, Edward…like…clear windows. They're so bright and alive and…expressive." I bit my lip, because I knew what I was saying went beyond the realm of friendship, but I couldn't stop myself. "If…if I were…if I were to ever try to paint them, I'd use the brightest emeralds, the softest greens. And then I'd swirl in some browns - and even a little black sometimes." I cocked my head to the side, completely forgetting everything except the gift from nature I was gazing into. "But that wouldn't quite get it right either." I turned my head to the other side, trying to pick colors in my mind's eye. "Then I'd try to add some soft yellows, and maybe even-"

I gasped quietly when his hand covered mine, the one I'd been absently caressing his face with. "Bella…"

A fleeting thought went through my head as Edward held me locked in his gaze. A knowledge. An idea that, years from now, when I spoke to our grandchildren of the moment when I'd first realized that their grandfather loved me, this would be that moment.

"Bella, what the hell are you doing?"

The whine in that voice was capable of breaking any spell; apparently even the one Edward and I had been under. I looked up and there was Jessica, standing a few feet away with a wide scowl on her face. I watched her, still in a daze, as she came and plopped herself next to me. Edward tensed, and then I remembered I still had his glasses. I blinked back to the present and returned them sheepishly, wondering what he was thinking.

"I was looking for you to see what time you wanted to head for Port Angeles today. I want to get to the dress stores early, before all the good ones are gone!" she huffed.

Somewhere between quadratic equations and graphing inequalities, Jessica had talked me into going to Port Angeles for dresses today. I figured I might as well. There wasn't really anything in my closet suitable for a prom, unless I wore my best jeans and cleanest Converse.

Suddenly, another figure plopped itself at my other side, right in between the small space that existed between Edward and me. Edward moved over to make room for Mike.

"Hey Bella, I've been looking for you," he grinned. "I wanted to see if you and Jess wanted a ride into Port Angeles this afternoon."

I resisted a scowl in Jess's direction. Jeez, we'd just made plans less than an hour ago and she'd already blabbed them to Mike!

I sighed and looked down at my lap again. "No thanks, Mike. Jess and I should be fine on our own."

Mike shrugged. Edward remained silent to his left.

"Besides," Jess laughed at Mike, "you're not supposed to see the dress before prom."

I rolled my downcast eyes.

"Jessica, that rule's for weddings, not high school dances," Mike said dryly.

That right there was probably the one and only thing Mike had ever said that I fully and completely agreed with. Jessica got more and more dramatic with each passing day. I mean, we were all going to a stupid high school prom together, not getting married for God's sakes.

"Anyway," Mike went on, and abruptly he reached out and put an arm around my shoulder heavily, weighing me down. I kept my eyes low, feeling uncomfortable with his proximity, especially when he murmured loudly in my ear, "I'm sure whatever you wear, you'll be the hottest girl there."

So much for that fleeting moment of solidarity I'd felt with him - queue hot face.

"You're going to prom, Bella?" Edward suddenly asked.

I finally raised my eyes and nodded.

Yes, Edward. Not the way I'd wanted to go to prom, but yes, I'm going. And I'll force myself to be pleasant and supportive when I see you dancing with Angela…whispering in her ear…

"Yeah, she's going with me," Mike answered Edward.

Well, technically, we were all going in a group. But though Mike sort-of misspoke, I guessed there was no reason to get into technicalities.

"So Cullen, you asked that girl to prom yet?" Mike asked Edward, giving my shoulder a slight squeeze when he asked the question. I felt myself stiffen and kept my eyes low before they could betray me. "Cause if you're going to prom, maybe we can all share a limo?" he went on. "Tyler and Jess are coming with us, but I'm sure we can squeeze one more couple in. What do you think Bella?"

I raised my brows, surprised by Mike's sudden show of friendship towards Edward. Maybe he was finally realizing that Edward was a great guy. Maybe leaving Forks was making him homesick for real friendships.

I forced a smile for Mike, because it was a good first step towards him mending fences with Edward, and because even though the thought of sharing a limo with Edward and his date was like a dagger through the heart, I couldn't think of myself. If Edward and Mike wanted to forge some sort of friendship, I couldn't let my pain get in the way.

"Yeah, that sounds like a good idea," I said quietly and looked at Edward, chewing on my lip to keep from saying what I really wanted to say: I wanted to be your date. "What do you think, Edward? Would you and your date like to come with us?"

Edward stared at me for a few seconds before responding.

"No, I've decided not to go to prom after all." His voice sounded strange, but it was his words that caught me by surprise. Not going? I was torn between relief that he wouldn't be going with Angela, and confusion as to why he'd be missing his prom altogether.

"Oh," was all I managed to say back, dropping my eyes back down as I tried to understand why he wasn't going.

"Well that's too bad, man," I heard Mike say. "If you change your mind, let us know."

A strange silence filled the air for the space of five seconds, but before I could look up I heard Edward mutter, "I've got to go," and by the time my eyes did come back up, he was already on his feet, backpack flung over his shoulder as he booked it out of there at lightning speed.

"Edward!" I called out after him, baffled by his muttered words and his hasty departure, but he didn't even spare me a glance backwards. Instead, his pace picked up and before I could even take another breath, he was back inside the building.

"That's a shame," Mike murmured next to me, watching Edward disappear. "I guess Angie said 'no' to him."

"How do you know she said no to him?" I defended Edward quickly. Then I realized Mike still had his arm around my shoulder. I looked at it sideways and wiggled back and forth until he finally got the hint and dropped his arm. "Maybe he just made other plans."

Jessica snorted. "Yeah, other plans. Like sitting in front of the TV like a dork all night, popping his pimples."

My head slowly turned towards Jessica, and the evil smile fell from her face as soon as our eyes met. She swallowed thickly.

"Jess, you seriously have to be the most evil bitch this school has ever known."

"Yeah, Jess, that was pretty messed up," Mike agreed.

Jessica's big fat mouth dropped open. "What the hell?" she squealed, looking from me to Mike. "And since when do you defend Crusty Cullen, Mike? Who was the one that came up with-"

"Shut the hell up, Jess!" Mike hissed quickly, making Jessica's eyes grow wide.

She huffed indignantly, glowering between Mike and me. I picked up my backpack and stood up, shaking my head vehemently.

"Jess," I closed my eyes tightly before opening them back up, "You and I…" I kept shaking my head, "I can't…I just can't be friends with you anymore."

Her mouth formed a huge 'O'. "What the hell, Bella?" she screamed.

I shook my head once more and walked off quickly, hoping to find Edward again before the bell for next class rang. But I wasn't able to find him. In fact, I didn't see him again for the rest of the day.


My mind stayed on Edward for the rest of that afternoon, wondering why he'd run off so suddenly outside on the quad today, and why he'd skipped out on the rest of the day of school. Was something wrong? Was he sick? Concern gnawed away at me, but at the same time I felt…anxious, even…guilty, though I had no idea why. But Edward had been fine when I first sat down with him; he hadn't mentioned anything being wrong at home, or with his brother Emmett, who was off in college. Nor had he appeared sick or under the weather. He'd seemed his perfectly healthy, perfectly adorable self.

After dinner, I cleaned up the kitchen, did the dishes, and after checking on Charlie and making sure he was content with his game and a bottle of beer, I went up to my room and called Edward's house. We were friends, right? Friends could call friends just to say hello, just to make sure they were okay, that they weren't sick or something. His mom picked up, and after polite hellos and small talk, she said she'd get Edward for me. As she walked around the house, I could hear her steps through the phone, climbing upstairs to his room, I assumed. A small, bittersweet smile formed on my mouth when I heard the strings of guitar across the line. I could imagine his long, smooth fingers strumming expertly over his instrument. But as the sound got closer, I thought I detected a moody tone to this tune, an air of melancholy in the way he plucked at the strings.

"Edward honey, you have a phone call," I heard her announce, and I pictured her standing at his door. Then she whispered something, and though I couldn't hear what she'd said, I thought I heard my name in there.

The strumming stopped.

"I'm busy right now, mom."

I blinked, for a couple of seconds my mind a complete blank.

"Don't you want to speak to her?" Mrs. Cullen said. Well, she whisper-hissed, but I heard it.

"I said I'm busy." Unlike his mom, Edward's voice didn't go down one single octave. In fact, it seemed to rise higher; angrier.

And this time, unlike a few seconds ago, I did know what to think, what to feel – pain…deep, aching pain. Edward didn't want to speak to me.

'I said I'm busy.'

Those were the last words I heard Edward Cullen speak, for six long years.

Muffled noises traveled over the airwaves, voices drowned and dulled by a receiver being covered. And then Mrs. Cullen came back on the line.


"I'm here, Mrs. Cullen," I responded quietly.

"Yes, sorry, but Edward is kind of" – hesitancy – "busy at the moment. Would you like to call back?"

"No. Please just let him know I called," – I said in an empty voice while the corners of my eyes stung, "and that I'll see him in school tomorrow."

"Oh, sure. Okay. I'll let him know. Bye, Bella," she said anxiously, and then the echoing sound of a ring tone filled my ears. I hung up, but stood there, staring down at the phone, for a long time.

He completely avoided me after that.

In school, he said not one single word to me. In the classes we shared, he sat next to me and kept his head down, nostrils flaring, his square jaw clenched tight. He radiated anger and hostility. And it was all directed at me.


I tried to talk to him. I called him in the hallways, but he just sped up and kept walking without a glance in my direction. A couple of times in class, I tried to say something, but as soon as he'd realize I was about to speak he'd square his jaw and clench his fists over the table. His obvious fury scared me, leaving me speechless. Still, I looked for him at lunch time, but he was never around.

Mike showed up at my house the night of prom, that last weekend before the end of the school year, dressed in a dark tux. He had flowers, I think, but I can't be sure. I was too dazed and confused - my mind in chaos over Edward - to honestly remember.

His face fell when I opened the door in jeans and a black t-shirt, my feet in holey socks, my face gaunt and depressed.

"Bella, why aren't you ready?"

And then I realized, he'd still been expecting me to go to prom with him, even though I hadn't hung with him, or Jess, or any of them all week.

"Mike," I whispered, "I thought you understood. I'm not going."

His eyes flashed again, the way I'd realized they tended to when he was upset but was trying to hide it.

"You fought with Jessica, not with me."

"But I don't…" I sighed, "I just don't want to be part of this…group anymore."

He stared at me wordlessly for a couple of minutes, his face blank and impassive.

"Bella," he finally said, his voice cool and composed, "I know you don't want to hang out with Jessica anymore, but like I told you, I need one more normal night, one night out with my friends, to take with me when I go off to college."

"Mike," I shook my head, "I-"

"Jessica's not here," he blurted quickly. "I gave them the Limo and brought my car." He moved aside so I could look outside past him. And sure enough, his car was there.

"Please," he continued, his eyes pleading, "Let's just go for an hour or so, make an appearance, and then I'll bring you right back home."

"Mike-" I said, my voice apologetic.

"Please, Bella," he begged. "I can't…I can't lose face like this. I can't not show up at my own prom! And I can't show up by myself, and it's too late to ask someone else. You said you'd come. Please, just for an hour or so."

I closed my eyes and gritted my teeth, breathing in and out heavily. "I don't even own a dress, Mike," I muttered, my eyes still closed.

"Just come the way you are," he said, desperation etched in his voice. "I don't care, as long as you come."

I cursed myself internally. "Just for an hour?"

"Yes!" he agreed quickly. "Just for an hour. I promise!"

What followed was probably one of the worst ninety minutes of my life. We arrived at the school's gymnasium – which had been transformed for the night into a dance hall – with him in his tux and me in my best jeans and a button down lilac shirt. Mike had been quiet in the car, and I knew he was already upset at how the night had begun. I couldn't really say I blamed him. Maybe I should've made it clearer when I broke off my friendship with Jessica, that it also included my agreement to go to prom with him. But at the same time, I couldn't make myself care.

Edward wasn't speaking to me.

It was the only thought, the only preoccupation, the only truth that had consumed me for days now.

Though I looked horribly out of place, for the first few minutes of our arrival, Mike tried to be attentive to me - asking me if I wanted something to drink, if I wanted to dance, trying to gossip with me about the people present. But I was unable to give him any more than nods and shakes of the head, and honestly, more shakes of the head than nods. Finally, he seemed to give up, and when I next looked around the room, he was standing in a corner laughing and joking with his cronies Tyler and Eric while Jessica and her new best friend, Katie Marshall, stood off just a few feet from them, staring at the guys with open lust. I could tell they'd already gotten an early start to the fabled drunkenness that came with prom territory.

I wanted to leave.

I would leave.

Mike was entertained. I'd served my purpose. He hadn't had to walk in alone, and based on the looks Katie kept giving him, he wouldn't have to leave alone either if he didn't want to.

I slowly made my way towards the large double doors leading out of the gym, and then I spied Angela Weber, dancing slowly with a boy I recognized from a couple of my classes, Ben Cheney. He was a nice guy. Her eyes met mine as I walked past them towards the exit, and she smiled sweetly. I smiled back, and even though it was senseless considering Edward wasn't even speaking to me at this point, I felt a flood of relief again, that her interests apparently lay elsewhere. Still, as I wondered if she'd chosen Ben over Edward for tonight, I couldn't help feeling bad for Edward, if she'd been who he really wanted - if she was the reason he hadn't come to his own prom.

Mike never even called to make sure I got home safe that night.

As for Edward…

The last day of school, when the bell rang, I knew I'd run out of time. If I was ever going to find out why Edward had suddenly stopped speaking to me, it had to be now. I ran to his class, hoping to catch him, wanting to tell him so much if he'd finally let me.

And then I saw him. As I desperately made my way through the throng of students laughing and vibrating with excitement, congratulating themselves on another year over and done with and making plans for another summer of fun, I saw his beautifully wild head of bronze hair, his rigid shoulders, his quick and steady legs heading towards the doors, heading away from the small-minded students of Forks High School - heading away from me.

"Edward!" I called out, breathless from both my sprint to this corner of the building and the anxiety that had been churning in my chest for a week now. "Edward!"

I knew he heard me. I knew because for just a split second, his eager feet stilled, and he stopped in that hallway, his back to me. For one split second Edward stood there, tall, angry, and refusing to turn.

And then he ran.

I followed him until I reached the double doors and saw him fumble with his car keys as he turned on his ignition and fled away, tires screeching, black skid marks over the concrete.

Not one look back.

No good-bye.

I wasn't the princess. He wasn't the prince.

The fairy-tale would never happen.

And the world…it kept spinning.

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