Colors of sins


"Bailey, you should have a look at this!" Somehow in a hurry the young man came running into the office of Special Agent Malone.

Bailey knew these appearances of his colleague and smiled amused. "What's the matter, George?"

The younger man, who not long ago had still been a police-known but nevertheless gifted hacker until Bailey had taken him into his team, shove a sheet of paper right under his bosses nose. "Look at this!" he repeated.

Bailey took the sheet out of his hand, frowned and read it, and the frown deepened.

"I got this e-mail ten minutes ago", Fraley explained. "At the beginning I didn't see it at all, but then... What shall we do with it?"

Malone looked up. "What would you say?"

"Me?" Fraley was taken by surprise. It was rare that his boss asked him for his opinion. He hesitated, glanced at the paper then said: "Well, I'd think it to be...unfair somehow not to answer her. Just 'cause she had the courage to write to us."

Bailey skimmed through the mail once more. "And her interest also doesn't seem to be pretended..." He lifted his head and looked into George's face. "Subject her to an exam."

His mouth open George stared at him. "What?"

Malone smiled amused. „Ask her some questions. She's written she'd dealt close with our unit – I wanna know how good she really knows us. Who applies somewhere has to pass an entrance examination. Come on, George! You know how this works!"

Still irritated and even not really convinced Fraley nodded slowly and left Malone's office.

Giving another amused smile the Special Agent leaned back and clasped his hands behind his head.