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Chapter 8

Lysander watched as Harry was seated on the small chair for what felt an eternity. He was getting rather nervous about what the outcome of the sorting was going to be.
The hat had offered him the chance of Slytherin the first time he'd been sorted and who knew what Harry was going to do.

With luck, Harry would still pick anything but Slytherin as Lysander didn't want Harry to loose the friendship he'd have with Ron and Hermione.
Besides, his father was bound to have a heart attack if Harry went to his house, not to mention everyone else. Besides Lysander wasn't sure he could cope with being in the same house as himself.

"Gryffindor!" The hat finally announced, making the Gryffindor table roar and cheer as Harry somewhat dazedly made his way over.
Some of the older Slytherins sighed with disappointment, much to Lysanders surprise. They couldn't have been wanting Harry to sort into Slytherin could they?

"Oh, well. I guess you were right about him wanting to go to Gryffindor." Draco said sounding apologetic. The look of outmost relief on his face bellied his words however and Lysander snorted quietly.

"Yes well that was what he wrote in his last letter at least." Lysander answered lightly.

"Harry Potter wrote you a letter?" One of the Slytherins asked surprised, looking away from the sorting that was still ongoing.

"Yes, our mothers knew each other and we've become friends." Lysander said lightly, making Draco twitch beside him.

"I know him too, we met it Diagon Alley. He's ok, shame about him hanging with the Weasley though." Draco said, ignoring the look of surprise from Lysander.

Lysander glanced at Gryffindor table where Harry congratulated Ron, who'd just sat down looking ecstatic, and then joined the others in his house clapping for Blaise Zabini who removed the hat from his head and now made his way towards the Slytherin table.

Professor McGonagall removed the three legged stool and the hat, before making her way over to her seat at the head table.

The Headmaster stood bringing silence to the hall.

"Welcome!" He said, beaming down at them all.
Lysander, who had heard the speech before, took a moment to digest the fact that he was once again surrounded by his school friends. He looked over at the Gryffindor table and suffered a pang of regret. It would be very odd living in the dungeon with the rest of the snakes after having spent so many years with the lions.

At the sight of the twins seated together, smirking about something, his stomach made a little flip. He couldn't believe that he had been given this second chance to do better. George suddenly turned and met his eyes across the hall and nudged Fred, they smiled wickedly back at him giving him the creeps.
Great, he hoped he wasn't going to be targeted by the duo.

"Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak! Thank you!" Dumbledore finished, bringing Lysanders attention back to the here and now.
He snorted quietly and vowed to one day ask the headmaster what he meant with those words.

"Father says that Dumbledore is a bit mad and I'm bound to agree after that little speech." Draco drawled, eyeing the headmaster with a bored look before turning to Lysander.

"He's quite clever actually. Everyone thinks he's a bit barmy, when in reality he's one of the most intelligent wizards of our time. He makes you underestimate him which then gives him the opportunity to observe and plan. I for one wouldn't want to duel him." Lysander said with a shrug, reaching for the potatoes which had appeared with the rest of their feast. Draco blinked and looked back up at the Head table with a calculating look.

"I guess…" He muttered, when all Dumbledore did was beam down at his food with delight.

"I didn't know Professor Snape had a kid." One of the older girls said, leaning closer to study him.
Lysander fought the urge to fidget and stared back at her with an arched brow, knowing it was a Snape look.
"He's the best teacher we have and I'm not just saying that because he's our head of house. All the other teachers favour their own houses but Snape looks after us." She said, making more than one student nod. Lysander thought that, that sounded as if Snape favoured his own house too but didn't question the logic.

"Yes, everyone else always blames us for anything that goes wrong, but Professor Snape makes sure that we really did it, before punishing us." Another student added.

"He's the best." A third agreed, getting even more nods from further up the table.
Lysander smiled at them somewhat perplexed, before continuing with his food. Really, what was he to add to that? A review of how he was as a father?

"He's my godfather!" Draco quickly injected, least they forget about him. He received a few envious looks before the interest died out.
A sudden gasp from Draco made Lysander turn.

The Bloody Baron had appeared and floated next to the somewhat paler Draco. Lysander hid a smile, and glanced away from Draco's scared face.

"Hello sir, it is an honour to meet you." Lysander said politely, earning strange looks from the others.
The Baron eyed him for a moment with piercing eyes before inclining his head slightly and gliding away as quietly as he appeared.

"Who was that?" Draco asked as soon as the ghost was out of sight, shuddering slightly.

"The Bloody Baron. He lived here at the castle at the same time as the founders, can you imagine the things he knows? I'd be respectful to him if you see him again." Lysander cautioned, ignoring the looks cast his way again at that snippet of information.

"How in the bloody hell would you know that?" The girl who'd spoken to him earlier asked in a disbelieving tone.
Lysander eyed her silently whilst trying to think of an answer.

"His dad is Professor Snape!" Another student pointed out derisively, rolling his eyes. The girl blushed and looked down on her plate, leaving Lysander to continue with his meal in peace.

Glancing up towards his father, he followed the mans gaze to Harry, who sat rubbing his forehead with a frown.
Lysander looked at Quirrell thoughtfully, he still hadn't made up his mind about what to do with the man. Or Voldemort for that matter.
Catching the mans name in a conversation further up the table, he did his best to hear what they were saying.

"I don't get why Dumbledore let him get the defence job. I mean, how in the world are we going to learn any good spells from that muggle lover?" A boy, Lysander guessed to be a seventh year complained bitterly.

"I know, and he's scared of his own shadow to make matters worse. I say we teach him a lesson, perhaps a scare or two will make him reconsider his new position." One of his friends suggested with a smile, making the rest of his listeners lean closer.

"Lysander!" Draco whined, waving a hand in front of his face. Lysander frowned, he wanted to know why they called Quirrell a muggle lover.
"Are you listening?" Draco asked, pouting somewhat crossly at him.

"Sorry Draco, I didn't mean to be rude." Lysander said, focusing on his blond friend and making a mental note to find out more information about Quirrell.

"I was saying…" Draco started, before sighing dramatically when Dumbledore stood again bringing the hall to silence.

"Ahem, just a few more words now that we are all fed and watered. I have a few start of term notices to give you." Dumbledore said gazing down at them fondly. Lysander let his thoughts wander again, pondering the words of the older Slytherins.
He was jolted back when Draco nudged him sharply in the stomach.

"Do you think that he is serious?" Draco asked, looking appalled when the other students started singing the school song. Lysander eyed him puzzled for a moment.
"About the third floor corridor! Painful death and that!" He added, rolling his eyes at Lysander.

"Definitely, I hear they are keeping one of Hagrid's pets there, for safe keeping." Lysander said, smiling wickedly at his own cleverness. Draco eyed him confused and Lysander had to explain.
"Hagrid likes the more unusual pets. The more dangerous and vicious the better." He added, making Draco eye the big man in a new light.

"I thought he was a dimwit. Father says that he is a savage and shouldn't be allowed on school grounds for fear of our safety." Draco said, making Lysander grit his teeth. Sometimes he still wanted to smack the blond, it took immense self control at times like this to stop himself.

"A music, a magic beyond all we do here! And now, bedtime. Off you trot!" Dumbledore said as the singing finally ended with the twins, earning him another dubious look from Draco.

"Are you sure that he is all there?" He asked again, making Lysander roll his eyes.

They followed their Prefect down towards the dungeons and Lysander thought longingly of his own room down in his fathers quarters.

"First Blood." The prefect said loud enough for all the first years to hear and a hidden stone door slid open.
There were excited whispers as they entered the Slytherin common room getting their first look at their new home-away from home.

A throat clearing loudly brought silence to the room.

"Thank you Miss Kale, you may join your friends at the back." Professor Snape instructed, before gazing down at the first years with pinning eyes.
The older students stayed further back in the common room as silent spectators.
"I trust that you are all satisfied from the feast. I have a few words of my own to add to the Headmasters, you may be seated as I impart them." There was a bit of scuffling before all first years were seated, some on the floor.
Snape stared at them for a moment, until the silence was such that you could hear a pin drop.
" Congratulations! You have all been sorted into Slytherin house. Take a good look around, the students near to you are now your second family, you will protect them, aid them and always work together to bring Slytherin house the honour it stands for." Lysander gazed around at the students, many of who had become Deatheaters and silently sighed.
"Slytherin has won the house cup for the past six years and I expect we will again this year. Do not disappoint me." Snape said, eyeing them all with his dark eyes, including the older students as his gaze swept the room.
"Should you have any questions, the prefects and I are here to help but do not waste our time needlessly." He added, making them all glance at the prefects who looked far more approachable than their head of house.

"You will be on time for all classes and curfews, respectful to all your teachers and dignified when outside the Slytherin area. I do not take lightly on insubordination so you will behave or suffer the consequences." He threatened, making them nod obediently.
"Now go to bed, I wish for you to be well rested for the classes ahead. The prefects will be available tomorrow morning to guide you to the Great hall should the need arise. Goodnight." The older students clapped, before scattering in all directions chatting excitedly with each other.

Lysander moved over to his father at the mans beckon.
"You did well son, I am very pleased to have you in Slytherin. How was your journey here?" Snape questioned, straightening Lysander tie gently. Lysander felt a small blush rise, at the looks he was given by the other students, but felt ridiculously pleased at the mans attention.

"The journey went well sir." Lysander answered quietly, mindful that he'd been instructed to call his father sir, when out among students.

"What about me uncle Sev?" Draco quipped, fidgeting next to Lysander.

"Your father will be most pleased Draco, he never doubted where you would end up though. I expect you to send him and your mother a letter without delay." Snape instructed, to which Draco nodded importantly. Snape touched Lysanders chin once before nodding and walking towards the exit.

"Man, I'd be so scared to have my father as a teacher." Theodore Nott said, shaking his head slowly.

"Right! Listen up! Find a roommate and make sure it's a good one!" One of the male prefects called out, looking bored.
"Found one? Great, follow me!" He walked towards the end of the common room and motioned towards two separate corridors.
"Girls left, boy's right!" He called, staring at them.
"Well?! Get to it!" He rolled his eyes and left them to explore.

Lysander, who had Draco glued to his side glaring at any and all who dared come near them, opened the first door he could find.
"Nice." Draco exclaimed, walking past Lysander into the room with a swagger.

There were two four-poster beds dominating the room, the bedding green of course. A lavish wardrobe each to hang their clothes in and a large desk for them to do their homework on. The room had a greenish tint to it and Lysander noticed that they had two skylights letting in a faint green light from the lake above.

A sudden noise had them both turning, it was their trunks appearing at the end of their beds. House elves, Lysander guessed.

He spotted a door next to one of the beds and found an en-suite bathroom made out in green marble. The ceiling had another roof light and he hoped that the mere-people wouldn't come and peek as they showered.

He re-entered the room to find Draco busy penning a letter. He walked over and helped himself to a roll of parchment, his grandfather would be insulted if he didn't write him a letter, informing him of his new house.

Lysander tried to remember what Harry and Ron were doing right now up in Gryffindor tower, but had a hard time remembering that far back.
He and Draco finished writing their letters and got dressed into their sleepwear before crawling into bed.
"Father will be so proud." Draco murmured sleepily, as they lay in the darkness waiting for sleep to claim them. The green light made Lysander slightly nauseous so he pulled the curtains close and hummed in agreement. Hoping that Draco would fall asleep soon, as he himself was exhausted and then he finally fell into a deep sleep.

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