As mentioned in the description, I'll be uploading one chapter for each and every pikmin idea I've got. The reason I feel inspired to do this after a long period of not writing anything pikmin-related is that it's been unofficially confirmed that Pikmin 3 will be moved to Nintendo's next console and will be shown at E3. According to insiders, the graphics look "drop dead gorgeous".

But enough with my absurdly long sentences. Those of you who are familiar with my pikmin species (and by "those of you", I mean just Dspr...) may notice that I've made some changes to them. Enjoy!

I'm going to start out with black pikmin, and next chapter will have pink pikmin, because I feel those two colors have the highest chance of being in the next game (pink more so than black). I could explain why, but I lack the inclination at the moment...

Olimar was standing in a trench; not so deep as to merit a "cave" status, but deep enough to be shrouded in darkness. He had entered through a small burrow entrance, and was standing before something that seemed very bizarre.

It was an Onion he had just activated. A Black Onion. But that wasn't the strange part.

This Onion had no stilts. It remained firmly planted in the ground, and it was surrounded by four "roots" that stood slanted out of the soil. Olimar could only assume they were connected to the Onion somehow...

Olimar reluctantly turned his attention to the black sprout that was wiggling before him. Logic told him that such a strange onion should produce a strange pikmin in return. But he had to suck it up. Any new species was worth cataloging, and it may turn out to be of great use to him. He gripped the stem and, performing the usual motions, sent it flying out of the ground with a clump of cold dirt.

Luckily, the pikmin's appearance was by no means freakish. Its proportions were identical to that of a red or a blue pikmin, and its hands and feet were colored white, giving it a rather forgiving appearance. He was, however, drawn back slightly by the yellow sclerae of its eyes, as opposed to the usual white.

The ship's reactor went off noisily with excitement.

"Olimar, this pikmin bears no resemblance to any of the species encountered on our last expedition. It must be brand new! Wait, what's this? My sensors tell me that this pikmin's physical structure is more durable than normal..."

Olimar set off with his new "friend", but the moment he walked into the sun, it shrieked and back up into the shadows again. The ship contacted Olimar again.

"This is peculiar. The specimen refuses to follow you any further. It's retreated into the shadows..."

"...Olimar, could it be that this species fears light...?"

The black pikmin is an interesting breed. They are highly heliophobic, meaning they fear sunlight. They will only follow Olimar in areas that are covered in shadow, making their usefulness extremely limited above ground. However, they have free run when underground, where their abilities will come in handy. First off, their durability gives them a 50-50 chance of surviving an explosion. Second, they can survive radiation, which appears in the form of radiation panels. Glowing green, these panels kill non-blacks instantly and cannot be destroyed. They often serve as "gates" to limit access of certain areas to black pikmin. Others are simply pedestals for desirable objects that, obviously, only the black pikmin would be capable of retrieving.

Since black pikmin can only be taken to places via a "path of shadow", not all caves are immediately accessible to them. Sometimes, you'll need to put in a little work to make them accessible (i.e. building a bridge overhead to form a shadow). Since they're area specific and have much less range than the primary colors, they're considered a "secondary" type, like bulbmin.

When using them, it's advised to avoid Solworms as their glow resembles sunlight and will cause them to scatter.

Also, their Onion feeds on spoils by absorbing them with its bowl-shaped root tips, as opposed to its underside like other Onions. It doesn't follow you into the atmosphere; instead, there are multiple Onions, and each one is region specific.