Okay so i was bored and wanted to make a new story so im going to make a new one so here it goes (:

Summary:When Amu was 6 years old she met a young boy named Ikuto but Ikuto had a step brother named Tadase and they did not get along very well to be honest they fought every time they were by each other a couple years later when amu was 14 her parents died and she lived with Ikuto and Tadase but when she was 16 Tadase's mother divorced Ikuto's father so they fought over who was going to keep Amu. So they let her choose, Her 2 years of being their she fell madly in love with the eldest son Ikuto but she was currently dating Tadase so his mother made her come with them so it wasnt even her chocie even though they said it was. A few years have passed and she is now 21 still dating Tadase but little does she know what he has been doing since that night that he first tried acohol.