Maractus has just about got every single Pokemon there was to get with her crying potion. She even managed to make the likes of Darmanitan and Cofagrigus cry their hearts out. As Maractus rubbed her hands together with glee that her experiment worked, she headed back down to her lab, to place some more goop in her now empty glass. Just then, Scrafty blasted through one of the walls with a Hi Jump Kick, scaring Maractus, who nearly dropped her glass. Sigilyph and Krokorok followed, both of them disappointed in Maractus.

"Maractus! You should have known better!" Sigilyph exclaimed as his yellowish wings flapped harder and harder. "Making everyone cry... who would want such a thing!"

Maractus waved her spiky arms back at Sigilyph in defense. "But Sigilyph, it's just an experiment! Surely you wouldn't mind that I would-"

Scrafty growled as he pulled down his face, his eyes twitching like crazy. "Yeah, but now all I hear in the damn desert are those Pokemon cries! It drives me crazy!" He then grabbed Maractus, clenching his right fist. "You better have an antidote ready, or-"

"P-please!" Maractus pleaded as she gulped, frightened by Scrafty's intimidation. "I haven't even thought of an antidote! I wasn't sure that this crying potion was going to work in the first place!"

Silence. Scrafty dropped Maractus as he stepped back, awestruck as Sigilyph and Krokorok were just as surprised.

"So let me get this straight. You made this crying potion, with absolutely no guarantee that it would work?" Krokorok asked as he had a puzzled look on his face.

Maractus nodded as she sniffled. "Yeah... it's not like that I was anticipating success... all of my other experiments ended wrong!" She then began crying loudly herself.

Scrafty was taken back by surprise. "Wait... why is she crying all of a sudden?"

Sigilyph floated above Maractus, gasping as he saw that Maractus accidentally placed her right hand in the green goop. "Her hand is in the stuff that makes the potion! Quick, what will be able to cancel this out?"

Scrafty and Krokorok both rubbed their chins as they pondered, while Sigilyph helped get Maractus' hand out from the goop. Maractus continued crying as she covered her face, falling down to her stubby legs as Sigilyph tried his best to calm her down.

"All I wanted was for a potion to go right, just one," Maractus sobbed as she rubbed her eyes. "I kinda got carried away when my crying potion proved to be successful... sniffle..."

Krokorok suddenly got an idea, and he grabbed an empty red vase, smashing it on Maractus' head. Maractus was knocked out cold as she fell on the floor, yellowish swirlie eyes in place of her normal beedy eyes. Sigilyph glared at Krokorok, who shrugged in defense as Scrafty facepalmed.

"Way to go, Krok. The one thing that could have helped Maractus was some soothing, and you slam her head with a vase." Sigilyph dismissed as his wings flapped harder.

Krokorok snapped back, shaking his left fist at Sigilyph. "Well, I didn't know what else there was for me to do! It was that or beat her up!"

Scrafty did a double take at Krokorok. "Beat up a girl? Man, you guys don't have standards, do you?"

Silence. The three male Pokemon glanced back down at Maractus, then at each other.

"So... there's no hope in getting much of an antidote, is there?" Sigilyph responded as he sighed.

Krokorok and Scrafty both shook their heads. All sighing in unison, the three desert Pokemon headed out of the lab, leaving behind the knocked out Maractus, who mumbled weakly as her right leg began twitching.

So yeah, these three guys basically went and beat the living hell out of pretty much everyone who was infected by the crying potion? Why? Because there was no better solution.


"Wait a minute!" maractus shouted, appearing on screen over the end, her hands on her hips. "Aren't you gonna tell us what happens to little ol-"