One Crazy School Year.

Summary: Summer's over, and school has begun. It's Junior year for Tom and Rory, and it's twice as difficult, add some vengeful, evil aliens and some mean parents, nothing's going to run smoothly...

Chapter One: Funky Ricky.

I sighed as I zipped up the last of my bags. I sat down on my bed and looked out the window. It was the day I had been dreading ever since our first night here. The end of vacation and more importantly… The day I had to separate from Jake. I wiped away the tears that were beginning to drip from my eyes. No. I wouldn't cry. Not in front of Tom. Not in front of Jake. Not in front of anyone.

"Ready to roll?" Tom's voice caught me off guard. After I recovered from the slight shock, I spun to face him.

"Erm… Yeah… Uh… Where's Jake?" I asked. He gave me a look, probably noticing the tears in my eyes.

"Are you okay, Rory?" He asked, ignoring my original question. I let out a fake laugh I hoped he believed.

"O-o-of c-c-course I a-a-a-am! W-w-why wouldn't I b-b-b-be?" I questioned, he didn't fail to notice my voice's change in octave or my stutter..

"You still can't lie to me Rory. We figured that out in 2nd grade." He said. I instantly slumped, he was right… Man, I hate admitting that! But I usually have to say it… Cause he's almost always right…

"Rory!" His voice cut off my train of thought.

"I'm here!" I exclaimed, shaking my head.

"What's wrong? Really?" He asked.

"I told y-y-you… N-n-nothing." I replied, looking away from him and out the window where Nate, Mr. P and Jake were loading our bags into the truck. I sighed again.

"You still suck at lying to me and let's face it… You always will. Now tell me what's wrong." Tom said. I looked at him and shrugged.

"I'm just going to miss Jake… That's all… I mean what if he goes back home and finds some like… Barbie doll… And sees that she's everything he's ever wanted and is like 100 times better than me then falls in love with her and completely forgets I even exist!" I exclaimed, falling backwards onto my bed, throwing an arm over my face. Tom let out a hearty laugh. Why the hell is he laughing when I'm in the middle of a crisis? What kind of best friend is that? I lifted my arm to look at him with one eye.

"What's so funny?" I demanded.

"You *laugh* honestly think *laugh* Jake would leave *laugh* you?" He exclaimed, almost in tears. I sat up and glared at him.

"Why is that funny?" I exclaimed. I waited a good five minutes before he calmed down enough to answer me,

"He could never leave you. He's crazy about you." He assured me, I rolled my eyes.

"That doesn't stop him from falling in love with someone else! It happens all the time!" I exclaimed. Tom rolled his eyes.

"Trust me, he'd never leave you… If he did, I'd kick his ass." He said. I let out a laugh.

"Yeah, whatever you say Tommy." I said. He faked hurt, placing his hand over his heart

"You don't think I could kick his ass for you? You think you're the muscle of this friendship?" He asked, I gave him a knowing look.

"Okay, dumb question. But it does hurt... To the core Rory... To the core." He said, I laughed and punched him weakly "Anyway, I'm gonna go send him up here. We're leaving soon. Mom wants to get back before it's too late." He said. I nodded and he got up and grabbed my bags from my bed and walked out. I sighed and pulled my legs up to my chest and rested my chin on my knees.

"Hey baby." Jake's voice sounded from the doorway, I jumped a little and looked at him.

"Hey." I smiled. He walked over and pulled me up and engulfed me in a tight hug.

"I can't believe the summer is almost over." He admitted, kissing the top of my head,

"I know." I muttered in agreement, hugging his waist.

"But we're going to see each other as soon as we can." He assured, pulling away to look me in the eyes.

"Hopefully." I breathed out.

"I promise." He said. I nodded and he kissed me lightly. I instantly kissed back, he pulled me tighter to him.

"RORY! WE'RE LEAVING!" Hannah's voice cut through the air, ruining the moment completely. We pulled apart slowly.

"I guess we should get down there." I said. He nodded regretfully and kissed me again. We pulled apart and he grabbed my hand and we walked downstairs after I made sure I had everything.

"Ready?" Mrs. P asked. No. I shrugged.

"As I'll ever be." I replied. She gave me a small smiled before walking out the door. I was so shocked when the adults found out, they were so cavalier! They were just like 'Oh, okay, we're watching you'. It was so bizarre…. Jake and I followed her outside, where the rest of the family was saying goodbye. I hugged the twins tightly.

"Behave yourselves and keep an eye on your brother for me." I chuckled.

"We will." They replied, grinning. I smiled and hugged them once more and then turned to Nana .

"It was nice to see you again dear." She smiled, I smiled back and hugged her then Nate. I hugged Jake once more and climbed into the car after Tom and Beth. Since the whole Ricky issue, Beth and I have gotten closer and she's nicer. As Mr. Pearson started the car, I looked back at Jake. He flashed me a sad smile which I returned with a small wave, my eyes didn't leave him until he completely disappeared from view. I turned back forward and rubbed the tears away as they started forming, while also faking a yawn, to make it seem like I was tired.

"Rory, are you staying the night tonight?" Tom asked.

"Yeah, I doubt my parents are back from whatever they're doing." I replied. Or if they will even come back….

"All right." He said. I nodded and grabbed my iPod and put it in my ears. After about an hour, the earpiece was ripped from my ear.

"Hey!" I exclaimed.

"Calm down. We're watching a movie. Mom and Hannah are asleep, it's up to us." Beth explained, grinning at the last part. I smirked and grabbed the DVD case. You see, we have to keep the movies G- PG-13 with Hannah and Mrs. P around. Mr. P doesn't really care what we watch, as long as we don't recite the language around him.

"Okay, we've got The Hangover, Boondock Saints, Boondock Saints 2, Epic Movie, and well… That's it… Where's all the good movies?" I asked. They laughed.

"Mom usually checks the cases. We're lucky we got those." Beth replied.

"But you're 17, shouldn't you be able to watch what you'd like?" I asked her.

"You'd think so, but I still live at home." She said

"Oh, okay. That's understandable." I replied. She nodded

"All right, hand me the movie." Tom demanded. We both looked at him,

"Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning." I said, passing him the movie.

"No, I just don't feel like listening to chick talk." He snapped, snatching it from my grasp.

"Well then!" I gasped.

"Besides it wasn't even chick talk. This is chick talk. So, Rory. What do you think of Sean Farris?" Beth chimed in, turning to me with a triumphant smirk.

"Oh my God! He's freaking gorgeous!" I exclaimed.

"Oh no…" Tom groaned.

"What about Penn Badgely?" She asked.

"Oh, sexy!" I laughed.

"Okay, okay, stop!" Tom said, placing his hands over his ears.

"Crybaby." I scoffed. He glared at us before placing the movie in the DVD player and handing us each headphones.

"Headphones?" Beth asked.

"In case Mom wakes up and hears the movie." He explained.

"Smart." I said.

"I know." He smirked. Beth and I rolled our eyes and placed the headphones on our heads. Sometime during the movie, I fell asleep. When I woke up, it was lunch time.

"We're stopping at Golden Corral." Tom informed, I nodded and checked my phone. I had a text from Jake, I smiled and opened it.

Hey baby, I miss you all ready. I'll call you tomorrow. (: I'll be driving so idk when I can text you. But I will when I can. Love you.

He sent it at 11:20, it was only 11:45, we had left around 5 in the morning. I sighed and replied. Hehe, that rhymed. I'm a poet and I didn't even know it. Haha, oh. Sorry. Back to the story.

I miss you too babe. I hope we can see each other soon. And okay, be careful. Love you too.

I plugged my phone into it's charger and leaned against the window

"Are we there yet?" Hannah whined. Just as she said this, we pulled into the parking lot. My stomach let out a loud growl. After lunch, we spent the rest of the time on the road and we finally got back home at 3:30. After unloading the car, it was 4:45 and Beth, Tom and I were bored.

"Hey, look who it is…" I said, pointing to the yellow car that was driving by with my cousin. We had up in Tom's room unpacking.

"I wonder where he's going." Beth said.

"Let's go find out." I smirked, holding up the control that still connected to the mind plug in his neck.

"Hell yeah!" Tom laughed. We all put on our shoes and ran out the door. After a few minutes, we found Ricky's car. Parked outside of a house. We crept up to the porch and hid, I pulled out my cell phone as Ricky walked up the stairs with some flowers.

"What's he doing?" Beth asked.

"We'll see…" I muttered. He rang the doorbell and a female answered.

"Annie!" He yelled.

"Ricky! I thought you were at your lake house?" She exclaimed.

"Well vacation ended early, so I decided to stop by. So come here and give papa some sugar!" He handed her the flowers and went to kiss her, but stopped.

"Whoa oh, ladies." He laughed

"It's girls night out!" Annie laughed.

"But you could come… If you like dancing?" She asked.

"Dancing?" Ricky asked.

"Click it." Beth demanded Tom. He did and Rick straightened out.

"You ain't even seen dancing til you've seen Funky Ricky!" Beth spoke. Then Tom began making him dance all around. He did a few twirls, then some hip thrust thing. I was dying laughing. Beth and Tom switched.

"WEDGIE TIME!" He exclaimed, pulling his pail pink underwear up out of his pants. Then Tom had him climb on to the railing.

"CANNONBALL!" He shouted, jumping down.

"Hey guys, I think he's hungry." I laughed. Tom made him snatch the flowers from Annie's hand and take a huge bite.

"Turn him off!" Tom said, Beth hit the button and he turned normal again.

"Ricky…. You're acting really… Weird!" Annie hissed.

"What are you talking about?" He chuckled, spitting out a mouthful of flowers.

"Back on!" I said, she did and we made him grab a vase full of greenish looking water and made him drink it, then we made him look like he was a fountain.

"Time for the big finale." Beth said. She made him grab the railing and he swung on it and he landed on it, legs spread. I guess the pain jolted him awake because he returned to normal and screamed his head off. I cracked up even more, and then we heard a door slam.

"I guess it's over with Annie." Tom said.

"I'm so keeping this." Beth grinned we laughed again and watched as Ricky lay on the ground, in pain and possibly embarrassment. And what was even better? I got it all on tape! Talk about YouTube material! We took this as an opportunity to make a run for it before he saw us. We ran home, and walked in still laughing. Mr. and Mrs. P were in the kitchen.

"Kids, where have you been? And what's so funny?" Mrs. P asked.

"Funky Ricky!" I responded through my laughter. They just shook their heads and walked away.

"We're going out to dinner! Be ready by 7!" Mr. P called over his shoulder. None of us could reply though.

Hey all! Sorry for the dalay! I've been super busy with school, plus my majors writers block! That explains the suckiness of this chapter and the terrible title for the story. Sorry for that... Tell me what you think. It will get better, I promise. And for the people waiting on my Little Vampire story, it will be posted later tonight or tomorrow. (:

Much Love.