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Bardock Reborn

Background: Ryanna is a human that has lived at Capsule Corps since the reincarnation of Buu. Since she has been an assistant of Bulma Briefs she has figured out the secret of the Saiyans and the mysteries of the Cell games and the Z fighters past. What she doesn't know is that she would become more involved than she originally planned.

Chapter 20: Where do I go from here?

Frieza's tyranny ended, and trillions of people from all over the universe and rejoiced for their new found freedom. With effort Ryanna insisted on bringing Saiyans to a peaceful way to restart their community. After all, their main source of income just went up in flames.

Ryanna suggested creating new income, and explained the complex system of cash and credit to King Vegeta, and the ways people of Earth lived. Search parties were sent looking for valuable resources, such as minerals, liquidations, and such for exchange and creation.

The next problem was the lack of fighting. Without planet broking the Saiyans were forced to argue and fight amongst themselves for entertainment. Ryanna had a suggestion for that too, and explained about the World Martial Arts Tournament back on Earth. He wasn't entirely thrilled with the idea of borrowing ideas from another planet, but seeing as he owed her his life, he found retribution in reforming his people, and yet keeping to their own style.

The biggest problem Ryanna worried about was the rest of the Cold Family. From what she understood, Frieza had a brother and father who were known to be vengeful. So to her surprise came a plea of surrender. The Frost Colony had heard of the growing power of the Saiyans, as well as the knowledge of a known Super Saiyan, and like cowards they agreed to keep their own planet separated.

Was this legit? She didn't know, but after seeing them on the screen, and the fear that had registered on their faces when she coldly delivered the negotiations, she had a feeling they would keep to their end of the bargain. If not, Vegeta and the rest of the Saiyan population could handle them. After all, she had installed gravity chambers in every training room on the planet.

There were other little details, and small bits of information on her part, but for the most part Ryanna felt that her job was done. After a year and a half of living here, she had changed history, and she hoped it was for the better. Now all that was left was to decide where to go from there.

She and Bardock never spoke of it, but she still had debates about returning to her own time, back with Bulma and the others at Capsule. After all, she already changed one thing, and who knows what sort of complications would arise if she ever unintentionally bumps into her other self? The real problem was her and Bardock. Frankly, she didn't want to leave.

She had found a home, not on Planet Vegeta, but in Bardock. She had found a man who loved her for everything she was, everything she had and still aspired to be. What was more she had fallen for his little boy, Radditz, and was even more interested in meeting little Kakarott.

"What are you working on, Angel?" Bardock rested a hip on her work desk as she fiddled with a device.

"An inter-dimensional radio, I've been out of touch with my own time, and Bulma's probably insanely worried I haven't responded."

"Ah, I see, do you still want to return?" It bothered him, because he already knew the answer.

"Yes, but less than I did before." She looks up through her goggles and smiled. "So long as I'm with you, I can be and go anywhere, and be home."

Touched, Bardock leaned down brushing his lips on her forehead. His tail sought hers and he pushed the device away before pulling her to her feet. "Then, let us go, I'll go with you to your time."

In awe Ryanna stared wide-eyed. "You want to go to my time?"

"Why not, from what you told me I don't exist there, so no one will know the difference." He smirked and lifted her to her feet. "I have ways of convincing you."

"I'm sure, but I had a hard ass comment. What about your son?"


"Yes, and Kakarott, I mean you can go and see him anytime you like now. He's safe and sound on Earth, growing up peacefully." She linked her hands behind his neck. "He deserves to know the hero that is his father."

"I'm not the hero."

"Yes you are, you saved me, and risked your life to protect me. As much as it annoyed me at the time I can still appreciate it, and love that about you." She nuzzled his face. "I think I've softened you." She let out a whoosh of breath when she was dropped and she frowned. "Well, really!"

"Don't push your luck, Angel. I'm no softie!" *he helped her up and kept her hand in his. "I can kick anyone's ass from here to the moon and barely break a sweat."

"I didn't say you couldn't, but you're far more emotional since I've been here."

"I know what you're trying to do, Angel. You're changing the subject, and it isn't going to work. I'm going with you, no matter where and when you go I'm always going to follow." His eyes were hard and determined making her stomach flutter and her cheeks turn rosy.

"Good, then get packed. As soon as I finish this device, we're going to Earth."

"What?" His eyes widen. "Why?"

"I told you, we're going to see Kakarott, and frankly I miss my cheeseburgers!" She crossed her arms pouting. "You belong in this time, and I belong with you. So, I'm staying, but I'll be damned if I'm going to keep eating this important space meat which I don't even know the contents of."

Not knowing whether to be amused, or frustrated, Bardock shook his head. "You're a puzzle, Angel, but I guess we'll have the rest of time to decipher you."

They shared a smile, and a kiss, before he left her to her work. She sat, staring at the device for the longest time. She hoped she was making the right decision. Capsule Corps had been her home for so long, and of course she would miss Bulma, and Vegeta, and the others, but she had found new purpose, a new life, and didn't have the heart to part with it.

So, with a heavy heart, she finished her work, and sent out a signal. The transmission ported through space and time reaching out for Bulma.


She was dead, Bulma feared. What other explanation could she have possibly come up with? Why else wouldn't she have heard from her? She hadn't been able to complete the machine in time; she had been blown up with Planet Vegeta.

Tearful, and fretting, Bulma worked in her lab, and prayed over and over in her head that Ryanna had managed to get off the planet in time, and was simply stuck in that time.

Her hand clipped on the tube when her radio went off and she got a face full of smoke in response. Covered in steam and coughing she answered the videophone and nearly fainted from relief. "Ryanna!"

"Hi Bulma, oh jeez, what happened?"

"Small chemical slip, no biggie, but what about you? I haven't heard from you in ages!"

"I know, and I'm sorry." Ryanna apologized. "You don't have to worry, the planet is still here, I'm still alive, and Frieza is history."

"WHAT?" Blown away Bulma shouted and caught the attention of Vegeta. Ryanna heard the hustle of footsteps and giggled when a super Saiyan Vegeta came barreling down the steps.

"Woman, what is it?" He looked ready to fist fight any creations Bulma may have accidentally created, and was irked by finding nothing but a smoky atmosphere and Bulma huddled by that blasted radio. "You still listen in on that?"

"Oh shut up Vegeta, it's Ryanna she's alive, and Frieza's dead!"

"What?" Intrigued Vegeta bullied his way into view. "What did you do woman?"

Unable to hold in her laughter Ryanna let the giggles burst from her. "Nothing, major, just saved the entire Saiyan race from endangerment."

"How? What did you do? Don't tell me you of all people killed Frieza!"

"Almost, trust me I was as surprised as you at what happened, but the final line is that Frieza is dead, and the entire Saiyan colony is responsible for it. They battled him head on, and won!"

"Incredible, amazing," He ruffled Bulma's hair laughing outright, a first for Ryanna. "Finally one of you humans finally did something worthwhile!"

"I beg your pardon!" Bulma turned to start another argument. Ryanna interrupted wanting to get this out before things got out of hand.

"I'm not coming back!"

The fight diffused and both looked at her with a mix of confusion and sadness. "What?" they said together and Ryanna smiled sadly.

"I'm sorry, but the time machine sort of blew up, and well I'm taking it as a sign of fate. I belong here, with my mate." She touched her neck affectionately. "I'm happy, and I can't bear to part with him. He has family here, connections and a chance at a life he didn't have in our time."

"Why don't you bring him with you? I'm sure he'll fit right in."

"No, that won't work. I toyed with the idea, but think about it. His sons are dead in our time, and if I take them all with me I would be changing history not only in their time, but ours as well. Its better if they stay and me with them. I don't want to take Bardock from his sons, nor do I want to take Goku from his destiny of meeting you and the rest of the Z gang."

Tears pooled and fell from Bulma's eyes. "We're gonna miss you, Ryanna."

"I'm gonna miss you too, and I promise I'll keep this radio line open, and talk to you when I can. After all you guys were my first real family, and you gave me something I've been looking or all my life." She touched her heart her own eyes filling. "You gave me my reason."

Tears, sniffles, and tissues came out in hordes before Ryanna had finally put away the device and pocketed it with the rest of her small belongings. She, Bardock, and Radditz would be travelling across the universe to find their home on Earth.

Nervousness and uneasiness was like lead in her belly, slowing her movements. She didn't know what to expect when she came to Earth. Every breath, everything she touched would change history. Was this alright? Would it upset the balance? Did she really belong here?"

One look into Bardock's eyes had her answering all those questions. Yes, it was perfectly alright. This was exactly the right place for her.


Gohan nursed little Goku with a heavy heart. He was amazed that the baby was still alive, let alone healing as well as he was. Gohan guessed he really was an alien, and whatever planet he was from Earth was his savior. So, as if answering to a call, Gohan took care of the child, easing him through the long nights, and tiring days.

He was more than a little surprise to hear a knock on his door. The night was coming, and any civilization close by was miles away. He wondered if some hikers got lost. Opening the door, he found that wasn't the case.

The little family that stood before him looked like something from a movie; the father was hard in the face and body, built well and strong with tan skin and dark dashing good looks. The boy had the look of his father, but his hair was a long untamed mess. The mother, the softest and most gentle looking stood in the center her hand on the boy's shoulders, and her shoulders tensed from nervousness.

"Are you Gohan?" She asked him.

"Why yes, I don't believe I know you young folks."

"No, at least not yet, but I believe you have something of ours."

"Oh?" Gohan took a good look at the man again and nodded. "Oh yes, I do believe so, he's in the back. He has a nasty bump on his head, but he's healing along." He welcomed them inside and closed the door behind them. "Can I get you anything?"

"No, thank you, except maybe to listen to our story. It's a little hard to believe." The woman sat down at his humble little table and folded her legs in perfect old fashioned Japanese style. Gohan believed whatever tale the woman gave him it would be an interesting one.

"After the last month I can believe anything." Gohan laughed gently. "Now tell me, who are you nice folks?"

Ryanna clutched her jeans tightly as she sat in front of Goku's grandfather. She had to weasel what information she could out of Bulma about Goku's whereabouts, and put them to memory. As soon as she and the boys had landed she had to find them money, clothes, and food. Once settled, they had made Mt. Paos their destination.

"My name is Ryanna. This is Bardock, and his son Radditz, and the babe you have, his name is Kakarott."

"Kakarott huh? I've been calling him Goku."

"I know," her eyes go misty and she smiled. "That's part of my story."

"A long one I bet, well I haven't any other place to be, so why not tell it?" Gohan settled himself comfortably with a fresh pot of tea steaming on his table. Despite their earlier rejection he poured them each a cup and let them gather round it.

"Alright, well, I guess the best way to start is… I come from the Future."

The End

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