Gundam: Broken Wings

By: ZLoner

Disclaimer: I do not own Gundam Wing or Gundam SEED.

Prologue and First Chapter

After Colony 198, the Earth has experienced a prosperous two years of peace. This peace was achieved not by the gundams, but rather, by the will of the people. The people learned to take care of peace and cherish it. This meant they'd have to defend it with everything they had. The people of Earth and the Colonies learned a valuable lesson two years ago.

Back then when their peace was at stake, they gather together and united to defend their right to a peaceful life after the Eve's War. Two years later, peace is still present in the day to day lives of humanity. But, with the arrival of peace, there are those who wish to shatter the paradise man has achieved.

Deep out in space, the empty void led on and on to more emptiness. In this vast area, wreckage from the old war floated about. The old pieces of mobile suits and parts of the battleship, Libra surrounded an old meteor base. The wreckage was small in size but great in numbers. This allowed the meteor base to be seemingly abandoned.

The meteor base was no different than the old bases that were used years ago. They were made to look like meteors but this was to deceive enemies at the time. Inside this man-made meteor was a fully operational military base. These bases were normally used to carry mobile suits and monitor enemy activity. The commanding squad would then use the available suits to intercept the duped enemy.

At first, these bases worked effectively, allowing a multitude of surprise attacks and successful recon missions, but by A.C 195, the bases were too common and were easily noticed by enemies. It was due this along with other factors that caused this one base to survive the military demolition that the Preventers executed to prevent any upraise of rebel groups. This choice would prove to be the greatest mistake the Preventers made in the organization's history.

Inside the seemingly abandoned meteor base there was a loud hum of some sort of activity. The hum was accompanied by sparks of a tool. In one of the rooms, a figure could be seen. This figure wore a white lab coat and had protective glasses over its eyes. Judging from the physique of the figure, this was most likely a male. The male's body was short and pressed in as if this person was short, or aged.

The male stopped using the tool, flipping a switch as the flame turned off. He removed the protective glasses and moved over to a computer. He typed on the keyboard with his free hand as he glanced at the changing screens. He looked over to the machine near the computer as it began to sound with a spinning humming tone. Lights came on around the exterior as bolts of lightning were shooting out from protrusions in the machines interior. The bolts began gathering at the center. The collection of bolts formed a small circle. The circle glowed and grew quickly. The formation expanded and stopped when it hit the edge of the protrusions.

The machine sounded once more as a beeping sound could be heard. The circle began showing a faint image of something. As the image became more lucid the male watched with fascination. The circular formation turned into some kind of portal. The portal showed images of robotic machines that caught the male's interest even more. His eyes narrowed, looking at the portal. He grinned and began laughing maniacally. He lifted his head up looking toward the ceiling. His hands balled up into fists as he shook them and raised them up high, in a sense of victory to his achievement.

"It's done, it's finally done!" he shouted. He looked down at the computer and pushed down on one of the buttons. The machine powered down as the portal disappeared. The male moved toward the machine glancing at it with pride. As the male stared at the machine, seemingly obsessed over it, his computer beeped quietly as the screen changed and began moving and doing things on its own.

While the male gave this machine all of his attention, outside there was a ship not far from the meteor base. The dark color of the ship blended with the darkness of space, making it difficult to determine what kind of ship it was. Inside the ship another figure sat in the cockpit that was built for one person, making the ship a possible fighter type of some sort.

The figure typed on the keyboard of his laptop as he looked at the screen. The screen showed a black background with white text that displayed a 'DOWNLOAD COMPLETE' message. After a few moments the screen displayed a 'SENT' message. The figure closed the laptop and then grabbed ahold of the controls. "It's begun…" he said in a deeply cold voice. The ship moved quickly and left the area leaving behind green particles. The ship headed toward Earth.

Chapter 1: Return to the Battlefield

Peace has extended throughout the earth and beyond. With the Preventer's efforts, the world truly seemed like it was peaceful and united. Conferences were held to create new allegiances in the name of peace, meetings commenced to create new colonies for the growing population, and terra-forming projects were underway to expand humanity's living perimeters.

Although the Preventers did a good job at upholding peace using their own way, there were those from war's past that fought just has hard to keep this peace perfect for the people. Outside of a technical college institute, a brown haired male sat at one of the benches in the open area. He was dressed in the institute's uniform composed of dress pants and a clean white dress shirt that had the school's logo on the left breast. The male looked down at the laptop as his Persian blue eyes scanned the screens thoroughly.

The male heard footsteps approaching him as he listened to the voices. "Hey, hey you!" one of them called out. The male gave no response to the person as he continued looking at his laptop screen without pause. "Hey! We just wanted to know if you wanted to join in our game!" another asked.

The male looked up seeing the young boy holding a basketball. "Hmm…" the male seemed quiet for a long time, but he gave a short unexpected response due to his long pause. "No thanks…" The two teens walked away, a bit freaked out by the males personality. The male sighed watching the teens play happily. "Why is it so difficult…?" he thought to himself.

He remembered a similar incident shortly after the Eve's war. That time he lashed out at the teens for not leaving him alone. He remembered how that felt and promised himself he would try to change with the times. When he glanced down at his laptop, he noticed that an email was opened. "Huh?" the male questioned.

He tried to close the email before proceeding to read it, as he didn't know if it was something worth his time or not. The email would not close, the screen froze. He lets out a sigh and began reading the email. His eyes opened wide, showing a sign of shock. He moved the mouse, noticing that the screen moved if he continued looking at things relating to the email.

"The message is rigged….whoever sent this has a high skill level of hacking…possibly greater than my own." He thought. The male thought of his past and remembered those he fought with in the war. He assumed one of them to be the one that sent this message. "Hmm…judging from the detail in the message…" he brushed off his first assumption and moved onto his next one: Something threatening the world's peace.

"I can't ignore something this concerning and leave it to the Preventers alone…." He said to himself quietly. He typed on his keyboard, and used the only function that seemed available to him, e-mail. He sent the message he received to one person. The male closed the laptop and stood up, leaving the campus hastily. "He'll be able to gather the others while I…"

Deep in space near the L4 cluster, a light blond haired male sat at the desk of an office. He wore the classic clothes that one would expect a company CEO to wear. The suit with the tie, dress pants to match. On the wall there were posters promoting the company. The male looked up at the poster smiling "How times have changed..." he looked over to his computer, hearing a beeping noise. The male knew this noise was an email alerting tone. He headed over to check the mail. His hand shook slightly as he read the message. "H-how can this be? Why weren't the Preventers notified about this!" he yelled out. He looked up to see an old man of Arabic descent bursting into the room. "Is there anything wrong, Master Quatre?"

Quatre looked at the man as he sighed heavily, taking his shaking hand and placing it on his chest. "Yes, Rashid. This peaceful life may come to an end…." Rashid looked at him confusingly. "What do you mean, sir?" He looked at Rashid with worried eyes as he explained the situation to his longtime friend

"I understand. I'll contact the others immediately." Rashid bowed in a respectful manner as he left. Quatre puts his hands on his forehead, saddened by the events passed. "We have to act quickly, to protect the peace we worked so hard to achieve." He said.

In another colony near the L2 cluster, a couple spent the day together at the park. The male was dressed in a dark outfit, the sleeves rolled up; showing white underneath. His shirt was partially unbuttoned revealing a dark red undershirt that wrapped around his neck comfortably. He had long brown hair that reached his waist. It was braided and tied behind his back. The female wore a lightly colored summer sweater. The collar of her sweater scrunched up like a turtleneck. She had a few short bangs to her right that extended from her short black hair.

The two sat by a bench, watching people go by. The male sighed as he looked up to the artificial clouds, seeing the other side of the colony. He smiled closing his eyes. "Duo!" he heard.

He turned toward the girl, opening his eyes to see a palm headed for his face, his eyes widened at the thought of being slapped by the girl. He paused as he noticed her palm closing in as her finger pointed at him. He had a confused look on his face due to the girl's actions. "It's time for you to change that outfit of yours. You've been wearing that for two years! I know you had to make due when in a war or something, but we've been living in peace for two years!" she said.

He let out a sigh and smiled at her. "I'm sorry Hilde but I think this still looks good on me, and I'm not up to much change this good looking outfit." He said giving her a smirk. To be honest, he didn't want to change his outfit if he truly didn't need to. There was a side to him that knew if he made more and more changes, then he would have to come to terms that his skills wouldn't be needed anymore, not that he complained about living in peace.

"You can take the pilot out of the war, but you can't take the war out of the pilot…" he thought as he kept his grin. He watched her talk of how they were going to open a church to house the orphans in this colony. He raised a finger to her face, requesting her to pause for a moment. "Huh?" she looked down at him.

He pulled out his cellphone and opened the message, reading it. Duo's eyes widened at what he read. "Oh man…" he said. "What? What is it?" Hilde asks. Concerned about what the messaged was, she moved closer, trying to get an answer. Duo smiled slipping the phone back into his pocket as he stood up. "Um, look Hilde. I might not be home in time for dinner; sorry!"

Duo rushed out of the park as Hilde watched confused by the situation. "What….the hell?"

Down on Earth, there were explosions in a desert area. The sand shot up high due to the force of the explosion. There was a jeep parked on the edge of the cliff as a young Chinese male and a white female sat in the jeep watching the explosions. Both of them were dressed in a dark colored jacket that had a customized 'P' on the sleeves. "How many does that make, Wufei?" the female asks.

Wufei glanced down at the laptop that sat on his lap. He looked at the changing number as another explosion sounded. "Fifteen. Sixteen if you count the one that just exploded." He said. Wufei noticed a small envelope image on the right corner of his screen. He opened it as he read the message. "Looks like we've more important things to do than detonate old bombs…" he said in a serious tone.

As each pilot was informed of the message, there was one that could not be reached through normal means. Down on Earth, a long time traveling circus continued its act to entertain the crowd. Behind the currents was a well build young male with long brown hair that covered his right eye. He had his costume on which revealed most of his built physique. He had his arms crossed as he leaned on the post watching the show.

In his hand was half of a white clown mask with some decorative colors around the eyes, and lip. "Trowa" he heard someone call out. He turned toward the voice seeing a young woman. The female was not much older than him, only by a few years. "What is it Cathy?" he asks.

He glanced at the paper in her hand. He grabbed the paper as she handed it to him. He read the message and sighed, closing his eyes. He opened them once more as he heard the sound of crying. He looked up to Catherine and smiled approaching her. "Don't worry, Cathy, I'll be back soon." He said as he put his hand on her cheek, wiping one of her tears away. He dropped the paper and left, leaving Cathy and the circus.

In an abandoned mobile suit production base, the brown haired man from the school turned on all the system and lights. The room lit up and the machines sounded, as if he turned on something that had not been used for a long time. The male approached the computer and began typing. The screen stopped as a voice called out from the speakers, "Voice verification need. State your name." it requested.

The brown haired male breathed quietly. He looked at the screen and spoke in a flat monotone voice. "Heero Yuy."

The machine processed the sound and frequency of the response, matching it with pre-existing data. "Voice verification accepted, Welcome, Heero Yuy" the computer said. Heero typed on the computer once again as he accessed blueprints. He then brought up something in front of him. The lights turned on as he looked through the glass. The area was large and seemed to contain mobile suits. All the available docking points for suits were empty except one.

Heero stood silently looking at the mobile suit in front of him. The suit was half complete. The armor that was on the suit had a red and blue color scheme, accompanied by some yellow on the shoulder. The armor was slick and smooth. The lower half of the suit was a bit bulky and seemed to hide some hidden ability. The other half was naked, it had no armor.

Heero looked down to the keyboard and was about to complete this suit when he sensed another presence in the room. He turned around and pulled out a pistol just as he completed his turn. He aimed the gun at the figure before him. "Who are you?" he asks.

The figure stepped forward as Heero could only see this person's eyes. Heero noticed one of the person's eyes was silver and the other was a dark crimson red. "No need to fire…I'm just here to give you this…" the person said. He stepped aside and there was a large cube shaped object.

Heero took one look at the object, letting his sights off of the person for one second. The person noticed this and moved quickly. He moved his foot and kicked the large object with ease. The large object slid over to Heero, who managed to dodge it just in time. He had one knee down and aimed the gun at the person, only to see no one there. "What the..?"

Heero stood up and put his gun back in his jeans. He looked over to the object with curiosity. The object was quite larger than he thought. It seemed to be something he'd put in a mobile suit. He walked over to it and noticed a note attached to the object. He read the message, noticing there were installation instructions and reasons for the object. "Neutron Jammer Canceller?" He said in confusion.

Heero installed the device into the suit. He felt that there was something to this device and to that person that he encountered. Following his emotions, installing it was the best option he had given the situation. He routes the device to activate by a switch in the cockpit. After a few days of nonstop building, Heero looked at the completed mobile suit. Heero heard an alert from his laptop as he read the message. "Hmm…"

A week later, the pilots and Preventers met at Quatre's conference room. Quatre looked around as he smiled at everyone present. He glanced over to the monitor seeing Zechs and Noin. Due to the Mars Terra-forming project, Zechs and Noin could not physically be at the meeting and thus the communication line was established so they could participate in the meeting. Quatre noticed one pilot was not in the room, but knew that Heero must have gone to do his own investigation on this matter.

"Well since everyone's here, let's begin" Quatre started the meeting off by displaying the message that everyone received. "You all received this message from me. I received it from Heero." Quatre said. Duo rested one of his arms on the table as he crossed a leg, resting it on top of the other leg. "So Heero have something to do with this? After all, he's not here."

"He's not the one that sent me this, and besides, Heero's not that kind of person. We all know that!" Quatre said as he tried to defend his friend. Quatre moved to the side as he showed the details of the message, displaying blueprints of some machine. "It seems like someone has created a dimensional device. The message provided an area for us to search." Quatre showed everyone the coordinates on a map.

"That's…" Zechs spoke out, knowing the location all too well. "I know, and we all know. It's the location where Libra blew up years ago." Quatre interrupted. Trowa looked at him calmly, "So what are we dealing with here? White Fang remnants?" he asked wanting to get to the point.

"Possible. We've dealt with them before…" Quatre replied. He moved on to the next matter at hand. "I tried tracing the original message that Heero sent me. I came up with nothing…even my personal software couldn't locate the origin"

Wufei glanced at Quatre and narrowed his eyes. "How can you be sure that the message is legitimate? We've all seen it, but do you truly believe in what this message says?" he questioned.

"Heero sent it to me. He's not here right now; want to take a guess at where he is?" Quatre asked. Everyone grew silent, knowing the "perfect soldier" all too well. Wufei leaned on the walled closing his eyes, acknowledging his defeat in the conversation. "Fine, so what are we going to do about this?" he asked in his cool yet assertive tone.

"We have to deal with this since we have the edge in surprise." Quatre paused for a moment. "I know with the disarmament act, all mobile suits are unavailable to us."

"You're wrong about that." Heero said. Everyone glanced toward the door seeing Heero. Duo stood up and then approached his old "no smiles" friend. "So where were you, Heero?" he asked putting a hand on Heero's shoulder. Heero grabbed his hand and moved it off of his shoulder, looking at him with the same serious eyes he always gave everyone. "Had things to tend to…" he said. Duo looked down, sighing heavily. "Always mister serious…"

Quatre smiled at Heero. "Welcome Heero. Now what do you mean about me being wrong about available suits?" he asked smiling hopefully. For once, Quatre was hoping that he was wrong.

"The Preventers keep Taurus units on standby, in case of emergencies." He commented. Noin's eyes lit up as she smiled. "Oh yes, you're right!" she said. Trowa closed his eyes and opened them once more glancing at the monitor. "That may be true, but the Taurus' are outdated."

"It sounds to me like we need new gundams." Wufei said. His comment caused a moment of silence as everyone knew that that would bring in their peaceful world. Quatre put both of his hands down on the table and sighed. "We should see what we're dealing with before we build new gundams. In a world of peace, Gundams would only bring about war…"

"Quatre, no one here wants to see new gundams built in an era of peace, but you must remember that to keep this peaceful era; we must defend it by all means necessary." Trowa encouraged.

Quatre closed his eyes tightly, it went against all he believed in, but in his heart, he knew it was the right thing to do. "Alright….we'll get started on the new gundams. Heero, what have you found so far on this matter?" Quatre asked. Heero stood by the door as he looked back at Quatre. "Not much. The things I did weren't directly related to the message. I'm going to check things out now."

Quatre was left with a confused look as if he was joked with. "Huh…." Duo chuckled at Quatre's expression. He glanced up thinking for a moment. "I've nothing better to do so…" he rushed to the door. "Wait up, Heero. I'll go with you." He shouted as he left the room.

Heero and Duo left in a shuttle as they headed toward the location to begin their search. Duo was at the controls of the ship as he glanced over to Heero. "So what did you do while you were away huh?" Heero seemingly ignored Duo as he concentrated on the mission, trying to find anything out of the ordinary. "None of your concern, focus on the mission." He said flatly. The shuttle continued heading further out into space. After a long moment of flying and searching, Duo noticed the wreckage of mobile suits and some ship parts of Libra. "Is it me, or do those parts look like they're floating around something?" he asked. Heero looked closely as he noticed something coming into view.

"A meteor base….probably one from the previous war." He said. "Great…and here I was hoping things were all a joke so I could go home and tell Hilde a good joke." Duo said as he sighed.

Inside the meteor base, the male had his things ready to go when he heard an annoying alert that sounded. "Damn that really wakes up the ears." The male said it a raspy, old voice. He stepped over to the lights and flipped the switch. The lights came on, revealing the male to be an old scientist. The scientist looked at the radar and noticed an object nearing his base. "Have I been jeopardized? But how!" he questioned. He sighed and came up with a counter plan. "I'll just have the mobile dolls eliminate my problem before it becomes a real issue." He said.

The scientist typed on the computer as the black empty room in front of him brightened with the light of many mobile doll eyes. "Whoever you are, you won't be able to survive the onslaught of these dolls. Go and thank your precious disarmament for that when you go to hell!" the scientist yelled, assuming that the object was just some easy picking Preventer agents.

The shuttle came closer to the base when Heero and Duo noticed something launching from the base. "What are those?" Duo asked. The screen brought them a closer view of the suits. "Virgos…first and second models…" Heero said. Duo gritted his teeth, "Damn it, we're in trouble…" Duo felt his adrenaline kicking in. They only had two Taurus units with them and with both units of Virgos on the attack, even their skills wouldn't save them in this predicament. "So what should we do?" Duo asked.

Heero typed on the laptop and closed it. He stood up and headed for the small hangar in the ship. "Where are you going?" Duo asked. "Just get to the base, I'll cover you." Heero said as he left. Heero got into one of the Taurus units. Heero glanced up seeing Duo looking at him like he was beyond insane. "You're a crazy guy, I know that, but going up against forty units in just a Taurus? What did you take?" Duo asked. He seriously thought Heero had gone over the deep end and was on some sort of psychological medication.

"I'm not fighting them directly. I'm intercepting something at a decided point. The Taurus has enough speed to get me there." Heero explained. "Well what are you getting?" Duo asked, puzzled and curious at what Heero was so determined to get.

"I'm getting Zero…"

Hearing the great news, Duo smiled. It was as if a new door opened to show the hope in their depressing situation. "Huh, well go then, I'll get to the base." Duo said disconnecting the communication line. The hatch opened as the connectors released. Heero closed his eyes as he felt the suit drift out into space. He opens his eyes and proceeded to intercept Wing Zero and transfer to the Gundam.

The Taurus flew at great speed. The presence of a mobile suit distracted a large group of the mobile dolls as they chased after Heero's unit. Duo looked at the remaining dolls and smiled. "Now this is much better!"

He pushed the controls forward as the ship proceeded through. Duo maneuvers the ship as best he could to dodge the mobile doll's deadly accurate shots. Even with his skillful piloting, the shuttle was still hit by the mobile dolls shots. The side was hit and broke through the exterior. Duo glanced down at the screen noticing that there was significant damage. "Damn these mobile dolls keep getting smarter and smarter! What happened to old classic human pilots?" he complained.

The base came into his few as he continued on, despite the damage to the ship and the decreasing oxygen. Duo set the ship on autopilot as he rushed to get the helmet and oxygen tank to complete his space suit. He grabbed two cable cords and went out of the ship, connecting one to the ship and connecting the other to the base. He connected both lines together and used that as his life line to prevent himself from drifting out to space. The mobile dolls continued their attack as their shots got multiple direct hits. The ship exploded as Duo was pushed toward space

He quickly grabbed the remaining line still connected to the base and pulled, landing on the meteor base. Duo stood looking at the demolished ship, "I really hope Heero did get Zero and not try to be suicidal in that Taurus…" Duo groaned, realizing that Heero would be his only ticket back home. Duo found the entrance and entered, closing the door. He pulled out a pistol and proceeded to search the base for any other signs of life.

Out in space, the mobile dolls continued to fire at Heero. Heero used the Taurus' high mobility to dodge the shots. He slowed the mobile armor down as it drifted behind a few Virgos. Heero acted quickly, firing the beam rifle connected to the suit at the rears of the Virgo I units. Heero pushed the controls forward as the Taurus' thrusters burst. It flew through the smoke and continued on course.

Heero glanced behind, seeing the number of suits left. He turned his attention to the screen when he heard the alert. The camera zoomed in on another mobile armor flying toward Heero at a faster rate. "Hmm…" Heero grabbed the controls tightly as he performed a barrel roll. The suit spun as it continued running away from the mobile dolls.

The mobile armor that headed toward Heero stopped as it floated, drifting in space. Heero maneuvers the Taurus toward the mobile armor as he ejected the rifle from the mobile armor. The rifle was destroyed by the mobile dolls fire, giving Heero a brief cloud of smoke to get out of the Taurus. The mobile armor was static. It was soon destroyed by the mobile doll's cannon. This seemed to work out toward Heero's plan as this caused the mobile dolls to stop; assuming that they're task was complete. This gave him time to activate the system for combat purposes.

The light from the sphere in the center of the cockpit glowed as Heero acted quickly. He only had a short moment before the explosion ended, and with it, his cover. The Mobile armor began transforming. The back wing binders folded in, the lower half of the body rotated and the feet extended out, the shield disconnecting from the back and connected onto the forearm. When the light from the explosion subsided, the mobile dolls searched for any signs of life. In front of the mobile dolls was the Wing Zero, the infamous gundam that had a major role in ending both conflicts in the past three years.

The Wing Zero had most of the standard gundam colors, sporting a red and blue torso while most of the body was white. The red shield gave it a distinctive look due to the shape which resembled a bird's beak. The mobile dolls got into formation as the system recognized the gundam. The Wing Zero raised its twin buster rifle and charged up a blast.

Heero gave a small smile as he pulled the trigger. The twin buster rifle fired off a large beam that rushed toward the mobile dolls. The mobile dolls tried to use their planet defensors, but the force behind the blast was too strong. Five mobile dolls were obliterated by the beam. Suits near the beam suffered damaged due to the electromagnetic field effect of the rifle's beam. The Gundam's eyes glowed as the suit zoomed in on incoming suits.

The Wing Zero moved its rifles over to its left hand and pulled out a beam saber contained in the shoulder armor. The saber turned on, as a fiery green beam extended out of the handle. The wing binders opened, revealing two more powerful thrusters. The thrusters ignited, pushing the gundam toward the group of mobile dolls.

In the meteor base, Duo looked around, checking every corner. He looked in every room, noticing that all of the rooms were empty. He sighed. "You know, if it weren't for those mobile dolls and the ship blowing up, I'd say this was an empty base." He commented.

Duo went down the hallway and noticed that the end of the hallway was bright. Taking a closer look he saw a door at the end of the hallway. This door seemed very different from the others. It was larger, seemed more durable, and had two coded pads on both sides. "Looks like this is it…" He said as he assumed he found the correct door. He held the pistol in both hands rushing down the hallway. He stopped at the door and looked at the make and model of the coded pads. He smiled as he stepped back, aiming at the pads. Two shots fired as the pads were destroyed. Duo moved to the side as he saw the door opening. He paused for a moment until he heard someone's voice. "Ah Welcome Mr. Maxwell…"

Duo stepped in front of the door aiming his gun. He entered slowly and looked around. At the top of the platform he saw an old man. He quickly turned his gun pointing it toward the old man. "Who are you and how do you know my name?"

"A name," the old man said as he stepped down toward Duo's level. "Stop or I'll shoot you old timer!" Duo warned. The old man showed no fear to Duo's warning and continued moving. He stepped toward the computer and pressed a few keys. Duo paused. "What are you doing? I said don't move!" Duo shot a round at the old man's hand.

Duo was slightly surprised that the man moved his hand away so quickly, avoiding the shot. "Alright, I'll stop, but why don't you look in front of you," the old man said. He moved aside as Duo kept his aim. Duo glanced over to the machine in front of him as he saw the machine hum with life. He watched, as if hypnotized by what happened in front of his eyes. The portal formed once more, showing Duo images of mobile suits he'd never seen before.

Duo let his guard down slightly, astounded by what he witnessed. "You actually did it…this machine…it's actually a dimensional portal…." He said not believing in his own words. The old man approached the portal and looked back at Duo smiling. "Well, Mr. Maxwell, I'll be seeing you later."

The old man stepped into the portal and was halfway through when Duo fired a round at him. The shot missed the old man but hit the machine. The bullet hit a small glass like orb on the machine as it began making odd sounds. "W-what did you do!" the old man shouted before being sucked into the portal. Duo watched in horror as this portal grew. It began sucking everything into its mouth.

He turned around and hauled ass. The portal sucked in everything in the room, breaking the platforms and pulling in all the papers and computers. The room was literally collapsing into itself. Duo closed his eyes worriedly, "Man, I do not want to be sucked into that thing. Heero! You better get over here!" he yelled as he continued running for his life

Back in the battle, Wing Zero dominated the mobile doll forces. It swung its saber down on one unit and stopped halfway. Heero turned the suit as the Wing Zero slashed two suits that were behind it. In less than ten minutes all of the mobile dolls were destroyed. The Wing Zero turned its head looking over to the base. "Something's wrong…" Heero said. His eyes glowed a bright yellow for a brief moment before he headed toward the base.

Duo ran into a room closing the door as he tried to protect himself. The portal extended beyond the room and continued taking everything in. The portal stabilized itself and grew more and more. It no longer needed the machine to maintain its form. Duo closed his eyes as he hoped for the best. He opened them. Duo saw portions of the room disappearing, being replaced by the growing portal. "Damn it, I guess this is it. Kind of thought I'd die in a mobile suit battle…but oh well…"

Duo looked up seeing part of the destroyed ship. He reached with all his might and grabbed ahold of the ship, clinging onto it for dear life. Duo's memories flooded his mind as he thought he was truly going to die. "I guess I couldn't live up to the Maxwell name...all I've done was take the lives of others…and yet…." He had a final image of Hilde in his head when he heard Heero's voice.


Duo looked up to see the Wing Zero grabbing a hold of the shuttle piece. "Hold on." Heero said. The thrusters on the Wing Zero exploded with fury as the Wing Zero tried to pull the piece away from the portal.

The cockpit was blaring with multiple alerts. Heero looked down noticing one of the alerts was for a mobile suit behind him. The Wing Zero turned its head, giving Heero a view of the suit. His eyes widened with shock. Far away from the portal was a mobile suit that seemed too familiar. It had the same look and armaments of Wing Zero but the color was dark and red.

This Wing Zero raised its twin buster rifle as it fired a powerful red beam. Heero watched the beam rushing towards them. He looked into the twirling portal and then at the incoming beam. The cockpit was red; the systems began blowing up as smoke filled the cockpit.

Heero had few choices at hand; either die at the hands of the beam blast, or go into this portal and see where they'd end up. He grunted as he made his decision. "Damn it!" Heero typed a message and sent it to his comrades. He cut the thrusters off as the Wing Zero was pulled into the portal. The portal closed quickly as it reacted to the Gundam's gundanium armor. The red beam went through the closing portal hitting nothing.

The dark Wing Zero lowered its rifle as a figure sat at the cockpit. "It's only fitting for soldiers to keep on fighting. It's their only purpose to exist. Let's see if you truly are the perfect soldier, Heero Yuy." The figure said as he grinned. He sighed heavily as he looked down to his necklace. He opened the locket and looked at the photo inside.

Back at the L4 colony cluster, the new gundams were still under construction as frame pieces were being put together. Quatre stood, watching over the progress. He noticed a message on the corner of his electronic pad. He opened the message, reading it. He sighed heavily. "We've got to hurry. Who knows where they are." He said worriedly