The Great Rite

She was already waiting for him. Merlin had been called to this place once again. How many years had he been forced to come? It seemed endless and yet the cycle could not be broken. The call could not be denied.

Neither of them had any choice in the matter. The Great Rite must be carried out every year as surely as the sun must set each day.

He paused before her. She was swathed in black satin, perched on the edge of the stone dais. She looked up at him and the hatred and wrath in her green eyes pierced him. He knew that look in her eyes would not last

the night, but he did his best to glare back at her with just as much ferocity. He sat down beside her. "How many years has it been, Merlin?" her dry voice broke the silence. "How many years have we been locked in

endless battle?"

"How many years have I come to meet you here?" Merlin responded rhetorically.

He felt the tension slowly drain out of her body as they both watched the sun begin to set. He felt her breathing deepen and he reluctantly turn to look at her. Her eyes had lost their previous fury and now held only desire

and longing in them. She leaned over and teasingly brushed her lips over his. "Let us begin."

Why did she come? Because this was the only night everything was as it should be. This night, Merlin belonged to her alone and would do anything for her. Merlin felt his fae blood awakening, a side of him he suppressed

every other day of the year. But with the queen of the fae touching him, his blood had no choice but to answer her call. He felt great magic rise up within him, desiring to get closer to her and to her magic. Finally, the

mantle of the god descended upon him and the Great Rite between the god and the goddess began.

The goddess pressed her lips against his, curving her body around his. He eagerly pulled her body beneath his as he tended to her chest kissing and sucking. She moaned and gasped and screamed beautifully for him as

he danced the ancient rhythm with her. Their passionate struggle came to an end at sunrise.

Merlin lay panting beside her body. She pulled him close and kissed him one last time. "My god, my son, my Merlin, mine...mine..."

Just a short little story. Inspired the by the Great Rite that happens between the goddess and the god during the pagan festival of Beltaine.