Lily Angel

Lily Angel

Chapter 1

Heaven was nice. No doubt about it, it was. And because Heaven is basically perfect, Lily couldn't find anything wrong with it. Because there wasn't anything. But there was something she was missing, and while she couldn't quite put a finger on it, she knew it was important.

James was there. Mum was there, and Dad was too. So what was missing?

It was years after Lily and James had died, when Lily decided to go up to the lookout spot. Not many people -souls, whatever- went there, because apparently it could cause heartache. But Lily was just as stubborn as she had ever been, and flew up there on a particularly sunny day. They were all sunny, but this day had something golden about it. Like it was special, somehow. If Heaven had calendars, Lily would have known the date was important. But it didn't, so she didn't know.

The archangels were up there, practising the flute and the harps and the trumpet. Lissy- a very pretty angle with dark blue eyes- was playing the saxophone, and was awful. As awful as an angel could get, anyway.

Lily couldn't help grinning. She herself was quite good at the drums, but Heaven was only allowed one set (it was too loud otherwise) so she didn't get to play it often.

Lissy placed down her instrument when she saw Lily grow nearer.

'Hello!' Her voice was sweet, like all angels. One look at Lily and she knew where she was going. 'Are you sure?'

Lily shook her head, and Lissy smiled. 'Come on. I want to talk to you.'

They flew over to a slightly green area of Heaven. They were in the upper clouds of Heaven, beneath them it was perfect. Everything you have ever wanted (besides money, and that sort of thing). No one in Heaven was greedy, you just didn't need to be, and with God by your side everyday, there really wasn't much point, you were content beyond belief.

Lissy sat silently for a moment. 'You know what kind of angel I am, don't you?'

Lily shook her head.

'Well, I'm a guardian angel. For children. Because, as you can probably see, I'm still a child.' Lily nodded, though she hadn't noticed this before.

'Children will listen to other children. You go there, you help them, and you come back. Adult guardian angels have to be a bit more secretive, but children are so much more innocent.'

'Did I have a guardian angel?' Lily asked, curious.

'No. Well, you did in a way -everyone does- but you didn't really need one. James and Sirius and Jo were such good friends. Well-' Lissy smiled- 'maybe not James the whole time, but you always had people there for you. Some kids don't have that.'

'Did-' Lily couldn't find the right words. 'Did you die? Or are angels just there?'

'I died.' Lissy said simply. 'I look after children who're sick. Because that's how I died.'

'How?' Lily whispered.

'You know about cancer? I mean, because I'm not sure magical people have heard of it. One little wizard boy didn't. His parents were sure they could cure him…' Lissy sighed.

'Yeah…I know. Do you help kids with cancer?'

'Yup. That's me. Sometimes I'm just there as another patient. Or I'm a friend who visits them. Everyone has a guardian angel. Some just never know.'

Lily nodded, and Lissy grinned. 'Why're you going to the lookout, anyway? To see Harry?'

Something in Lily's mind clicked. Harry! That's what wasn't there. She almost felt sad. But you don't feel sad in Heaven.

'Maybe…' Lissy looked thoughtful. 'Maybe you could see him, just for a moment. Because he obviously misses you lots too, or else you wouldn't be feeling like this.'

Lily nodded, a lump forming in her throat. But tears won't come in Heaven, so maybe this lump was just her imagination. It still worked over time round here even.

Lissy seemed to be having a conversation. Lily knew who it was with. God always had time to talk, even if it was just for a joke. He actually had a pretty good sense of humour. The only annoying thing was that he knew all the answers, even if you made up the joke yourself.

'You can be his angel for a day! But just one day…hopefully you won't be homesick any more. Or Harry sick, whatever. Oh, and God said that if you're good, you might be able to become a guardian angel! So be good, won't you? If you are, I get to train you!' Lissy appeared to be incredibly excited. 'I've never trained anyone…except for little Matty, and he wasn't exactly angel material.'

'Matty?' Lily asked, a smiled forming on her lips. 'As in, trumpet player?'

'Yeah…'Lissy sighed. 'He was hopeless. I had to cover up for him…Now some humans think that he was a poor little kid who belonged in a mental institute. Lucky I was there, really.'

Lily stifled a giggle. 'When do I get to go?'

'Once I've told you the rules. You can't go back to earth without hearing the rules.

'Now. One. You can't tell them you're an angel. Two. It's not Harry that you're helping. It's some other kid. Dunno their name. But you'll know as soon as you see them.

Three. You'll still look like you- but you as a sixteen year old- mostly we go back as we are, but Harry might recognise you otherwise. Four…I don't remember- wait! If you're good -this really isn't a rule- and they need help more after that, you'll become their permanent guardian angel. I spent years with one little girl. I think you know her. Amy. She plays the harp. She's almost as bad as me on the sax. Got it?'

Lily nodded, feeling a bit nervous. 'Can I just say goodbye to James? '

'Sure you can. Meet me at the lookout, soon as the stars come out.'

Well, now. There's going to be more to this, whether you like it or not. It comes after a series that I've written which still isn't quite finished. I'll put it on here once I have. So, bye.

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