Blaine smiled he had devised a plan that will ultimately lead him to finally kiss Kurt Hummel. They were out in local outside pool. It was just them two.

Kurt dipped in and joined Blaine, leaning up against one of the pool walls, relishing in the cool liquid.

A moment later, Blaine broke away from the wall, and Kurt followed.

"Okay Blaine, you told me to come swimming, and now you're ignoring me. Why did you want me to come here anyway?"

"So I could do this," Blaine responded, gingerly placing his hands on his shoulders, and leaned in really closely.

His eyes widened as he gazed in to Blaine's eyes, and he knew that Kurt was lost in them.

That's when Blaine dunked him under.

"Blaine!" He fumed, as he resurfaced.

He tried to swim away, but Blaine grabbed his hand, pulling him close to him.

Blaine melted in to Kurt's blue eyes, noticing a mischievous glint in them. Before he knew it, he had hypnotized Blaine, and dunked him under water.

Luckily Blaine was pretty good at holding his breath. After 30 seconds Blaine felt Kurt's arms attempting to pull him out of the water.

Blaine heard him yelling for help as he tried to lift me out of the pool. Kurt was so distracted; he didn't realize Blaine took a couple of breaths.

Finally Kurt lay Blaine flat on the ground, and he knew what was coming.

Kurt's lips hovered over his, and suddenly they were covered, as he blew a couple of breaths in Blaine's mouth.

It wasn't hard to fake the breathing thing.

"C'mon Blaine, breathe," Blaine heard Kurt beg, watching to see if his chest would rise and fall.

Then he planted his lips over Blaine's again. 2 more breaths.

Third time's a charm, Blaine mused, telling himself to be patient.

"Please Blaine; I don't want to lose you. I- I love you," Kurt whispered.

Kurt leaned in one more time, softly placing his soft lips to Blaine's…

And then Blaine wrapped both of his arms around his back, pulling Kurt on top of him. He whimpered as Blaine gently crashed his lips to Kurt's.

"Blaine!" He shrieked, glaring at him with warm eyes. "I thought you were a goner! You're unbelievable,"

Kurt tried to get up, but Blaine pulled him back down on him.

"I knew you loved me," Blaine smirked.

"Of course I do!" Kurt said.

"Uh-huh. Well just so you know, I feel the same," Blaine smiled genuinely.

Kurt returned the smile sweetly, looking down at him once again.

In that moment their eyes locked, and he pressed down on Blaine. His eyes fluttered shut as Kurt kissed him slowly, as did Kurt's. After a moment they broke away.

"Blaine if you really wanted to kiss me, all you had to do was ask," He smiled, getting off of Blaine, and helping him up.

Blaine stood there, gazing at him features. They both moved closer, closing the distance between them.

Then Kurt pushed him in to the pool. Blaine smiled, at least he got the kiss, and it was worth it.