It was awkward enough lying on the ground pretending to be a drowning victim in the middle of a classroom full of other students, half of whom were also lying on their backs with the other half hanging over them, giving chest compressions and mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. But what was even more awkward was that Finn Hudson happened to be part of that other half, that was giving said mouth-to-mouth to Rachel Berry.

So when she found herself beneath Finn, with her mouth pressed on and off to his and his hands pressing firmly - yet tenderly - against her chest, between her breasts actually, it was an awkward situation. It became even more awkward when the chest compressions seemed to stop, but the mouth-to-mouth did not.

While she lay there, she had to admit that she liked the way Finn's mouth felt on hers. It was hot. Steamy, like being in a jungle with the humid mist clinging to her lips. She'd only ever had her mouth on Puck's mouth before, but it hadn't been like this. Granted, she and Puck had not been demonstrating CPR before, but somehow she liked CPR better. Finn's lips were softer and more subtle. She found herself wanting so badly to be able to switch positions, but like any good drowning victim, she remained lifeless.

"Time's up!" She heard Mr Schuester announce. "Great job, everyone! Good drowning victims, good life guards. Although, Finn, next time you may want to include a few more chest compressions. The breath of life is important, but you want to keep your victim's heart pumping too, you know,"

"Yes, Mr Schue. Sorry, I'll be better next time,"

Rachel sat up. She looked down, hiding the faint smile on her lips at Finn's embarrassment. She couldn't see any flush against his skin, but his body language said it all. When Mr Schuester had turned his attention away, she placed her hand to Finn's shoulder.

"Thanks for saving me," She said shyly.

Finn didn't meet her eyes.

"Sure," He mumbled, still obviously embarrassed.

"Trust me," She said with an air of breathlessness, "My heart's pumping just fine,"

Finn flashed his pearlescent grin. "Glad to hear it," He stood and extended his hand to her, which he smiled again when she accepted.

"So uh, now that you're life's saved and all, would you be interested in lunch?" He glanced down at his wrist watch. "I think we've still got a half hour until next lesson,"

Rachel absently smoothed the creases of her pleated black skirt. "Sureā€¦ sounds great. I was kind of hungry," She meant to move her hand to her stomach, but instead she moved it to her chest. Her heart was still pounding. Definitely not in need of compression.