A/N: This story will be written in a different way. The chapters will be written in alternating POV's. Bella's chapters will take place in present day. Her chapters will be intentionally shorter and probably very vague. Edward's chapters will take place in the past. The chapters will not alternate BPOV, EPOV, BPOV, EPOV... The first chapter will be BPOV. The next several chapters will be EPOV.

This story will deal with troublesome topics. I will put a warning up before certain chapters. If you feel that you can't handle reading them, please don't.


I took another sip from my bottle of water and stuck my hand into the little plastic baggie, pulling out another cracker. I slowly ate it as I looked around me. It was a beautiful day today. Surprisingly so, since Spring had barely begun. The sun was brightly shining and the birds were chirping. A far cry from the mood I found myself in lately.

I looked back down at the book that I held in my hands. I chose this fantasy book because I felt the need to escape my life for awhile and delve into another world, but so far it wasn't working. I'd read the same paragraph over and over for the past twenty minutes, but I couldn't tell you a bit about what it actually said. I hadn't been able to concentrate on anything lately, and it could only be blamed on one thing.

My focus at this moment was on the children playing in front of me. The laughing and squealing filling the air as they swung higher and higher into the sky. The boy and girl held hands tightly as they swung back and forth, not a care in the world to bother them. Nothing to worry them, except whether or not they would be forced to take a bath when they got home.

I didn't know if my life had ever been that easy. It seemed that I was always plagued with some kind of worry and of course, right now was no different. I had so many things happening in my life at the moment and my mind was having a hard time processing it all.

I placed the book down on the space beside me. Leaning back against the bench, I fought back the tears that had begun to fill my eyes. I just wished that for once, just one single day, that I could go without shedding a tear. It seemed though, that today would not be that day.

Deciding to partake in my daily ritual, I got comfortable on the bench. I found that if I closed my eyes and squinted just hard enough, I could see her. I could see him.

She's smiling widely, her wavy, brown hair blowing through the wind as he pushes her. She turns to look at him, her green eyes sparkling with excitement as he pulls her out of the seat, clutching her tightly to him. They whisper words of love to each other before he swings her around so that she's on his back.

I snapped back to reality and focused my attention back on the children in front of me. They had stopped swinging and were now standing off to the side, whispering to each other. The young boy grabbed the hand of the girl and they both ran off, laughing the entire way.