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Prologue to Death or Life, Past or Present.

Namine Pov.

She stood on badly shaking legs after…

Vexen was asleep on the bed she had been shivering on for over an hour. She willed Vexen to remain asleep as she teetered to the door.

'Why is there even a bed here? I thought we were at school…' Namine thought to herself, clawing her ragged blonde curls from her face.

She looked down at herself in a daze. She realized she was wearing nothing. Whoops. She grabbed a shirt that Vexen had discarded as he carried her into this room. She didn't bother to put on any pants; the shirt was like a dress.

'It's not like I care…' she let her thoughts trail off as she quietly tugged at the doorknob and stumbled out into the street.

They weren't at school, she realized, looking at the domestic street. This was a house. Probably his house. She shuddered and continued staggering down the sidewalk. She felt a stabbing in her mind, but chose to ignore it, focusing only on getting as far away from here as she could. She knew he was waking.

He had discovered her at school. He had demanded this of her, something previously unthinkable. Ordinarily she could have fought him off herself or gotten her best friend Xion to get him for her. Xion was a self proclaimed "Gangsta". The thought of her saying that as she wrapped her arms around her pyromaniac boyfriend would have normally made Namine burst out laughing. Not today.

There was truth behind that nickname though. Xion, Axel, and their friends Zexion and Demyx had all been in a gang together once upon a time. They had almost sucked in some innocent people too, people that didn't even know who they were. There were the twins, Roxas and Sora, the loner, Riku, and a surprise, Kairi. Kairi was Namine's twin sister. Kairi didn't know that Namine existed. Namine had been a captive of the Organization. Namine, Xion, Axel, Demyx, and Zexion had all run away from the Organization before it was too late. They all had their reasons.

Then Xion and Axel fell in love.

Then Demyx and Xexion fell in love.

They never left Namine completely alone, not ever, because if they did…

Then Namine made the decision to go to a smart school. She was VERY smart, but missed her friends. She had already been contemplating whether or not to go back to her old school. It would be easier for the Organization to track them anyways if they were all spread out over a small area. But she would NEVER tell them where the others were, even though she hated the foster home.

They had run away in middle school. They had made it this far, all the way to junior year from seventh grade, since they escaped.

'That's enough' Namine commanded her mind as the memories threatened to take over. She struggled past the streetlights alone, hobbling up the sidewalk with no clarity in her mind. Under a streetlight she happened to look up and stopped dead looking at her reflection in the glass of a storefront. Her normally smooth locks of blonde hair were tangled into a huge mess of ragged clumps, the shirt she had picked up barley made it halfway down her thighs, and her legs… they had blood running down from… she gasped in her mind as she saw her face. It looked dead. And her blue eyes shone green with the power of the Mako energy she was holding back. She shook her head and stumbled onwards, a bit faster, but in pain.

She tried to use her mind, but it was unresponsive. She was coherent enough to know that Vexen was sneaking up on her. She tried with all her might to get her mind back to work as she felt a sharp stab in her arm and her mind escaped, perhaps for good.

Xion Pov

"Maybe she's just studying at a friend's house." Xion suggested to her boyfriend as he paced the floor. He sighed and ignited a cigarette. She sighed along with him, hating his habit left over from the Organization. Xion was as worried as he was. She hated this foster home and its stupid rules as much as he did too. She knew that when Namine came home Axel would pretend to be pissed at her to mask the fact he had worried.

If she came home.

Xion tried to block those thoughts from her head. But it was a possibility. One of the Organization, probably that bastard Siax, may have gotten her. Xion hated Siax with all her heart, especially after him raising her to believe she wasn't a human, incapable of feelings. She could feel. He had lied to her, telling her that if she stuck with the Organization one day she'd be able to feel something. He was right, in a way. If she hadn't been there she would never have felt true hate, true burning hate that made her want to kill.

'I've got to stop thinking like that, Namine is fine.' She reassured herself. She and Axel waited silently.

'At least Namine knows how to contact me.' Xion consoled herself after an hour.

After another hour she was pacing with Axel.

At the third of these hours she called Demyx and Zexion, though they had told her to never call at night. They promised to keep an eye out for her. They'd search in the morning.

The next hour Xion asked Axel for one of his cigarettes.