Ch.12-Thanks, Shinigami

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Ichigo had begun to miss the young Grimmjow. It made him wish that he had fought a bit harder to keep Grimmjow from returning to Hueco Mundo with Ulquiorra.

It's quiet without him. Ichigo thought as he got out of bed and headed toward the kitchen, Yuzu saying good morning when she saw him. The next time I see him, we'll probably be fighting.

There was a soft knock on the front door and Ichigo went to answer it only to have his breath hitch at who he saw.

"Who is it, Ichigo?" Yuzu asked as she continued cooking breakfast.

"Just….Rukia." The teen lied as he stepped outside. "I'll be back in a few."

Ichigo shut the door behind him and settled his gaze on the person in front of him.

"So, what are you doing here…Grimmjow?"

Grimmjow glanced away as he rubbed the back of his neck before he looked back at Ichigo.

"I could ask you the same thing, Shinigami."

Ichigo raised an eyebrow.

"I mean, you need that talking animal trash to get to your reaper form, right? You have no power, no Zangetsu. That Kuchiki chick probably hasn't even sensed me yet. I, on the other hand, have Pantera with me."

The Espada placed a hand on his sword's hilt as he leaned closer to Ichigo, the teen unconsciously stepping back until his back hit the door.

"I could kill you right now if I wanted to."

"But you won't."

Grimmjow started slightly at the answer.

"You came here to talk about something, not fight."

Grimmjow stared at the teen before he laughed.

"You're correct, Shinigami. I have no intention to fight. I came here to say…."

The blue-haired Arrancar straightened as he backed up slightly, looking away.

"Well, wh-when I was kid….I mean, you took me in. You didn't have ta. Could've just let me die. I'm your enemy and you took care of me like I was your family….so, why I'm here…..I guess…"

Grimmjow nervously scratched his mask and Ichigo was surprised to see the normally fearless Arrancar so afraid to speak his mind.

"I just wanted to say…"

Grimmjow glanced at Ichigo before he looked away again as a faint blush crossed his face.

"Thanks, Shinigami."

"You're thanking me?" Ichigo questioned in surprise.

"What, you don't want me to?" Grimmjow glared faintly at Ichigo.

"No…no, I'm just surprised…."

"Don't get used to it. It's a one-time thing."

"Well, um….then you're welcome…."

"I also wanted to…" Grimmjow averted his gaze as he rubbed the back of his neck. "To say…."

The Espada got a 'screw it' look on his face as he stepped closer to Ichigo, the orange-haired teen pressing his back against the door as far as he could, and placed his hands on either side of Ichigo's head.

"This is sort of a weird feeling for me….sorry…" Grimmjow leaned even closer to Ichigo until the teen could feel the bluenette's breath on his mouth. "Just tell me if you want me to stop…."

Grimmjow suddenly pulled back, gazing skyward, and muttered a curse under his breath before tapping his forehead against his Ichigo's, rubbing their noses briefly before dragging his nose up to Ichigo's forehead before fully pulling away.

"See you later, Berry." He whispered before he leapt away just as Rukia, Chad, Uryu, and Orihime showed up.

"Are you okay, Ichigo?" Rukia asked as the group came closer to the stunned teenager. "We felt Grimmjow's presence. Was he here? Did he do anything?"

"He just came to say thank you…." Ichigo said slowly, trying to figure out what had just happened as he slid to the ground in shock.

"Ichigo!" Rukia gasped.

"Ichigo?" Orihime asked as everyone gathered around the speechless teen.

Kisuke laughed hysterically as he hit the table with his hand.

"It's not funny." Grimmjow growled, bristling angrily from his position across from the shopkeeper.

Kisuke continued laughing, falling on his back and kicking his legs in the air.

"Hey, shut up!" Grimmjow stood up, unsheathing Pantera, but before he could even jump at Kisuke, Tessai grabbed him under the arms and held onto the struggling Espada.

"Let me go you bastard!" Grimmjow furiously kicked his legs and waved Pantera around in an attempt to get free. "Let me go!"

"This is just too funny!"

"He's laughing at my feelings! I'm serious, you bitch!"Kisuke abruptly became quiet as he sat up and his expression turned stern.

Tessai set Grimmjow down when Kisuke made a motion for him to and Grimmjow glared at the man before he sheathed his sword.

"You have come to me for your…problem?" Kisuke asked.

"This is the first time I've ever felt this way."

"How far are you wiling to go for these feelings….?"

"I'm never gonna stop till he wants it." Grimmjow glanced away as he crossed his arms over his chest. "I'm moving to my heart this time."

Kisuke nodded as he smiled. "Well, then, why don't you go over there and tell him? I still have that Gigai if you want it."

Grimmjow gave a low chuckle. "Could I handle more rejection?"

"You never know."

Grimmjow glanced at Kisuke before he smirked."Why start looking before I leap now?"

Everyone looked toward the door when someone knocked and Rukia went to answer it with Renji, Uryu, Chad, and Orihime behind her while Ichigo stayed in the kitchen (Isshin, Yuzu, and Karin had left earlier for some reason).

Grimmjow raised his hands with a blank expression as two swords were pointed at his throat as Chad transformed his right arm, Uryu readied his ethereal bow, and Orihime also got ready to attack.

"I come in peace." Grimmjow said coolly, not phased by all the weapons around him.

When the others didn't back down, the Espada sighed.

"Look." Grimmjow slowly grabbed Pantera (The Gigai did still have problems, so Grimmjow still looked like himself and not more human-like) and dropped the sword to the floor before lightly kicking it farther away from him. "See? I just want to talk with Ichigo."

"You can let him pass, guys." Ichigo sighed as he stood up. "He's not gonna hurt anyone."

The others reluctantly backed down and Grimmjow walked toward Ichigo.

"Told you I'd see you later, berry." Grimmjow smirked.

"You already said thank you." Ichigo said. "What more do you want?"

"What we didn't finish." Grimmjow took a step closer to the teen and the others tensed, tightening their grips on their weapons.

"And what was that?" Ichigo asked as he backed up until his back touched the counter.

"This…." Grimmjow placed his hands on the counter as he leaned closer to the orange-haired boy until their lips were almost touching. "Now….just tell me if you want me to stop…"

Ichigo allowed the Espada to kiss him, neither accepting nor rejecting the gesture, before he tilted his head up slightly as he tentatively deepened the kiss. He became surprised though when the Arrancar pulled back.

"Slow, Ichi, slow. Not that kind."

Ichigo became confused at the response.

"What, you think I'm the 'all-I-want-is-your-body' lover? Nah." Grimmjow put his face against Ichigo's neck. "I'm a bit more affectionate than that."

"I-I didn't even say that I love you, Grimmjow."

"But you didn't say no neither." The Arrancar stared at Ichigo. "You're the first person to make me feel like I'm alive."

Ichigo stared back at Grimmjow and he soon realized that he did like the blue-haired Espada. "I do like you, Grimmjow, but…."

"No thoughts." Grimmjow leaned closer to Ichigo before he kissed him. "I love you, 'Ichi-nii-san'."

Ichigo chuckled slightly. "You're a bit older than me, Grimmjow…."

"Who cares?" Grimmjow rolled his eyes. "It's become a habit."

Ichigo smiled as he wrapped his arms around the Arrancar's waist. "Then, I love you, Grimmy."

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