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2) The only thing I borrowed from the game (I just started playing Crystal Version again) is the Gym Leader's names and their Pokémon, the city names, route names, and a couple of Team Rocket situations. I think I also mention well known people like Professor Elm and Professor Oak.

Basically…storyline and main characters are of my creation, the other stuff I borrowed from Crystal Version.

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Part One:


Chapter One:

Eevee Girl.

A wet nose met the side of my face and I shot up, slapping my hand a little too hard against my cheek. I glanced down and found one of my parents' prized breeding Eevees sitting on my mattress, staring up expectantly at me. He and I sat there staring at each other for the better part of five minutes before he finally growled at me and jumped off my bed and walked out of the room.

I narrowed my eyes at my partially opened door. My mom had sent him up here again to wake me up. My parents had been breeding Eevees for the better part of three years now. 'Eden for Eevees', they called their business. It being a play off our last name, Eden. With all the Eevees around, I had discovered that none of them were really took a liking to me, even all the new pups!

Because Eevees were so hard to catch in the wild, my parents' business was booming. We lived more than comfortably, needless to say, and I was known as Eevee Girl at school which was a bit maddening. I had gotten to the point though where I didn't care.

I threw the blankets off of me and dropped my legs over the side of the bed. I stretched my arms above my head as I yawned. My door was pushed opened all the way, and my mom smiled in on me. "Good morning my dear," she said. "I'm cooking breakfast, so you may want to hurry and get ready."

"Yea, your little pet there," I pointed at the Eevee standing at her ankles, "already woke me up."

"Hey, hey now," my mom said, glancing down at the Eevee, who stared back up at her. "His soul-mate's new litter is due any day now, he's nervous. He needs things to do to keep his mind off things."

"Mom," I sighed as I stood up and moved across my room to my closet to grab clothes. "It's a silly little canine," I glared over at the male Eevee sitting at my mom's feet. He growled at me. I arched my eyebrow at him. "He doesn't worry about stuff like that."

"Honey," my mom sighed, walking over to me and grabbing a different shirt out of my closet. "Wear that one."

"I don't want to wear that one," I threw the shirt she picked, it advertised our Eevees on it, onto the floor.

"For being sixteen years old," she began as she picked the shirt up and sat down on my messy bed, "and for being in that Pokémon Academy as long as you have, you really haven't learned much about Pokémon."

"Mom," I hissed, as I headed for my bedroom door to go into the bathroom to shower. "I don't take those 'Pokémon' classes. I take the regular classes, so I don't have to deal with Pokémon at all."

"Otherwise you would appreciate and understand Pokémon so much more," my mom sighed.

I stared at her, arching my eyebrow high onto my forehead. "Weren't you cooking breakfast Mom?"

"Rowan," she suddenly looked concerned. "Are you telling me that outside of our Eevees, you have never had any contact with Pokémon."

"That's exactly what I'm telling you," I hissed. "Now weren't you telling me that you were in the middle of cooking breakfast?"

She stared at me. "Rowan, my beautiful, sweet daughter," she sighed finally. "You need to understand that Pokémon are-"

"You go finish breakfast," I said, waving at her from the doorway, "and I'll go shower so I can eat and get to school on time."

"Hey," a friend of mine, Ashley, skipped up next to me and leaned against the locker next to mine.

"Hi Ash," I sighed.

"So, if I came over to your house and kindly asked your mom for one of your new pups-" she began but I quickly interrupted her.

"Ash," I immediately snapped. "Knock it off, I'm not in the mood for those kind of jokes this morning."

"Yea, see," Ashley shrugged. "I'm not joking, I'd like to have an Eevee, I'm considering going off on that adventure quest thing." I slammed my locker door shut and glared at my blonde friend leaning against the lockers. She was staring back at me with an expectant look on her face. Then she smiled and set her hand on my arm. "You should come with me! We could be known as the Eevee Team! We could raise every single evolution between the two of us."

I quickly smacked her hand away from me. "Get real Ashley," I hissed. "First, I don't like Eevees, second, they don't like me."

"That can change, that's why you raise them!" Ashley smiled brightly at me.

I shook my head. "Knock it off," I muttered. "You were one of the few that never commented on my parents' business and now you're one of them."

"No! Rowan!" Ashley tried to grab my arm and I flailed it away from her.

"No, no," I shook my head, my dark hair falling in front of my shoulders. "Save it Ashley, I don't care. I'll ask my parents for you about an Eevee. They usually run about three hundred dollars."

I turned and stalked away from my locker to head to my first class of the day. By the time I got to the room, I was shaking with anger. I couldn't believe it! This freaking school was irritating! Everything about it was Pokémon related.

Well, everything but my classes, which was a huge breath of fresh air.

"Okay," my teacher turned the overhead projector on. In big, bold print at the top of the page was the word Pokémon. I stared at the word for a second, then crossed my arms firmly over my chest in a pout.

What was with today?

"Today," my teacher began, "we will be talking about the Pokémon Gym Challenge."

I hated Pokémon, hated everything about them! They were a huge craze that just needed to go away! They were of no use! The only Pokémon that I had come across that were useful were the Machops, Machokes, and Machamps that had built my parents' house.

"You see, our own Professor Evergreen-" my teacher was saying.

Then there were the Laprases that ferried people across the sea.

"And from our very own Pokémon Academy, he will be picking-"

The Pidgey evolution, along with the Spearow and Hoothoot evolutions, were an airmail service, which was pretty helpful for sending mail to far away places, like Cianwood City or Cerulean City.

"So you can see that those of you with the best grades in the majority of your classes-"

Okay, so maybe Pokémon weren't a fad. Maybe they were extremely useful to our way of life. Maybe the only reason I didn't like any of them is because none of them had ever liked me. I had had a horrible experience with my father's Charizard when I was younger. I still had the scar on my side from where I had tried to play with its tail.

I let my breath out. Maybe I was just an idiot.

"The selected students will be announced over the intercom sometime this week," my teacher said.

Students selected for what? I arched my eyebrow as my teacher clicked off the overhead and took the transparent sheet off the top of it and put on another sheet. I shrugged, I didn't care what the selection was for. It was nothing important.

"Hey Eevee Girl!" Someone called out to me as I headed through the cafeteria the next day. I lowered my head a little bit more to allow my hair to fall into my eyes, before I headed down the length of the room to take my usual seat across from Ashley. She was busy talking to another student, but flashed me a smile when I sat down.

"Hello," I replied to her gesture.

"Any puppies yet?" She asked me.

I rolled my eyes and shook my head. "No Ash."

"You're about to have another litter?" Another girl at the table asked me.

"I'm not," I hissed. "My mom's Eevee is."

"I totally want one!" The girl screeched excitedly.

"I do too!" Ashley's volume and pitched matched the other girl's. I winced slightly.

"How many puppies are there?" The first girl inquired of me and I shrugged.

"I don't know, they aren't born yet," I hissed.

"Sheesh," the girl rolled her eyes as she looked away from me. "You don't have to be such a jerk about it Eevee Girl."

I let my breath out.

"Oh," Ashley suddenly shot out of her seat and waved across the room. "Kevin! Over here!"

I glanced over my shoulder as a guy walked over and sat down next to Ashley. Ashley loved the attention she could easily get from guys. She started giggling a lot, and forcing her chest out, and batting her eyes. It was the most desperate display of sickening attention-seeking I had ever encountered.

"Hey Ash," Kevin said as he sat. "How are you?"

She immediately giggled and leaned towards him, her low-cut shirt already completely in his personal space. "Oh, I'm good now that I've seen you," she said and I swallowed back a wretch.

In my own opinion there was not a single guy in this school worth anything. I could live my whole life without male attention, especially if I had to act the way Ashley's was acting to get it. I couldn't possibly do that. That would just make me feel silly.

I was just the odd one out at this school. I didn't like Pokémon and I wasn't desperate for attention.

"Rowan!" My mom called from the back of the house as I opened the door to the house. Over my mother's shout, there was a mass of yips and wails from an Eevee. Oh joy, the newest litter of puppies.

"Let me guess?" I shouted back as I dropped my backpack to the floor. "You either want towels or hot water?"

"Both!" I walked down the hallway to the linen closet and grabbed a stack of thick, white towels. I'm pretty sure the towels the Eevees got to use were nicer than the ones I used. I then walked into the kitchen and turned the tap on, sliding the nozzle over all the way to hot.

As that warmed up, I brought the stack of towels to my mother, who was in the backroom with both Eevees. "Here," I said.

"Hot water?"

"It's heating up," I replied.

"Well, hurry," my mom snapped, "these puppies aren't waiting."

I rolled my eyes and walked back into the kitchen. I filled a large bowl with the now steaming water and carefully carried it out to my mom. "There's your freaking water."

"Thank you dear, sorry I snapped," she said as she took the bowl and set it down on the floor. I took a few steps away, the birthing process was not a pretty sight.

"Hey Mom?"


"Ash wants one of the puppies," I muttered.

"Well, five have already been purchased, so if there are more than that then I'll call the Porter's," she said, referring to Ashley's parents.


"Rowan, I need-"


"You're almost a professional," my mom laughed as I walked back to the linen closet to grab a stack of small blue blankets.

"I'm going to go do some homework, or something," I said, leaving the room and heading to mine before I heard my mom's reply. I didn't even bother to grab my backpack, I always waited until the last moment to do my homework.

I sat down at my desk and stared at my dark computer screen. I could see my reflection in it, I just looked unhappy. I sighed and stood up, crossing my room to the small dresser in my room that had a mirror attached to the top of it.

My hair, the dark color I had inherited from my dad's side, hung straight, long, and boringly in front of my shoulders. I grabbed a ponytail holder off the top of the dresser and quickly slung my hair into a ponytail. I stared back in the mirror and frowned. Too bad there was nothing I could do about the pale skin complexion I had inherited from my mother.

I pursed my lips then blew air out of my mouth as I turned away from the dresser and looked at my bed. It was still unmade from this morning. Some of the blankets were matted together in a bundle, which meant that dopey, little male Eevee had been laying in it. I furrowed my brow and walked over to straighten the blankets out.

I dropped onto my bed and pulled the drawer to my nightstand open. I reached in and pulled out the small, black device from the messy drawer. I flipped the screen up and hit the power button. Immediately the Pokédex lit up and displayed the logo of the maker.

My parents had given it to me on my fourteenth birthday in hopes that it would finally steer me in the direction of Pokémon. I had always said I had hated Pokémon. In truth, I wished desperately I could be a Pokémon Master, but I repelled all Pokémon.

I sighed and shut down the small computer. I placed it back in the drawer as I heard the front door open and my dad came into the house. I jumped off my bed and hurried out to see him, knowing good and well he was going to be obsessed with the puppies being born.

As I came around the corner of the hallway, and back into the kitchen which led back to where both my parents were with Eevee, I heard them conversing.

"No, I don't think she's going to make it," my mom was saying. "She's so weak."

"The poor thing," my dad sighed.

"Wait, what's wrong?" I asked, walking across the room to stand next to my dad and peer into the room my mom was in.

My mom glanced over her shoulder at me. "Eevee had nine puppies."

"That's odd, normally you only have like six for one litter," I muttered.

"I know," my mom said. "And eight of them are just fine."

"What about the ninth?" I inquired.

My mom twisted slightly and held up the small bundle in her hands. "She's a little runt, and like I was just telling your father, I don't know if she'll make it through the night. The other pups won't even let her get any milk now."

"What about formula dear?" My dad asked.

"I just don't have the time to feed her as often as it will need to be done," my mom sighed, setting the Eevee pup down. I could see its small nose sniffing the air. It was far tinier than any of the other pups. "I'll just put her near her mom and hope she gets food."

"If the other pups are going to push her out of the way," I started to say.

"It's the sad facts of life," my mom said, patting the top of the mother Eevee's head before she stood up. "Sometimes they just don't make it."

I looked down at the puppies feeding except for the runt. It had already been pushed away from the stomach and was whining helplessly.

This one could make it, Mom was just being difficult and unhelpful.

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