Amy tried desperately to calm her breathing.

A piece of rubble falling.


Amelia felt her body shiver uncontrollably and she squeezed her eyes shut, trying to block out the quivering sound, the warped beauty of the voice she had known since childhood. Her breath shuddered through her and she pressed her back to the cold stone wall, trying to become invisible, trying to disappear.

"Do you really think you can run, Pond?"

Amy's frantic heartbeat tried to urge her on, but she was frozen by the icy frost that had deformed his voice.

"I will find you."

She could hear him pause and her stomach clenched in agonizing fear. She tried to peer around the corner, her long hair framing her terrified face. She could see nothing through the dark.

A soft sound of life, the barest rustle of clothing, and she could imagine his movement in the pitch black, the lithe, catlike strides, the searching eyes that were once a kind, a warm green, like her Aunt's garden in the golden light of the sunset.

"Look, out of the corner of your eye..." She heard him whisper, far closer to her than she had guessed. She gasped violently and pulled back against the wall, hitting her shoulder painfully, covering her mouth to hold in a scream.

"Where are you going to run?" his voice ghosted over her neck, chilling her to the bone.

"Where are you going to hide from your Doctor, little Amelia?"

She squeezed her eyes shut, tears escaping them, her throat constricting painfully. Why did it have to be him? The one she had always been able to trust, why him?

"Open your eyes, Pond."

He was so close she could feel his cold breath mist over her skin, leaving an icy frost on her pale features. Her eyes fluttered open and she whimpered. He was right in front of her, barely inches from her face, his hands on either side of her, trapping her against the wall.

"Amelia Pond." He sighed, his bright red eyes flicking almost leisurely down her throat. "Such a little girl inside." He bent towards her neck and she tried to pull away, pressing herself into the rock. He skimmed his nose along her throat and inhaled deeply, stopping at her ear. "What are you afraid of, Pond? What will you do, now that you know monsters are real?" He asked, whispering in her ear. Amy could do nothing but let another tear streak down her cheek. She lurched violently when the Doctor's icy fingers brushed it away.

"What will you do, now that there is no one left to protect you?" His head cocked teasingly to one side, his lips quirking into a twisted version of the smile she had loved. A white fang glinted.

His words hung in the air, a dagger to her aching heart.

What was she supposed to do when the monster that was going to be the one to take her life, was her Doctor?